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  1. Please Keep Virginia In Your Prayers

    Thank you guys so much. Sorry I really don't have much to say. I'm so shocked. I'm devastated.
  2. Virginia

    AHHHHH I just majorly got the heebee jeebees!! znjzhnxjkfvdsaifndasnjkdsanfasnfsddfbdajg HOW. HOW could you do that?!?!! ughh it FREAKS me out. but thanks for thinking of me :) But seriously, gonna have nightmares now.
  3. Riding Pics From Today

    Thanks yall! =)
  4. Riding Pics From Today

    Hello! Hope everyone had a good Thankgiving! I went out to ride was so nice outside! Rub and Romeo were perfect! They were so good. Actually Rub INSANE at first but after lots of hacking he got himself together haha. We have a show coming up soon, I'm excited! Anyways onto pictures! (they are all out of order sorry!) Romeo blurry Haha my mother being artsy (or just zooming in to much)! Rubaaaaaadub =)
  5. Romeo Riding Pictures

    Thanks yall! munching hedgehog- Thanks! I agree I could use more of a release, especially in the first pic! Liz- Oh I will definetly be bringing the horses with me! You better go to Auburn. War Eagle! Jess- Still working on it, won't know for sure until late November. Haha but I really want to!
  6. Strange Question...

    So this is random, but I want to know if this happens to any of yall. Somtimes after I jump a course, whether it be at a show or a lesson, I tend to gag or even throw up. My trainer says that it sometime happens to them too. Haha I really don't know why I do it. Sometimes when I'm jumping around I hold my breath for some that could be it? It happened today and I was just curious if this happened to anyone else, and if it does how you you control it? Sorry for the somewhat gross/random/weird question.
  7. Romeo Riding Pictures

    So today I finally got to ride normally's been about 4 weeks since my car accident can't believe it! I rode Romeo, Rubadub, and Can-Do but sadly my mom only took pictures of Romeo. They are doing fantastic, we have a show this weekend I'm excited! Dooey hiding in his stall! Rub and Romeo just hanging out waiting to be fed haha Anddddd we took my little cousins to the zoo yesterday, and I swear my mother almost brought this home with us... All done! Hope eveeyone had a good weekend :)
  8. Romeo-rubadub-can-do Pictures!

    thanks! =]
  9. I Suppose I Should Update Myself?

    EMZZZZZZ! LONG TIME NO TALK. 1. I miss you 2. You're GORGEOUS and I love every picture. The one that's your favorite is my favorite too but they are all amazzzzzzzzzzzing! 3. I miss you 4. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I need an update on your life! Facebook msg me?! 5. I LOVVVVVE YOU
  10. Updates & Pictures :)

    Logan looks good Maddie! He's so cute.
  11. Romeo-rubadub-can-do Pictures!

    Aww thanks guys :) Romeo is so silly. He fits right in with the others haha.
  12. Romeo-rubadub-can-do Pictures!

    Haha thanks y' was so funny, everytime we put the blanket on the stall he would just steal it. It lasted a good 20 minutes haha. halfhalt- He has windpuffs all over his legs, they're ugly but harmless. That was a big thing we were worried about when we got him vetted!
  13. Combined Training Show Today With The Pony

    Yeaaaaaaah we need Billy's soon! Not this's homecoming week and it's way busy. Haha aww did she do? Was she on Doc? And who else went? Too many questions? hahaha OH one more question...HOWS MY POGO?!?!
  14. Romeo-rubadub-can-do Pictures!

    Hi! I went and finally rode today thank goodness. I've been off for about 2 weeks..I was in a car accident 2 weekends ago. I took it pretty easy because I'm still pretty sore. I hacked Romeo and he was really good! Then I got on Can-Do pony and just played around. Rubadub was way hyper and I couldn't risk re-injuring myself, so my mom told me no for riding him haha. It was probably smart. Hopefully by next week I'll be totally back to normal..I'm having jumping withdrawels! Anyways, I have a few pictures! Romeo Beast. Can-Do pony! Haha Oh Romeo... Mission accomplished? Rubadub! Special. Done =] Hope everyone had a great weekend!
  15. Combined Training Show Today With The Pony

    AWWWW!! Yay I'm so proud of yall! He's adorable as always..I miss yall so much =[ He looks so happy! I'm coming to visit soon, having withdrawels. Oh love the that the one I gave you?