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  1. Any Bunny Owners?!

    Thanks for the reply's everyone! I know I feel weird being so cautious on what I buy for the little guy, but my ferret had allergies to somethings so I'm trying to be careful on what types of food and such to buy. Desputedwestern: I didn't know that about the hay. Thank you, I was actually preparing to go buy a small bag of Timothy hay at my feed store. Good thing I didn't. CVM : Thanks, I never use cedar for any animal, I have always thought the chips were too hard. What type of fresh foods would you recommend? What would I need to look for to know it's unsafe? Also 'soayed' is that bunny terms for neutered? I am deffinatly looking into that as soon as possible. The vet I use for my dogs and cats is the vet I'm hoping to take him too. I took my ferret to him when she got diagnosed with cancer. So the vet deal is already taken care of. Quartermutt : Slept in his litter box huh, now that's just cute. What type of litter did you use? And how did you deliver the mineral salt? Thanks again! And sorry for the extra questions. I like to spoil my animals alittle, ok ALOT. I just want to make sure he's as comfortable and safe as possible due to I probably won't be taking him to the vet till after the New Year and I'm picking him up this friday.
  2. Any Bunny Owners?!

    Hey guys. My boyfriend told me this morning that a friend of his has baby Holland Lop bunnies for sale and asked if we would want one. I was told no more pets since we live in a 2 bedroom apartment but I recently lost my ferret of 8 years the beginning of summer and he knew I was wanting another small animal. We arn't picking the little guy up till Friday afternoon so I have the whole week to prepare for him. (Thankfully my Christmas shopping is done) Only problem, I'm not exactly sure what all to get. I have the cage already. I'm nervous on what type of bedding to get and type of food for a 9 week old bunny. Could any bunny people help me out and give me a check list or recommendations on food and bedding? Also, I would love to see your set-up/habitats for your rabbits. Thanks
  3. National Finals Rodeo 2011

    Sadly, I have cable so I don't get GAC channel. But I am listening to it live on prorodeolive.com
  4. People On Bc Pills.

    I'm sorry the pill makes you sick : ( that must feel horrible and I'm sure makes your body ache. I am on a generic brand now & I've never had a problem except for the first month that I started the pack I was miserable, the docter assured me it was normal & would go away, and luckily it did. I know many people who switched to the Nuvaring or got the Depo shot and they have had no problems. Make sure to contact your docter. Also PLEASE be careful of what you are perscribed, when I started taking birth control I was on Yasmin and had to have my gallbladder removed 4 days after my 20th birthday. I am allergic to latex aswell so Birth control is a gift for me : ) Good luck getting back to your regular perscription and I hope you feel better !!
  5. Small Animal Owners?!

    Hoku: Your ferrets are ADORABLE! My little girl was all white with brown eyes, I sure do miss her. Epona: Show rats? That is TOO COOL! Do you have pictures? What is a decent size? and sex? for a first. Can I just have one at the moment? SOCKS sounds adorable. My ferret BAM was never really locked in her cage. Ramp and door was open at all times, unless certain activities were going on. like house cleaning, tons of company, ect. I would open a dresser drawer to grab clothes and find her sleeping. Or be sitting on the couch and she would come out of nowhere and lick your toes. She was beyond spoiled with free roam of the apartment and a 4 story mansion. She even handled her own with our young kitty. Are Hairless rats more maintence then furred rats? Special needs? Harder to find. Sorry for the questions , like I said, I'm looking to research before I buy a new friend. Journey: Sorry I wasn't more specific. The cages I have are not ferrets cages. I had one ferret cage I bought when I got my little girl 7 yrs ago and I retired it when I put her to rest. I don't think I could handle placing another cutie into her cage. BUT the cages I have were givin to me by a friend who got rid of her rabbits because her kids lost interest. One is a normal single level wired rabbit cage. The other one is home-made. Wood cage with wire. But the wire is like chicken wire but different. Hard to explain. Maybe I'll take a picture. How small do the holes have to be for a rat? Or are most kept in tanks? like fish tanks.
  6. Small Animal Owners?!

