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  1. sorry, i didnt even notice because she is only 20 weeks old now her life isnt all that long yet, soo yea XD sorry about the mis-interpretation!
  2. My cat has the Manx syndrome, her spin is fused farther up her back causing her spine to be too short creating a numerological deficient in her rectum. Because of this she does have enough control to dictate when she goes to the bathroom (aka doesn't need a diaper) but not enough control to keep her rectum in 100% of the time. We originally took her to one vet for her starter shots at the age of 3 months, at this point her rectum entered the rosebud stage, completly flipped, we figured take her to the vet they will fix it that day maybe keep her over night and viola problem solved. Instead the vet told us to wait a month and see if it fixed itself. Not really knowing much about it we followed their advice and waited. While we waited we hooked up with some friends and during the conversation vets came up, since we were new to the area we didn't know much if anything about the vets and their facilities in our area. We found out that the vet we went to isn't the best place for something like this, because the vets that were there were fresh out of school/in their internship. This sent us a red flag and the next day we made a call to a different recommended vet, their response to us "Bring her in NOW" Did they acre I couldn't pay that day? No, they wanted what was best for my cat even if we couldn't pay that day (we payed the next day) Boy did I feel like a crappy kitty mom :patback I was feeling pretty bad at the point when I dropped my Syble Wibble off at the vet, I wanted to be a vet before I should have known better to just accept "wait and see if it fixes itself" I should have known something like this wouldn't just fix itself. Especially with a rosebud rectum oozing butt juice. 8O Me and my mom went to pick her up the next day and were promptly informed that my sweet Syble demanded constant attention during her stay and would only shut up when being carried around. We took her home with instructions on only giving her soft food, and a stool softener twice daily. Well some trouble giving her, her stool softener, so she got well constipated, it was bad enough to where i called the vet, the vet told me if she didnt pass by the next day to bring her in. She didnt so off we went, and she passed it the moment i pulled into the parking lot... Not a wonderful smell I tell you, I brought her in anyway and left her there for the vet to look at her. The vet tech actually ran out after me saying "wait wait, she passed!" I told her i know she did it the moment i got here but i wanted the vet to see her just in case, which the vet did, gave me a pill shooter and some laxatone to make things easier. Syble's purse string stayed in for about 2 weeks before it was removed, I was told if it starts coming out again bring her back in and if things were going well she could start on dry food withing 4 weeks. well two weeks passed and she seemed to start re-prolapsing. I rushed to the vet the next Monday, expecting of course surgery was the only option we had left. We got there and i waited in the room while the vet examined my Syble, since she had grown quite a bit in the past month it was alot easier for an overall exam to be done. The vet then surprised me by saying "Surgery isn't going to be an option really except for a cosmetic fix" since Syble had grown the vet was able to feel the fused vertebrae and how short her spine was now. She explained to me that Syble will never be able to go on dry food again unless we wet it down, she would still need her stool softeners to keep her stool soft as well as laxatone to help with that as well. She would also need butt cream for when her rectum was exposed. In short she would be a special needs cat the rest of her life, and she was only 16 weeks old. Despite the butt juice on the covers and the amount of care she would need I accepted it as a fact of life for her and myself now. Someone else probably wouldn't give her the care she needs and a shelter would only put her down, but not just that she was MY Syble. From the day I saw her at my old barn owner's place at 3 days old. (she had a hint of her problem then) I admit I was upset that her problem would never truly be fixed, but then and still now I believe she is worth it. butt shots at 6-8 weeks old 2 1/2 months (see if it fixes itself stage) 3 1/2 months different vet being fixed Now (non butt shot)
  3. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    *is all ninjafied*
  4. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    yay we now have a tentative opick up time for Red!
