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    between here an there.....
  1. That Four Letter Word.

  2. Changed Again?

    howdy... i'm a lurker now days...did i accidently bump something an change the setup or did hc change?... ....just a quick hello before runnin' out the door... hope the trouble makers are stayin' outta trouble...... ...they know who they are...
  3. What Are You Bringing Camping?

    howdy.... ...sneaky sneaky...only for the 1st couple posts....hehe back to lurkin'....
  4. Critique This Breeding Qh Stallion

    Fastfilly, you may want to go back an read my post. I dont know where you picked up the word small. I've had horses for many years now an previously bred/raised quarter horses. I do know their history an the name "quarter" horse is a give away. I appreciate you tryin to give me a history lesson. Pencil neck should not be mistaken for the word small. Description as in like a pencil. Long an thin. Thanks again.
  5. Howdy

    howdy are ya'll doin'? i havent been on here much...i do lurk around when feelin' a little more lively i wanted to swing in an see how tuck was doin'? this new change has me a little stumped on how to ooperate things i've been well considerin' the circumstances i've been goin' through. i'm still wanderin' around this side of the earth so we are all good hope all is well around the world...
  6. Critique This Breeding Qh Stallion

    howdy...i will admit i'm not a racin' blood/tb blood fan when it comes to horses. i love the foundation stocky cow horses. most tb/racin' blood horses i've seen are penicil necked giraffes. jasper is the exception this stud is very nice...he has great conformation an has great eye appeal...very nice stud you have i hope he does well.
  7. Headaches & Migraines

    howdy...sorry for all ya'll that have migraines. they suck majorly. i've had mine for years an have never really been able to get them under control. i also have constant headaches. i started goin' to a chiropractor cause friends were sayin it couldnt hurt an that helped tons. he told me that i had a double misalignment in my c-3/c-4 that was cuttin' off blood supply to the brain. we started workin' on that an the constant headaches weren't near as bad. i always thought chiros were bone crackin' quacks ....not so much the case with the guy i use. however, i've had 4 brain surgeries, 3 rounds of chemo/radiation. i'm lucky to still be among the livin'. i've had chemo wafers placed in my head an am scheduled for a shunt due to recent problems. i've had more mri/ct/xrays than i even care to mention. i've also got a port that is a savior for the folks that have a hard time hittin' veins. so its a good thing that you've had mri/cts/etc. my headaches made me dizzy, light headed, vomit, pass out. i started havin' moodswings an bein' easily irritated. i began gettin' very distant with my closest friends. it was not a pretty sight...even now i keep to myself hope you get control over the headaches/migraines.
  8. I Have Peachfuzz

    [smiley Wavey] howdy bet the wigs look great on you tuck! its always nice to have someone in your corner helpin' you fight...i've had some friends bein' helpful this past year.... i've come to realize that attitude is everything...needless to say it took lots of bein' told that before i believed it....i try at all times to stay positive now....its more of a challenge than i thought...lots of books an quotes an other people worse off than me've always been polite, honest, to the point an sincere...your funny an amirable....i have faith you can conquer whatever comes your way....
  9. I Have Peachfuzz

    [smiley Wavey] yeah your right its mind over matter...i've never really been a very positive thinkin' half empty kind...i've started readin' books more positive an read daily quotes an so on....i'm determinded to change my outlook...
  10. I Have Peachfuzz

    [smiley Wavey] howdy tuck your absolutely right...i've seen kids with horrible problems...i've lived a fairly healty relatively long life compared to them...i try to see nothin' but the positive...its an adventure that is true...what doesn't kill you only makes you strong...they have a mens group for cancer they've suggested but not so sure...once the affects snowball...feelin' like goin' or doin' anything goes with it...just assume sleep it away....i took advantage of my "vacation" time...for a few i perpare for the uphill could always be worse than what i have goin'...positive attitude is what i remind myself daily now...
  11. I Have Peachfuzz

    [smiley Wavey] howdy tuck...i have a lot of admiration for you...i had a bcnu wafer inserted in treatment was 6 weeks...i went to specialist an just found out i have to start bcnu chemo an radiation again...happy birthday to me great news for such day....its amazin' seein' what goes on with such a disease....its not bias of age, gender, or race...its unforgiven an swift...a trial of patience an hope...which i lack in majorly...its a work in progress...people like yourself an the kids ive seen give my faith an encouragement not to give in...i'm glad to see you with a smile an hope...keep it up..
  12. I Have Peachfuzz

    [smiley Wavey] howdy tuck great to see your smilin' face....keep the determination goin' gets better. yes the peach fuzz then turns to hair soon after...been there done that never thought i'd be so happy to see it on me...felt like teenager the best way possible..[ROTFL] 2nd round for me starts soon....keep smilin' an the strong will
  13. But I Donotwanna

    [smiley Wavey] howdy tuck i'm kinda a strangr on here but keep up with your progress. some1 said cancer is an adventure an that is the whole truth. an unforgivin', unbias demon. the ct an mri is sop for radiation or is with me as well...anyway i wanted to tell you good job for gettin' through those hoops....ive always respected you an thought your a very honest an sincerely lady...wish you well on your journey....
  14. Good Thoughts - Jingles

    [smiley Wavey] howdy, i hope her surgery goes well. its very smart of her to go to spcialist...that is nothin' to play with. ive been through 3 surgeries myself now...the more knowledge an experience the better. my situation is a bit more complicated but nonethe less stil major.... as somone else stated caringbridge is a good organization...ive known felllow folks where ive been that use it an hav had it for their kids goin' through chemo an what not.... good luck an hope she heals up quickly
  15. What Is This Bug?

    [smiley Wavey] howdy, yes that is a tomato hornworm. their innards are just as green as the bein' a cali girl show know that...well possibly if ya had a garden at any time....