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  1. Simple, Casual, Country Wedding Success!

    Love your dress! :)
  2. I Get My Baby Chicks On Monday! Update!

    VERY cute :)
  3. New Kitten!

    Cute kitty :) What a sweet face he has!
  4. Hi

    Alley! I have been thinking/wondering about you lately! How are you?
  5. For Fun

    Ohhh my cute babies! I love lacey :) What breed
  6. Introduction To The Hc Family

    Precious little guy! Glad he pulled through and is doing great now :)
  7. My Friend's Horse Had Her Baby!

    Cute! I like Scarlett a LOT too!
  8. How Would You Respond To "i'm Pregnant"

    Mo's Mom- I know that I could defidently be a brat during my teenage years And although I would LOVE a girl I'm not so sure I want to sign up for the girl teenage attitude ;) Lol. Your daughter is a lovely jumper I always greatly enjoy seeing her jumping pictures you post
  9. How Would You Respond To "i'm Pregnant"

    Well geesh I am glad I didnt have to reveal to most of you ladies that I was pregnant in person as family memebers! Since when is it appropriate to judge something that hasnt even happened yet? Regardless of her having a rough upbringing or not how do you know they will make poor parents? She is married, an adult and they both have jobs, he doesnt sound abusive and she doesnt sound like (from what you said) that she is a non stop irresponsible partier-what's the problem?? In this day and age (as someone said before me), at least she isnt 20 years old with THREE CHILDREN already and pregnant again! I know THREE girls I graduated with (I am 21) that have already had 2-4 children-obviously stuipid and irresponsible. I am not saying that this makes this girl's (the one in question) situation perfect or ideal (she is young, newly married etc) but I guess I am just encouraging you to see how much worse it could be. I am 21 and 11 weeks pregnant with my first. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half. We both have very stable, decently paying jobs. We both are completing our college degrees. We live in a small, but nice apartment and both outright own our own nice-ish and very reliable cars (newer then 10 years old). We both come from divorced, but very supportive parents and supportive extended family. Although we are not married (we are wanting to have a big wedding and just dont have the finances to support the reception at this point) we love each other very much and have a very mature relationship. Although young, we know that we are right for each other. We were practicing *very* safe...uhh...activities and I just happened to fall in the 1% of women that being responsible doesnt always work for lol. Anyhow, I have digressed a little but my point of sharing my story/situation is simply that to an aquaintence, co-worker, distant family friend or "outsider" we may seem like irresponsible 21 year olds who havent been together very long who got pregnant; but if you know us closely and know more about our situation and life then perhaps you wouldnt think it was *AS* bad of a thing as you initially thought it was. Edited only to add; DONT assume (unless she told you this, you didnt mention either way) that because she is pregnant that she WASNT on or wasnt responsibly using/taking birth control. At the risk of giving too much info I was VERY reliably taking "the pill" AND we were using condoms...it does happen sometimes...
  10. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Sappy, How are you doing? How is that little one? We sure would love pictures when you find the time I really hope you all are doing better Clip clop, I resent the book today and had to argue with the post office that your address exsisted Lmao, seriously the people at my local post office arent *very* bright all the time. Needless to say the book is on it's way lol. I will take pictures of the nursery today I promise! I am 11 weeks and two days today and still feel fantastic. Had our first appointment at the midwifery clinic where I'll be giving birth and the baby looked great! In fact, I was exactly 10 weeks at the appointment and the midwife before the ultrasound was telling me ohhh at ten weeks the baby MIGHT be *gently* kicking its arms and legs about. Well she gets the baby on the screen and the baby was doing THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DEGREE FLIPS AND SPINS!!!!! Lmao the midwife was SHOCKED to see that much movement at ten weeks!! She actually remeasured the baby twice to make sure that I wasnt farther along then originially suspected. I am not, just have a hyper baby...great I am excited to be almost out of my first trimester and am SO thankful that I've had such an easy pregnancy so far One thing I must admit though ladies, I am scared to give birth. I have decided to give birth naturally at the midwifery clinic as long as my pregnancy remains easy and healthy and have full confidence in their staff. I also have confidence in my body and know that I am (as a woman) designed to have this baby without pain meds. However even educating myself and thinking positively I am still scared of the pain Can anyone give me advice or just a boost of confidence? I sure would appreciate it :)
  11. Where Are The Peeps?

    Oh man, I will miss the demise of the peeps
  12. I Said Goodbye..

  13. Zenyatta (The Goat) Kidded

    I love how little baby goaties snouts (sp?) are when they are brand new :) Very cute babies!
  14. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Sappy So sorry for your bad experience I am glad the baby is here and healthy! Cant wait to see pictures! Clip clop; The book got returned to me...I think i have your address wrong? PM it to me again :)