  5. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Introducing Red! Ive been telling Poco for the past several months that she will be getting a buddy soon, it was a shame soon wasn't coming sooner than this. .. Several potential horses that were scheduled to come didn't under varying circumstances. By this point in time I was just plain out tired and considering sending Poco out on a lease so she could have some form of companionship. While it is nice to have Poco to see me and holler her greeting, I know she would appriciat some form of company, other than myself. Annabella red is a 2 1/2 y/o 14.3 hh Quarab. I honestly didn't have high hopes of getting her at all. I didn't know much about her other than my aunt owned her and my Aunt rarely lets her horses go. She takes very good care of them, loves her horses to death, so getting a horse from this source was well, bout near impossible! but I agreed to look at her this past Thanksgiving, I had heard she rode well, but I also heard they didn't know. I didn't know her age or anything when I went down to see her. I saw her went and lead her away from the other horses to check her out, my aunt had told me that she was acting funny the other day, seemed lethargic but watching her move she seemed fine, her eyes were bright and alert, gums were well coloured, no trouble walking, nose snot was clear, membranes coloured well. Turned out though she was in heat. I picked up all of her feet and while she did protest she never offered to kick. I touched her private parts, she looked at me oddly for touching her udders but other than that didnt do anything. Overall she had a real sweet personality, curious but not hot headed. I thought about it and decided to saddle her up, the first time I got on I had my mom hold the lead rode, 2 1/2 years old I really wasnt expecting much except for maybe an explosion of some kind. when I went to get on she tried to shoot off which further led me to that belief, but once on she seemed quiet and mellow. I got off with the decision to get on her without a lead person in a smaller enclosed area to evaluate her better. After thankgiving dinner of course! With dinner done and out of the way off we went to get her saddled up. I took her in the smaller area and got her saddled and bridled, both of which she took easily. went to mount again and she tried to shoot off, I got her back and with a reassuring pat went to get on again, she stood still the second time, then moved off uncertainly, what i thought was cue understanding really was confusion and moving towards another horse, she really knew nothing on what to do under saddle or what I was asking, i hopped off and did a bit of flexing work then unsaddled and bridled her. While it showed she knew nothing this experience also showed she was willing to experience new situations with relative ease in confusion and some slight fear (rushing forwards when i first tried to mount) The next day I worked on her longing which she picked up amazingly well after a few minutes of confusion, I successfully asked for a trot as well for a few strides, she picks up on things really easily. She seems like a real gem. We however did not buy her. My aunt gave her to me. To my shock and surprise my aunt actually gave her to me, so right now we are working on arraigning transport for her to come up here (about 3 hours away)
  6. Critique Wanted On New Mare

    Yep she needs groceries, my current mare is being fed Enrich 32, i was considering giving Red 1/4th lb of that each feeding along with strategy and rice bran once she gets up here (in about 2-3 weeks)
  7. Annabella Red *roughly* 14.3hh 2 1/2 years old Quarab
  8. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    This is the first time Ive jumped since my accident and failure at jumping Poco that landed me unable to walk. It isn't jumping on Poco, but my friend's horse Spring (Sprinsteen) Its not high, since I was coming back to jumping and everything we kept it small, in the cavelleti stage especially since Spring himself hasnt jumped in at least a year. Couple things I noticed watching the video myself. I was jumping a bit ahead of him, as a result kinds pifted out, but NOT as bad as i thought when I was doing it. and that my sturrup went back too far on my boot, i couldnt figure out why i was having so much trouble getting my heel down and stuck so to speak, now I know, I just couldnt for the life of me feel how far back it had slid. Anyway video! Oh yea, before I post it, can you guys find the addition? Something you NEVER see in any of my videos?::rasberry:D ETA Pictures for those who cant watch the video
  9. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Ive been a busy bee with work but I think im doing too well... Maybe I should have gone slower or something but apparently, *I* feel, I let myself learn everything too fast. Don't get me wrong, my boss is thrilled at how well I am retaining all the information considering the amount and how quickly I am able to recall it accurately, but she expects me to have things down pat within a couple weeks. Western Unions? No problem, got it in a day other girl barely has 3 days later. Certification? Went through hour and a half, passed, but it didn't send, rushed through it again and answered every question easily by memory alone. Still didn't send but again no problem. Office work, now its a lot getting it down easily, not as fast as the others because again its A LOT, but I don't know. I feel iffy, will I live up to the expectations? Ive had several people approach me and ask if I was sticking around, that it was great that I was doing this because V and A were being worked to death (having to do over time and everything to be done and such) It feels like a lot, but not over burdening. But still it feels like so much, Im just paranoid I'll let someone down.
