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  1. I Have To Admit.

    I think you're just up the road from me, I'm a little south of knoxville. It's suppost to be mid 50's for the rest of the week
  2. So What Do You Drive?

    2004 dodge 1500 quad cab. With the 5.7 HEMI, I wish it was 4x4 but that's ok. It ride and drives like a dream. For serious loads or when I need 4x4, 2002 chevy sivlerado quad cab, 2500 with the duramax. Love love love this truck but rides like a log wagon and drives like one too.
  3. The Elephant On The Forum...

    I think there are a lot more factors then just some %. What a bout a horse with a limo back and weak loin, is it fair to ask them to carry 20%? What about a draft horse some of them weight up to 2200lbs, should they be carring 500lbs? What about horses with odd barrel to leg bone ratios? We've all seen them, big heavy stout horses with tooth pick legs. What about a horse with excesively long pasterns? I don't know how exactly to tell except to say any horseman,woman worth their salt just knows.
  4. The Elephant On The Forum...

    Haha see what happens when I don't proof read: 12 hand gaited My twh has about 6 and that's enought to make anyone cray
  5. The Elephant On The Forum...

    I've got a 12 gaited but built like a draft pony you are more than welcome to come try to tame. She's the most athletic of my 3 and man can she make you get some air. What did I find out after we got her? She was broke to ride by an 8yo. Her manners are terrible and she's nasty as all get out when she's done. If she had been started by an adult she might just be the nice pony we thought she was.
  6. The Elephant On The Forum...

    I am truly a heavy rider. So there are a few things I make sure of before I ride. I check saddle fit, every single ride. I mount from the highest place I can find, usually the bed of my truck. I can mount from the ground, but don't feel like it's fair to the horses. My draft cross weight taped at 1380 but weighted in at 1650 at the vets. I feel like he's a good match for me. With all tack and boots it's right about 325. That's us on the right My walking horse taped in at 820 and weighted in at 990. She is too small for me so I only ride her if she really needs a reminder of her manners. She's my beginner/spare so she has to be a good girl.
  7. Those We Lost In 2012

    I lost my grandfather in march from althzimers. Then lost my best friend/ grandmother 4 months later, it was unexpected and devistating. I think the loss of her husband of 68 years was just to much for her and took the fight out of her. They were both 84
  8. How can I remove a rusty ball hitch off my truck?

    50/50 mix ot transmissiom fluid and acetone. Let it soak for a few hours. Beats the pants off of wd40 or liquid wrench. Its what we use when we restore old boats.
  9. Confidence

    That is exactly where I was for the longest time. I could ride everyone elses but not my own. I would stand on the mounting block with one foot in the strup and just cry. I finaly moved to a barn with a couple of horse crazy ladies that were thankfull to get the chance to ride anything and would warm him up for me. That was my trigger, I had to see someone else ride him first. Now 3 years later I can w/t/c trails and arena but every now and again I will spaz and have to have some one come out and ride him. You know what? That's just fine too. Its good for him to be ridden by someone else occasionaly and its good for me to be able to see what he's doing and how he's working.
  10. ❀ ✿ ❁ ❀ ✿ ❁ Happy Birthday and May God Bless Ya!❀ ✿ ❁ ❀ ✿ ❁

  11. From what I have read this horse has a known issue with liverpools, so to me it seems like a rider error on the approach, the rider knew the horse was more than likely going to try to duck out and should of been prepared the first time. Was he abusive? No Was he excesive? yes He set the horse up in such a way that it was almost quranteed to fail.
  12. I'm Going To Be Very Politically Incorrect...

    Just turned 29 last week.
  13. Glbt And Having Children

    All I can relate is my experience, My(me) partner and I have a 6 yo son. We work very hard to make sure that he has a happy loving home that is safe and that he knows that he can talk to us about anything that is said to or about him. Most of the kids that he goes to school with know that there are two women but at that age I doubt that they really know what it means. My father is a huge part of Ian's life and is often differed to for those "man" things (aiming when peeing) and has been a huge help for us, as has our land lords who are a second set of grandparents to him. When I got pregnant (not planed) I can't say I thought a thing in the world about raiseing a boy in an all female house. Dear god!!!! Should of thought that one through! LOL Andie is listed on all his school forms as "second parent" even though in tennessee she has no legal rights, our school has been very respectful and understanding. I also have a talk with his teachers before school starts, let them know and see if it is going to be a problem for them. I need someone that will protect my child in the event that things do start to go badly, not someone that will agree with the children causing the problem. We do the best we can by Ian. Are we the best parents in the world? Nope. But we try and we love him with everything we have. I too wish his dad could be in his life but sadly crack heads don't usually make good parents. I just realized that the last time i posted was also on a lesbian topic, gotta quit showing up like this!
  14. Who Is Going To Win The Superbowl?

    Colts48-17 unless Peyton goes out, then, well it won't be good
  15. Post Pictures Of Your "colored" Horses!

    X-Man's Ebony Delight AKA Ebony Clyde paintXperch My favorite part of his color is his mainly white tail and black butt.