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  1. Show off your Saddle Seat Horses!

    Firebird's Moonlight Sonata, 4-19-1992: X-02.

    Hint: Figure this- you're oh, so close, I'll just bet! He's a Spanish Arabian! Want another pic?

    Mine be Night of Roses. I LOVE that head. An easier one might have been: But he wasn't really SS (I just love to look at him though!)

    I know, I know, a very obvious picture of the horse, but I couldn't find another. That, and GAWD, just LOOKIT that HEAD! *SWOON*

    Huckleberry Bey.
  6. Pics of my horse

    Mine did SS and at the lower-level local shows did really well. I have another "non ss" breed gelding who did 5-gaited pony, and the only thing they marked him for was his tail, but that was only at one show. He actually won a few classes in SS. I love to see other "non ss" breeds get into it. It's fun.

    Aww, I just fell in on this game late- post another so I can try, LOL
  8. Posts vanishing again?

    OH, good- I thought I was going stone crazy! Well, I am- I thought I was taking it further!
  9. Posts vanishing again?

    Is this board automatically purged every so many days, or is there someone behind the wheel doing this? Just curious- It's not like it's a harmful question. An answer would be nice, so I don't think I'm going crazy, LOL. Perhaps the board wouldn't BE dead if the posts weren't eaten. I mean, we can put them up as quickly as they're taken down... [ 10-09-2005, 02:51 AM: Message edited by: Poni ]
  10. There was valid information in some of them. It isn't right to cast off the whole lot of it. People need to realize that just because they don't agree, doesn't mean that they can't read something, take what works, and discard the rest.
  11. Needs help with dressage?

    Remember, too, for most of his young life, he's been going to the LEFT-... a LOT, Lol. So, one-sideyness is to be expected. I have an Adventure with an OTB Mare story, but there's not all the time in the world to recant the tales of that poor gal.
  12. Crank Caveson - Jawband Caveson

    Love the word "Crank" in there. Makes me think of clamping the horse's mouth shut so he can't complain about heavy hands, and he's therefore forced to do something with an natural zip and buoyance on the lightest of feet and roundest of back, eh? Lol.
  13. You only break a tail once. Besides that, it isn't actually breaking. It's cutting one side of the muscles so that the others contract, pulling the tail up in the desired position. This was originally dubbed the "Waterspout" in the late 50's and early 60's.
  14. Questions

    Natural Saddleseat- when done correctly so that it's naturally beautiful and not detrimental to the horse- is as timelessly classy as a pearl necklace. The simple overall touch of a showy, loving, sparkle-eyed saddleseat horse, the quiet, poised reserve of a capable rider, and the overall effect of that package has the quality of simple, quality luxury. Every other discipline has to go for glitz and shimmer to rev their horses up, and the Muggles have taken it to the point of outright tackiness. Those are the Kathy Van Zeelands and Vera Bradleys of the horse world, but a well-turned-out saddleseat horse is the basic black Brahmin shoulderbag, the brown-and-gold Louis Vuitton, or the simple opera-length string of white akoyas. It looks good, it feels good to ride, and it can make you the talk of the town, the belle of the ball. Improperly turned-out and executed, however, and you're a Jewelry & Handbag Warehouse clearance item. With a broken strap. The others are fine and great, but when it's opening night on Broadway, you put on your simple black gown and your pearls, not your Technibond Magic in Color ensemble. That's for Xmas party, or Thanksgiving with family, or goin' to the concert. (Don't get me wrong- I love KVZ, VB, and JYHbWh dearly, but there's a time and place for everything- now, flame away! :-))
  15. What is this piece of tack?

    What's bridle-path clipping got to do with anything? Someone asked me if I did, I said no.