  10. Upset With My Aunt

    No that was literally the deal, actually it wasn't a deal it was this is your room ok, but since your room is small the pastures are yours, there were no self proclamation "Since this is happening that is mine" the proclamations i make are "you havnt been using that camcorder so I claim it as mine" and it generally is mine by claim until mom says ok let me use it then its hers again. until i can reclaim it[Jump] aunt loves animals, loves horses. horse is mine, cat and dog are mine other cat is sisters, aunt's dog died august 16th Yes it says pissed off because i am. I let alot of things blow over, but its not one at a time its all of my plans right after another the moment she finds out I'm serious about implementing it. Now if she had said no lets not do this right now when i first told her these things and not after i did everything and get ready to start it wouldn't be nearly as big a deal to me. Its the going "ok good idea yea right there? sounds good" then doing a 180 when i tell her Im ready to start my work on it. Thats what pissed me off. not that she said no heavens knows Ive been told often enough. she has no plans for the area out of the pasture except for the immediate backyard, which they want to fence in and make a porch, eventually. Its cheaper for me to put up a fence for the size than to buy panels, Ive done alot of calculations to find this out, now if I were going smaller round pen i would go panels, but its not going to be that small. My plans are horse mesh and capped t-posts, my neighbor has offered me his spare mesh, so that takes care of a majority of the cost right there, as well as offered me the base posts for the corners and the gateway. the place I have marked for the riding area in the pasture pretty much has no grass. it has been my eternal sore spot with my pasture, I've fertilized, spread grass seed, watered, swore at it, and did a ritualistic grow dance and nothing has popped up but weeds and very mean ants. and she (my horse) would have full access to it except when I'm working so she looses no pasture space. the only area that is being sacrificed is my secondary sore spot the huge weed patch Ive been trying to kill.
  11. Upset With My Aunt

    pasture area is no issue i can do anything I want with it, hence why i moved the riding area in there, its anything outside of the pasture that she is objecting to.
  12. Upset With My Aunt

    Since we moved Ive been making plans. mainly horse plans, dealing with the pasture and Poco, building things, like a riding area, getting a new horse (either project for resell or on the rest of my family can ride) We move in and everything, I agreed to a smaller bedroom than i had at my old house in a "trade for the pastures" basically, hey crystal you get this room since you get the two pastures out back, since I don't really care about things like that I went ok whatever. And I don't care really I don't. So its not an issue in this thread, mom expected me to fight it and maybe pitch a fit, but why do that? Its not like its really that important. Well I'm looking at "my pastures." Matinence needed oh yeah. So get to work I go, It took me a few days to clean up my pastures, pulling out old wire, dragging trash out. Neither mom or my aunt showed up to help once on their own, I had to call them from my cell to the house, to say "Hey can you please come out and help me drag this out of the pasture?" or "could you bring e a bottle of water?" once I get a call "Where are you at" "in the pasture fixing it up." "well you need to come clean your room and not worry about that pasture" "I will later, I need to work now Poco is comming in two days" Small argument in itself, took me to ask them if they wanted a big vet bill to pay when she got caught up in this **** or stepped on it when I couldnt clean it out. Since then when I say I'm doing pasture work they leave me alone unless we need to go somewhere and then I have a choice. but they never offer to help. Tighten fences, to going after weeds, to cutting through a tree (which aggrivated my tendonitis) buying grass seed and fertilizer not to mention a spreader for it. All cost and matinence has been on me for that pasture. Its sad when the neighbor offer's his own help before my mom and aunt do. That happened last week I believe? When I told him my plans for altering the fenceline and such, and asking his advice on how to deal with my poorer pasture. Well I made plans to get a project horse, no biggie, talked to mom, she was alright with it, gave me the go ahead, so I start looking. I arraing to go to the auction and get a feel there so I can possibly get a project horse there or maybe a deal on a steady eddie. I was going to meet James Robert there too. one thing after another came up, mom's B-Day fell on one, then this past one when gas hiked up so bad I couldnt justify going. but that was ok, figure i could still look at horses anyway, and I get offered a mare, an appendix, real cute, for a project. I look figure hey what I want, close by and reasonably priced. I was given the OK for it, but you know courtesy and all, I let mom know. She talks to my aunt and my aunt says "No." Mom talked to herand according to my aunt I wasnt ready for another horse that it seemed like recently I would ignore my dog or the new kitties and such. At that point I was not very happy with that. I Pointed out to mom that A: I was at home