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  1. Cat People

    So my future room mate is not so find of cats, so to keep the tension down i would like to keep them contained in my area of the house. I have reign of the basement living room, bath room and bedroom. Is there anything that i can use to ensure that they dont run out the door every time it is opened? Has anyone used any of thses products?
  2. Its Been Snowing All Day.......

    First- Thank you all for your encouraging words. I went shopping for cmas tree decorations with the girls today. That helped a little. Im by no means in the spirit, but im not as grenchy. One of my friends is letting me stay with her instead of staying in a hotel alone and in exchange im watching her son while she is a school from 8-1:30. Due to the weather, her daughter, Chelsea doesn't have to be at school until 10:30 so tomorrow, im going to the bank, taking Chelsea to school, let the dogs out, do some laundry and go to Walmart. It finally feels like life is getting its rythm back. Grated its not the rythm i had before, or the rythm i will have 2 weeks from now, but its errands to keep me busy, which is SOOOO exciting. Thanks for listening and encouraging. Ya'll are the bestest.
  3. New Puppy Or Not....

    Id go with the Pointer, but i've always had a thing for Pointers and too many bad experiences with GSD, but thats just me.
  4. Its Been Snowing All Day.......

    Thanks guys. I had planned to send him a bunch of stuff on the 15th but it wont make it in time for cmas. Im still going to send some stuff he needs and some random fun stuff.
  5. Its Been Snowing All Day.......

    Oh sorry, Jacob is my husband and he deployed last week to Iraq.
  6. Its pretty through the window, but thats as far as it goes. Last year i would have been thrilled for it to snow, but this year, im not feeling the holiday spirit. Maybe when i get home and im with family and cmas lights and trees and a fired going in the fireplace, it will be a different story. Christmas wont be the same with Jacob gone. I appologize for my bitterness.
  7. Free Movies Online

    Anyone know of a place i can watch movies online? Im stuck in the hotel room and im sooooooo bored.
  8. Thanks for the welcome back. ghridinGA- yep. Ill be right down the road in Villa Rica off Liberty
  9. What's For Lunch?

    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  10. Hey! Its been a LOOOOOONG time since i posted so i thought that i would check in and see whats going on. Jacob left for Iraq Sunday morning so since then its been really sad around here. Im staying in a hotel all by myself so that doesnt help, but i started back at work on monday and i've been hanging out with the rest of the girls until we all leave to go back home. I have 2 more days of externship left and then i officially graduate. Im offically moving back to GA on the 2nd so that will really help to have family and friends around to keep me occupied, and of course now that im back on, i'll be on....ALOT I hope everyone has been well. Fill me in!
  11. West Ga People

    My grandparents pasture is one of few that isnt under feet of water. Please let me know if anyone wants to send a few horses thier way.
  12. Should I Be Worried?

    RED FLAGS honey. The same happened to me. I had a very close guy friend that my husband was jealous of so i stop talking to him alot. Luckily i got to talk to him a few hours before he was in a fatal car accident. His jealousy usually means that he is the one doing wrong. These things need to be addressed. I let a few things slide with my husband even though my intuition was telling me that he wasnt having casual harmless conversation with a friend of his. Now, 3 KNOWN attempts of cheating later, im still suspicious of any contact he has with other women. A Lack of trust will kill a marriage.
  13. Should I Be Worried?

    EEEEEEENH (Its really hard to spell sounds) That would be a no go!!!!!! If he really cant stand her, he wouldnt entertain the idea of going out to dinner with her.
  14. Bootypop

  15. Yep! I did it! I finished something i started that had nothing to do with horses. And i did it by myself, cuz god knows i got no encouragement from Jacob. Its a down right miracle. Just wanted to share my excitement and accomplisments with ya'll!