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  1. What Breed Would You Say?

    Thanks Serah. There's a group on FB- Siouxland Horse Resource- where I found this youtube. I commented with "That's an Andulusian for ya!" (referring to the animated movement) and I was corrected by the admin, Nancy. Right off the bat I sensed harshness. She thinks it's more of a Morgan because it couldn't possibly be an Andy or Lusitano b/c of the color. I searched for info, and found that Andys are most likely greys, but 15% can be of a palomino color. Pettiness on my part
  2. What Breed Would You Say?

    I'm wondering what breed you'd say the palomino is? This is a fun clip from Rustlers Rhapsody.
  3. Ron Paul's Ad

    Anyway you look at it, killing innocent human life is unjustified, except for the case of the lesser evil (rape, incest, severe medical complications). VAQHMA- if you're that adamant about not conceiving, then be intentional with your actions. Tubes tied and condoms should do the trick quite well. Speaking of which, I'm kind of wishing that I had my tubes tied when I had my second c-section :/ The word needs to get out. Ladies, educate yourselves about abortions. Be well informed. Open your ears to what the prolifers are saying, and on the flip side, prolifers need to consider the prochoicer's arguements serisously.
  4. Ron Paul's Ad

    What are couples supposed to do if they absolutely don't want any children, you ask? My cousin is 100% against ever having a child. He thought of this before getting married. As a wedding gift to his wife, he had a vasectomy! My husband I have have been blessed with two children, and honestly, we don't want anymore children. Without getting into personal information, we are very intentional about NOT allowing his sperm to meet my eggs. Education is important. Couples and teens who are sexually active have a responsiblility to be intentional. But, back to pregnancies as a result of rape and incest, and pregnancies with severe medical complications... As stongly as I feel about abortion, in these cases, abortion becomes less of a humanity issue and more of a medical issue that should be between a patient and her doctor.
  5. Ron Paul's Ad Please take five minutes to watch the video on the above link. Those women who are going against the law in Ireland to terminate their pregnancies need to be educated so that they can make more informed decisions before putting their lives at risk. Many analogies come to mind, but I believe that only pro-life individuals would accept them. What do the pro-lifers and extreme conservatives say about the rape and incest cases? Talk about touchy. Murder of an unborn child vs a heinous act of violence on an innocent child or woman.
  6. Ron Paul's Ad

  7. Ron Paul's Ad

    Thank you Luther for the input. I've been following "Live Action" on facebook for sometime now, and I have been simply appalled by what I have been learning. Abby Johnson's message hits home for me.
  8. Ron Paul's Ad

    Please listen to the message of Ron's first-hand account of walking in on a late term abortion vs the successful delivery of a premmie, and please respond with your reaction. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. Mandatory Arabic Classes In Texas Schools?

    I would be horrified if our previous principal was required to teach about the Arabic culture. He is the biggest Christian biggot I know. He would totally have his students chanting that all Muslims are terrorists. Let's be careful with WHO is teaching the course. (BTW, I am the tech teacher at a Lutheran school in small town Iowa where there is little to no understanding of the "outside" world.)
  10. Planned Parenthood Exposed

    Golden toes, you're sceptical, I take it. Live Action is not trying to deny the fact that this lady was immediately fired. What they are attempting to point out is that this type of "turn a blind eye" is common in PP. Is it acceptable to turn a blind eye on prostitution, especially minors? PP even states that this lady's comments went against the PP policies. But, I think it's interesting that Live Action is releasing more footage where the clinic employees turn a blind eye to blatant human trafficking.
  11. Does Your Health Insurance Cover Abortion?

    Good to see the other side of the story, Quarters n' paints.
  12. Does Your Health Insurance Cover Abortion?

    Are There Rare Cases? Just food for thought. I have yet to read this, but upon skimming through it, I think there might be some interesting points. edited to add: From reading just the first couple of paragraphs, I know that those of you who don't believe in a divine creator will dismiss this article entirely... But, there are some good points to ponder...
  13. Planned Parenthood Exposed

    Elaborate, please. Are you suggesting dirty tricks on the Live Action side? They're meeting their agenda, no matter what it takes? I think Live Action did a fantastic job.
  14. Planned Parenthood Exposed

    There are more videos such as these being released. Granted, the PP employees in the other vids aren't as "helpful" as the gal in this particular video.
  15. What You Thought You Needed, You Don't

    Yes, I have the same problem. I was addicted to farmville and farmtown on FB, Facebook, Horsecity, and other things. It took a conscious effort to stay away from these sites. Sometimes I just have to force myself to say no to the computer.