when they wernt and yes i did pay attention to them B: I do ride/work Poco when Im at home and they are not C: I recently started a new job that had me in Montgomery 30 minutes away from early morning to late afternoon. That my aunt's assesment was completly false and unjustified. Needless to say it was dropped then but the answer was still No. Figure ok whatever I'll turn her down and just wait a bit no biggie i'm patient. Mom talks to my other aunt about bringin up Sassy on a free lease situation. She finally agreed so I'm thinking great now I just have to arraing transport. One falls through so I move to plan B and I let mom know, then suddenly my aunt go "I dont know about that I dont think we could afford another horse" now this got me mad to say the least Neither her nor my mom pay anything for Poco and would pay nothing for the new horse. I cover all horse bills from hoof care to vet care to feed, pastre, wormer you name it I pay it. Ive been paying all of the bills for the past 2 YEARS how can she make a statment like that? Now if *I* couldnt afford it I would know so and i wouldnt even be looking seriously at this point in time much less arrainging transport for one 3 hours away. Oh not to mention she wanted my schedule to "settle to normal" so I could have time, Now this is funny because for the past 3-4 years my schedule has been far from "normal" (being part time and all ya know) and yet it has never been an issue either to her or to me in my ability to work with my horse. Now the kicker Drama horse next door is gone, my mom and aunt happened to be home and outside at the time he left. They saw how pitiful Poco was (He was the last horse from next door so no more companions) and now miraculously "we" can afford another horse, but its still considered tentative. Who here find this hilariously unfunny. Mom's friend has a horse (not sure if its give away or for sale) that she and her friend thinks I could do well with, but mom is going to approach my aunt about it, because it seems like every time I do I get shot down. Next issue is my riding area, I have been making plans, going over areas, measuring, drawing diagrams, walking it to see how comfortable I feel with the size, Ive fluctuated from a round pen to square to finally a mini arena, about 70ft by 104ft. I felt the 70 by 104 was the best for me I could work on things like canter work without having to worry about Poco trying to shoot off across the neighbors land or anything or feeling the wind in her fur and not wanting to stop so to speak. I want an area I can have the most control when I really want to work instead of dealing with invisible boundries, not to mention Free longing and working with a project in. It could also serve as a mini pasture too which made it ideal because with my poorer pasture I can again deal with that weed patch and not worry about letting Poco back in too soon and possibly eat poison I put out there or not. this mini arena/pasture would allow me to keep Poco off of that poor pasture for another 2-4 weeks. not to mention my aunt wouldnt have to cut that grass anymore, I figure its a win win situation all around. Apparently not. She object with absolutly no reason other than a shake of her head and a "No." She just isnt sure about it, I dont see why, she wouldnt be building it, all cost and build up and matinence are again on me, she wouldnt have to cut that grass anymore. All that I can come up with is its different. Ive tried talking to her and all she will do is say "No" not any time soon. She says that for everything I want to change, and if not that then the "we cant afford it" but again Im convering all costs and I can afford it. now I'm wondering what she will say when I start to alter the fencline for the pasture, which is what the excess horse mesh would be for when I was done with my riding area. I told mom I was building my riding pen. It may be in the pasture which I really dont want, but I was building it. I already have it outline, it would actually be bigger in the pasture. Since I dont want to hurt my good pasture I set the outline up in the poor pasture instead. The only one who will talk to me is mom and she has already told me Im talking to the choir, but the non-choir member wont even listen to me.
  13. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    KITTY PICS! awww how sweet Huntress (Nub Nub) Psycho (Syble, mine)
  14. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    watch the video! he is a very nice ride but he is work to keep moving. I'm SORE. The first time i rode him it was very hard to keep him ,moving I really wasn't used to his much larger gaits but this time I did alot better.
  15. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    I went riding yesterday, though I wasnt supposed to til Tues, but I dont care, two days big woop. I rode a Trekchanter(bad spelling I know), his name is Spring. About 13 years old I think? Anyway unlike Poco he makes me work to keep him moving! He is 16.2 and man he is high up there, I like his trot and his canter, they are both alot more controlled than Poco's, but if I dont pay attention or let him know I mean it he will ignore me and just start walking or trotting (as in stop cantering) I actually had to lengthen my sturrups a bit and then put on spurs so i could actually touch him with my heel. I tried riding for 5 minutes without doing so I couldnt reach! man Im short. and a video