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    riding, working with show cattle, taking pictures, watching/playing lacrosse and football, swimming, mudding, fishing, hunting.
  1. Sage's New Show Colors (* Picture Heavy *)

    Beautiful filly and the color fits her perfect!
  2. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Bella if your looking for good sports bras go to target! They have awesome ones. sooo idk what i am going to do with my life now. :[ good news... i found an AIing class that i will be going to in august. very excited! and i got to show some cows this past weekend... way to much fun! got to see all of my friends, had a ton of laughs.
  3. High School's Overrrrr

    I remember when it was my last day of school. I didn't cry that day... but I did like a baby at grduation. My BFF was our class secretary and when she was givin the final speech she started crying on stage... and I lost it! But the memories will always be there! Cute pics.
  4. This Or That

    Pool! i hate the salt water and sandy feeling you have when you get out of the ocean. Indoor or outdoor arena?
  5. What Is Your Horse Forte'?

    My top three would be Cattle work in the pasture[still working on the arena stuff] Barrels and i guess hazing and games would be a tie for 3rd.
  6. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    i haven't rode in forever. and i want to. theres just one problem.... ty is still gone with her owner! agh!! i start my new job tomorrow at the vets office as a receptionist. me and boy are doing ok but is about to get rough since we both have jobs now. :[ and dad wants to force me into votec. life is looking gloomy... the only silver lining is my job and my mom wants me to stay in college and not go into votec.
  7. lets see the BOYS :)

    I'm the Blonde. And i guess you can see which one my boy is. Him and step sis were fighting over what hat the snowman should wear. http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?p...p;id=1262974928 http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?p...100000068390557
  8. I need a collage done of some of my cattle. Needs to be more horizontal. I need all of the pictures with titles put into it, but you can use just one or the other of Budd and Fabio[since theres 2 each of them]. The others are just there if you need fillers or back grounds or whatever. http://s713.photobucket.com/albums/ww131/g...haser09/Cattle/ I don't have any real prefrence as to how you put them together. Tweek them all you need to.
  9. The "i'm Really Annoyed Because" Thread

    mygoldfish i so toatally feel your pain. me personally though i told my bbf to shut up because i had no interst in what mouth she has been sucking lol. i am super annoyed for 3 reasons. ONE being that i have to sell one of my favorite cows because she can't produce milk any more. so theres 2 grand down the drain. TWO Ty's owner came and got her since his colt got his leg messed up in the fence, and poor Ty looks like she's been ran 400 miles non stop. :[ and i think she has worms again. THREE i hate being broke. i cannot find a job anywhere! not even cleaning stalls/kennels at the vets or stables around. :[ not happy.
  10. Grand Prix: Part I

    Neither do i QH but horse in #13 looks almost identical to my friends horse homer. i <3 him.
  11. Meet "shorty"

    He looks awesome! I love shorties too. And you gotta love one that stands in a box like that.
  12. Hi Everyone.,again

    welcome back! i just pop in everyonce in a while :] so you prolly won't see me too much around here.
  13. Look What We Did This Weekend

    Wow, that is beautiful!!
  14. Grand Prix: Teaser

    carol - lmao. to funny. if i did that i think i'd see one jump then alot of dirt pushed up in my face lol. good pic though!