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  1. Foal not shedding

    Well hopefully the deworming helps, i guess we will just have to wait and see
  2. Foal not shedding

    We just dewormed her today so we will see if that helps. She was dewormed last i believe in feb. but my daughter says march....anyway hopefully thats all it take
  3. Foal not shedding

    Raven is 7 mths old now and both of our adult horses are almost completly shedded out but Raven has a full winter coat still besides just aroung her muzzle, is this normal or should i be worried? I'm thinking about giving her a bath and taking the clippers to her because i'm worried about her overheating, any suggestions on what is going on would be much appreciated.
  4. PICTURES!!!!!!! Confo Critique Maybe???

    Lookin' good!
  5. It's a boy!!! We lost him this morning.

    Is Neonatal Isoerythrolysis what you're thinking of? Anyway, I'm really sorry for the loss of your foal. Many prayers and hugs for you.
  6. Bonnie is really pretty! I hope you get a nice healthy foal! It would be nice if it was the color you wanted also! Rebel is a nice looking horse! I'd be glad to take him off your hands!
  7. Sonic and Raven: New Pictures 4/6 pgs 24 & 25

    Raven seems like she'll be a pretty big horse. She's defiantly going to be my barrel horse though! She runs in the field, stops on a dime and turns. Raven can also get to top speed pretty fast. With that big ol' Quarter Horse butt, she'll be a great barrel horse. She'll be a real looker too. Since Raven looks like she'll be dark, that pretty bald face of hers will stand out beautifully!
  8. P.M.A ( Pregnant Mare Association ) !!!! Kid pics and!!!!

    Everyone's horses are so pretty! I see what you mean when you fell in love with Twister! He's gorgeous!
  9. P.M.A ( Pregnant Mare Association ) !!!! Kid pics and!!!!

    Here's my pics! There's more on the Sonic and Raven thread. Raven Sonic
  10. Sonic and Raven: New Pictures 4/6 pgs 24 & 25

    More pics Magic Magic and Raven laying in the field My cute Boston Terrier, Lily Princess Sophie the barn cat Assuming her regular regal position
  11. Sonic and Raven: New Pictures 4/6 pgs 24 & 25

    Sorry it took so long. Uploading is slow and didn't work the first time, and then I went to the store with my mom. But, as promised, I have pictures!!! Miss Raven What color do you guys think she'll shed out to be? Miss Sonic
  12. Sonic and Raven: New Pictures 4/6 pgs 24 & 25

    I got some new pictures of Raven and Sonic! Even some of Magic and my puppy Lily! I'll get them uploaded and get them on here!
  13. P.M.A ( Pregnant Mare Association ) !!!! Kid pics and!!!!

    Glad to see people coming once PMA was dug up! Maybe we can get people to join in again! I have some new pics of Sonic and Raven and even some of my puppy Lily! I just have to get them uploaded!