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  1. Da Posse Party

    Hey everyone. Sorry it has been so long again. I did finally get my laptop back from the shop. I have finished moving and do not yet have internet set up out there, so can only get on when I go to my parents house to visit. Lopen the ducklings are sooooo adorable. RT, looked like you had a great ride. I am so jealous. I need a good ride. JC, that is horrible. I would have been hard put not to say something to the woman. She probably has caused that poor baby some horrible damage and will have an even harder time catching it next time. Tuco, what a cutie. Ok sorry everyone, but after being off for so long, I am on a limited time frame now and am going to leave you with a few pics. Hopefully I will be on again soon. There are pics of Magdas new baby in the foal watch forum. Here is the mini man TJ Pistol
  2. Magdalena Miss - Due May 15th

    I no sooner posted on here and I fried my laptop. Just a note for anyone who does not know (or forgot); laptops, puppies and coffee do not mix well at all. I finally got my laptop back from repair a little while ago and have just gotten a chance to bring it to my mother's house for internet. I have moved a ways away and have not yet set up my own connection. Ok, so the long overdue update. Magda foaled on the 15th on the nose while I was at work. So introducing her new Colt (as of yet unamed) He is half a day old in these These are from this morning Thank you to everyone for the complements on Magda and Pistol too.
  3. Da Posse Party

    Hey there everyone. Sorry, but this one will be super short, especially for the catch up novel queen here. I have just a few minutes on my mother's computer and wanted to let you all know that I will be on even more limited for a little while. At least until I get my laptop back from the shop. Puppies, coffee and laptops just do not mix, but the computer smells really good. I am just so mad that I wasted the coffee. Oh, well at least the the breeders certificate for this coming foal did not get wet. Thank goodness I bought the damage insurance on the laptop
  4. Da Posse Party

    Wow Lopen. He is just so precious and he looks so so tiny.
  5. Da Posse Party

    Utah - I totally cheat when I play catch up. I open the reply in a seperate tab and go back and forth between reading and typing. It is the only way i can keep from missing too much. Even doing that, I miss stuff all the time. Plans for the mini are a lot of work and prep for showing (hopefully) and if he turns into the quality stud that I am thinking he may be, I will do the hardship registration when he turns five for breeding. If he does not turn out so great or goes too tall, he will get gelded and either kept for a pet or sold as a cart horse/pet. Ok pics for the newcomers: First is Magda, my qh mare. I just started her foal watch post. My boys TJ (smaller/bay? going grey) and Pistol (Red Roan) last summer My new little man, Dusty. Now for the claw crew. Brownie (red aussie) Honey (tan and black catahoula/aussie) The white chiauau mix is my mothers (Buddy) And I have found out that when I move into my place, this guy is coming with me Spunky (aka Goober)
  6. Magdalena Miss - Due May 15th

    Clicked the submit a little too soon. Fair warning, my computer time is unpredictable so I may not post for a few days at a time, but I promise that updates will come.
  7. Ok, I am going to post a mare watch on my girl before she foals this time. Magda is a bay QH mare, bred this time to a grullo stud. This will be her third foal, and both previous foals have been very smooth deliveries. Magda Those pictures are at least two weeks old. But these udder shots are from a couple days ago. So progress is right on track. This is the stud And for those who remember him and those who dont. This is Pistol, her now 2 year old colt (gelding). He looks horrible shedding out in the above photo, but this is from last summer
  8. We have a baby!!! PICS!!!!!

    What great looking Belgiuns and such a wonderful surprise colt. Congrats.
  9. Da Posse Party

    Julie - I hope the sale goes really well. It must be exciting when one of the horses that you have worked with does well in the sale, though hard to see them go. Utah - I don't think I got to tell you yet that Smoke is a great looking grey. One of the things I love about him is that he looks alot like a Smoke that some freinds of mine in San Deigo have. Also a black gone grey foundation quarter horse gelding. I think the black going grey are just so handsome. And I agree, I prefer the boxers with their ears uncropped. I am there with you on the wanna-be barrel racer. If I get a filly out of Magda, that is the entended path for her. Magda would most likely be in the money, if I could ride it her better, but I still have a way to go to have the seat for the better times. Patty - I forgot how jealous of your trails I am. So beautiful there But, I am not too fond of the rainfall there. That snow picture is beautiful too, though, I know you would rather not have the flowers and snow in the same shot. Lopen - I am looking very forward to seeing more pictures of your new nephew. How did your interview go? 4Horses - I hope your feeling better. Stars - That sucks about the allergic reaction. I hope it clearing up for you. I just can't imagine how horrid that had to feel. I just love that cute dress on Dakota. Of course, anything on her would be cute. She is just such a beautiful baby. Dixie - She is a great looking filly. Definately worth the wait, but I am so glad momma finally let her out to play. Kate - Would you hate me if I told you my license expires in 2040. Thank you to everyone for compliments on Dusty (the mini). I am not sure if I had mentioned his name yet. That is the name they had on him and I like it so it stays. I have lots of time (about 4 years) before I have to lock in his full name but am thinking now of something like Dustin Shadows. I am so happy with his progress already. I have had 3 short handling sessions with him now and have seen great improvement each time. He has a small amount of occasional handling and grooming previous, so he was not untouched, but still a lot of time and work ahead. But, ugh, I most definately have to move him out of the large pen when I work with him as I get so mobbed by the other three that I spend more time pushing them off than working with Dusty. Kate - Some barns will cut the board for minis, because they eat less and dependent on the setup they take up less space. Even at the reduced cost though, I just could not wrap my mind around paying board on a mini, so I waited to get onto land. I move onto the 5 acres either on the 15th or the 1st of May so yeah, I can do it. Otherwise they cost the same. All vet costs, shots and farrier cost is the same for a full size horse.
  10. Da Posse Party

