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  1. What Do U Take On A Long Ride?

    Sadly, I have become a minimalist when it comes to trail riding. Most of the other people I ride with have many of the above listed items. I carry a multi-tool, pliers for cactus, a comb for cactus, chapstick, cell phone, hoof pick, horse boots if I am riding a shod horse, a small first aid kit. There is always someone who has a shoe puller, hammer, nails in case a shoe comes off and has to be reshod. I know some who use a fishing vest with all those handy pockets to carry all there stuff. They look nice and a are practical.
  2. Kittens @ 2 Weeks Old

    Oh they are cuties. If I was closer, I would take 2. I may have missed it...but what happened to IHop?
  3. I. Am. A. Sucker. For Abandoned Cats...

    Oh mah gawd...they are so cute. Momma is a looker too. I love torties! You know, I had a red kitty with a 2 inch wide x 1 inch deep gash in his side...all I did was put vetericyn on it 3x daily for 2 weeks, it filled in very nicely, all the hair came back and you could not tell it was ever there. I was shocked. Usually wounds like that leave a hairless spot or something. Good luck with them. If I was closer, I would take 2. I recently lost my kitty of 19 years and I am 'looking' for new kitties. Keep us updated with pics. Thanks for giving the momma and her babies a chance. thank your brother too.
  4. Depends...but a good friend who is a large animal vet told me... letting a horse eat green grass for just 5 minutes will replenish their electrolytes. When I ride on long rides...15-17 miles a day, I let my horses snack when we stop and wait for someone, like a potty or equipment break, and when we stop for lunch. I figure that since I can snack while I am riding him, he needs to snack too. I am sure his tummy is grumbly like mine.
  5. Hmmmm, never thought of that. Thanks. I will look at them...gee, now I am going to really need a tackroom, the garage is going to run out of room.
  6. Cats Sick...any Ideas?

    Awww, I am glad it went peaceful. It was that way for me Saturday. I had to go alone, husband was working, so it was me and my kitty. I spent some time with her after...they gave me as long as I needed. She will be home later this week. She will be placed on the shelf with her buddies. :angel3:
  7. 2012 London Olympics

    DirecTV channel 603 shows the horses...
  8. Cats Sick...any Ideas?

  9. Cats Sick...any Ideas?

    I am sorry your kitty is sick. I just went through 'making the decision' about my 19 year old kitty . She had many UTI's, was on kd food and was doing well, but, her quality of life was suffering. She had been having sezures, and though I witnessed 2, who knows how many she had unwitnessed. She had a bad one this Saturday and she bit through her tongue. I made the decision then and there and we made the long drive to the vet. I know it was for the better since her sezures were getting more frequent. I could have put her on phenobarbitol. It would have maybe given her a few months. If your kitty's quality of life is suffering, then do what is best for them, not you. I wanted my kitty to live forever but she was going down hill right in front of me. It was a hard decision but it was the best for her. Good luck with your kitty. Make the best decision for him.
  10. Beet Pulp Flavor

    If you are feeding any other supplements, you can put them on top of the bp along with apples, etc. Mine never liked the stuff.
  11. I'm Taking Things Into My Own Hands.

    Do you have a XC team at your school? Distance running will help with both your shorter distance times and long jump. I coach XC at my high school and most of the sprinters run Xc in the fall to get in shape for track. The rest play football. The track coaches offer conditioning from November to February...when the track season starts. Are there any local running clubs in your area? An option to keep you motivated and on a schedule. Good luck.
  12. I would love to have a synthetic saddle for when I go to the lake BUT there are not many that fit my 'wide' mustang. FQH bars are usually too narrow for him.
  13. This Time Last Year....

    Ouch!!! I live in AZ...we get more sun than Florida and they are the 'Sunshine State' lol so I use a great sunscreen called Blue Lizard, it's from Australia. those Aussies know sun. Be careful with the babyoil.
  14. Horse Trailers

    Tekonsha Prodigy are great..imho. Brake controller are a must...whethere for a little 2 horse straight load to a big LQ.
  15. Modern Technology

    Ours is about 4 years shows a little 2 horse that belongs to my SIL that we had stored he for a while. also, old neighbors were still in their house before they bailed.