    Hello, I am looking into getting a small animal. Preferably a rat/mouse? I recently had to put my Ferret down. And well I have 2 nice cages sitting in my garage. I was wondering if anyone owned small fury critters or bald ones & if you could post pictures of them, alittle about their care and picture of their cage/ habitat? I've been doing some research, not looking to jump into anything just yet. I do not want another ferret, I fell inlove with my one and only little girl and she was a great experience, but I want to keep her memory as my first, last and only Ferret. Thanks for reading, can't wait to see what you have
  7. Your Herd

    AWW. He's absolutely gorgeous!! I even love his name. Oh he just sounds perfect for me & thank you Wilbur thinks he's a horse, lol. Even runs with them in the pasture.
  8. Your Herd

    This thread has turned into a gorgeous amount of horses! Thanks for posting guys Cowgirl: I'm on my way to pick up Quincy, I'm inlove Went out to the barn with the camera today to worm the ponies n clean up the barn alittle bit. Thought I'd share some more pictures. Them in the front pasture earlier in the day. Still grazing.. Duster being grouchy after worming: ) My ol' lady Nugget. Chillin in her stall. (Sorry it's got dust specs in the pic) What she thought of getting wormed, lol. && of course Wilbur helping me sweep the barn & a blurry goofy pic of my and my boyy Keep em coming everyone!!
  9. Free Bee Horse/rescue

    WOWZA!! He looks like a completely different horse with his new coat and extra weight. Amazing! He looks like he has some TWH in him. If you dont mind me asking, did you ever find anything out about his abnormal breathing?
  10. Your Herd

    Great pic's! Andi: You can just drop Jake off in my pasture , Thanks Eskie: Love your appy! As yu can see I am fond of spots. Absolutely love the pics of them rolling together. Mine don't roll at the same time, but they have a 'specific' spot in the pasture they like to roll. It looks like a sand pit cause they seem to have rolled all the grass off? Lol Keep em coming please
  11. Your Herd

    Hey guys Spring time is here and I kinda had a rough day. So as I was coming down my driveway this afternoon I took a picture of my herd grazing in the pasture. Their cuteness made my day, thought I would share. And would love to see what you all have in your pasture
  12. Cat People

    Wow! love all the kitty food information on here. Today I dropped off the bag of Friskys kitten chow to the local humane society since it's not healthy nor her normal food. So went to my feed store and bought Diamonds kitten. Bought a bag but now after reading the last post I'm kinda worried Before my dog passed away in January I fed Diamonds lamb & rice and fed it for a few years, so I figured I'd try Diamonds kitten food. It had more of the ingredients Heidi n Q mentioned on here. And since they sell it at my feed store, I thought I'd give it a try and know I'd always be able to get it. So my question, am I on the right track?? I mentioned my kitty is only 6-7 months old, and I would like to keep her on kitten food until she is atleast a year old. Then switch her to the adult which I also read up on at the feed store, same Diamond brand. It's good to know their a so many spoiled kittys in loving homes.
  13. Cat People

    Thanks for the reply Heidi! I hear your the Kitty expert I am currently feeding my kitten Whiskas Kitten. She seems to LOVE it. Havn't had any problems with it yet. Today I picked up Friskys kitten food. So I'm just making sure I need to slowly mix it with her current food before I'm out and I don't make her sick. At my moms house our inside cat is a very picky eater and is known for not keeping her food down. She is on Blue spa select (I believe is the name) and she hasn't had any trouble since, but this cat is 14 yrs old. Besides that the barn kittys get Meow Mix. Thanks for all the replys guys and if I have any trouble between the Tech at the vet and the horsecity board, I will let you know if I have any troubles cause of course all inputs are useful. Thanks again
  14. Cat People

    Thank you for the replys Dawn & Confetti I've had Haze on this Kitten chow since I got her at 9 weeks old. Havn't seen any sign of vomiting or upset tummy yet, but thank you for mentioning that. I also have her on a hairball remedy vitamin. Just making sure I will be feeding her correctly without upsetting her. Do not need runny poo in my house Thanks again!!
  15. Cat People

    Hey guys I've always owned cats but they have always been barn kittys. I recently got a kitten from a friend. She's an inside cat. Just got her fixed and stitches came out Thursday. Anywho onto my question. I feed dry cat food. My girl is 6 months old and is on KITTEN dry cat food. When shopping I sometimes cannot find her exact same Kitten brand of food on the shelf so today I went ahead and grabbed a different brand. When changing foods, do you handle same way as dogs and horses? Start off mixing alittle bit and then onto full servings of new different food? Or does it matter? I don't need a kitty with a upset tummy, so advice would be helpful. Thanks Here's a picture of 'Haze' after her spay/neuter last week.