    Evening Posse Welcome to our crazy corner of Horsecity Appy and Clip. I tell you this place has more snow and poop flying than a winter rodeo. I am around a lot, but dont always get a chance to post so sometimes wont hear from me for a week or more, and other times I will make it three or more days in a row. Appy, if you head through AZ, Not only am I going to be on 5 acres, but it is a 5 bedroom house, so no one gets left sleeping in the trailer. I would really enjoy meeting that great stud horse of yours. I read your story too. You have really nice imagery in your writing. CC, Cheyenne is adorable. That look on her face in the tub shot just says "Yes, I am in the tub". I'll post picts of my critters here in a moment for the two of you who are new. I have a red roan as well (though if you have been lurking, you may have seen pics of him) I am sorry to hear about Quest. I trully dread the day that one of mine gets to the point I have to let go. I have a friend who sell all of her horses at the first sign of getting old, so she can always remember then at their prime, but I know I can not do that. Hillbilly is a cutie. I love the shot of him in the cereal box. I can never get those shots. They always run before I can get the camera.
  11. Da Posse Party

    Ok Julie, looking at that guy makes me feel better about Pistol. He is going to be big, but not THAT big. He is a georgous boy though. I love the look of the Hanovarians and would love to ride one sometime. Dixie, that poor mare. I bet she keeps that baby in line, but it will be such a handful.
  12. Da Posse Party

    I will drive up there just to help you wring his neck Dixie. That is just cruel. Ok all. Here are pictures of my new little stincker. He is just coming on a year old. Awful scruffy, but is still a bit scruffy and will take a bit of handling to get him really settled in. He has been handled some and is catchable/pettable, but is not trully halter broke. You can really see how much lighter he is than his siblings. All are out of the same stud, who is an awesome pali at 30". My guy is also the smallest of the group. And just for kicks, we have some teets coming in
  13. Da Posse Party

    quote: Originally posted by PaintHorseKate81: Libby! I missed the post about your new mini until 4Horses brought it up! How exciting! you'll have to share LOTS and LOTS of pictures with us! No worries. I have been missing a lot lately with my random posting. My mom takes a little while to be ready to go in the mornings (due to meds and medical stuff) and wants to go out with me this morning, so I will have pics a little later. I still cant believe myself buying him, but I always wanted minis too and I think he is going to turn into an awesome stud. Speaking of missing things, RT I am sorry, I meant to ask about your knee too. Hope it is doing better. Speaking of knees, Smknjoe, I am glad to hear that your wife is healing up well. You keep your otho in business with that knee of your though, dont ya? I hope your surgery goes well as well. Hey Utah! I got to thinking. We need to do the summer trip up to Utah. I did a mapquest from where I am to Provo and I am looking at about a 9 hour drive. So, Necey could come up to my place the previous night and we would have a day drive up there. Kate, I am so glad you thought of the mocha. My first thought for caffiene indused hot cocoa was to add an energy drink and that just made me cringe. Mocha is much much better. Of course mom and I are having home made snow cones now. Dixie - Ugh, I would not be able to handle not getting over to check on your girl. Of course, it may be good for you to do some relax time and catch up on some rest... 4horses - That sounds really painful for your hubby. Ok, good health/healing vibes out to everyone. I am horrible at checking my email, but I have all the junk mail going to the junk file and clean it out once in a while. It does really well keeping those weird ones out.
  14. Da Posse Party

    quote: Originally posted by PaintHorseKate81: [QBLibby. . . You're my kind of coffee drinker! CoffeeMate FatFree French Vanilla creamer is REQUIRED in my coffee! I normally brew up some Folgers Carmel Drizzle coffee and add a dollop of the F.V. It's SOOOO YUMMY[/QB] Carmel Drizzle coffee... Now that sounds good.
  15. Da Posse Party

    quote: Originally posted by fractiousfilly: Oopsies, sorry guys - didn't mean to set off the false alarm bells. No worries, just had to look at the poster and was set right. Besides, I wouldn't be jumpy if a certain mare would just have her foal **elbows Dixie**