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  1. The Front Porch

    I got my dog back from a teeth cleaning....not the clinic where I worked, this was years later....with smushed chunks of poop all over his hind end.... I was so angry, that they would release to me, my dog, in that condition, especially since, I never would have let a dog go home that way. It was Chopper, many years ago and, I immediately took him to the backyard when I got home and, took the hose and shampoo to him.
  2. The Front Porch

    If your vet already knew your dog didn't react well to anesthesia, they should have put her under, 'lighter' turn down the vaporizer a little, so she wasn't getting as big a dose... she'd still be under enough for the procedure, just getting a lighter dose of the anesthesia....they also, when they do that, bump up the oxygen a tad. That's what we'd do, when told or, we already knew of an animal with problems with anesthesia....plus, monitor closely. Edited....we would never send an animal home in the condition you've described, they were cleaned up the best we could do, if we couldn't, for whatever reason, the owners were told what the reasons were....the vets were very adamant that the owners knew their pets got the best care possible with us.
  3. The puppies are born!

    Pistol is doing just fine...the usual PITA, combined with sweet puppy...you know. My son was here last week because my husband had back surgery, he came to help out.... Pistol is not used to people, being we live way out here and he doesn't get to see anyone. We didn't hear Bryan (son) drive up and he walks in the front door... Pistol ran at him, barking and growling. Long story short, it didn't take long before Pistol and Bryan were best buds... anyone who throws sticks for him, becomes his friend.....now, we need to get the FedEx and, ups people to throw a few sticks.... Pistol still doesn't look at them too favorably.
  4. The Front Porch

    On our way to Albuquerque Saturday, a tractor/trailer ran us off the road. On the interstate, doing 75 mph, we were passing him, we were in back of another semi, who was also passing. Semi in front, passed and, we were half way past, when, to our horror, he started moving to the left, into our lane. Leaning on the horn and moving over, to no avail, he continued coming, we slowed, of course and, were forced completely onto the shoulder, partially into the grass median.....trucker kept on going, like he had no idea of what he'd done.... which, he probably didn't, because we weren't in his blind spot, so, he must not have looked. I got his license plate number and, the number of the trailer, but, the cab had no identifying name/numbers, it was just, blue..... there was also no company name on the trailer, it was a flatbed. I didn't see how I could report, without company names. ...a license plate number, might have been enough, but, the writing on it was too small, I couldn't really see the state... could have been Mississippi, but, I can't be sure....I have cataracts, too, so, my eyesight isn't the best....I'm awaiting surgery.
  5. Texas People #6

    Be careful out there.
  6. The Front Porch

    Beautiful, Heidi.
  7. The puppies are born!

    Thanks guys.....he is awkward, though, he constantly trips over his own feet. I think we're gonna need a bigger house....
  8. The puppies are born!

    Do you think he's big for 6 months?
  9. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Men may not experience the same level of violence, but, I can only imagine, the trauma of being forced against your will, is none the less, traumatic. Then, there's the other aspect of a false claim....the ruination of a reputation, perhaps even, a marriage a family a job...all because of a false accusation. In most cases, even if the accusations are proven false, nothing changes, the man still walks around with that stigma. I'd say, that's pretty traumatic, having to face people who might still think you guilty and, treat you differently. I've known cases where a woman falsely accused a man of sexual assault, to get even for something, then, she went on with her life while he tried to prove himself innocent... For the rest of his. We all agree, I'm quite sure, that sexual assault, by either gender, is unacceptable, but, the man usually comes out the loser, whether or not, the accusations are true.
  10. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    It's a man's fault, if he lets a woman manipulate him? Yes, generally speaking, as in, she's using him for his money. If a woman, wanting to get ahead in her career, goes after the man she knows can make it happen, in a sexual manner, she's just as guilty as he is, maybe more so, because she SET OUT to do it. Sexual misconduct, by either sex, is wrong, just plain wrong, but, women do it just as much, if not more, than men, the men are usually just too macho to admit they've been assaulted....by a woman. No, it isn't a woman's fault if she receives unwanted looks, touches or, comments.....in most cases..... I have to say that, because, I've known/seen too many women who would do anything to get the attention of the opposite sex, women like that, give all women a bad name. Im just being honest, here, I mean no disrespect to anyone, it's just, when you've seen it in action.....well...
  11. 36 and cloudy

    Today.. ....barn cleaning....they need new bedding.
  12. 36 and cloudy

    I went out yesterday afternoon and removed the half barrels from the insulated box they sit it, cleaned them out, replaced and refilled. It was so nice doing it without a foot of snow/ice on the ground... the water hose and the spigot wasn't frozen, either..... when the horses get to frisking around, they churn up clouds of dust. I'm not trying to brag, or, make anyone feel bad, or anything........but, dang, am I ever loving it!
  13. 36 and cloudy

    It's cold out there this morning, but, sunny and clear. I like this kind of winter.....it's the first of its kind, that I can remember, we've been here since 2003, minus the time we were in Arizona, but, there's always been snow in January.... carried over from November and December.
  14. 36 and cloudy

    Sunny, clear, cold. 45° on the front porch, but, it's in the shade, it's probably warmer where the sun hits.......duh, huh!?
  15. The Front Porch

    That looks really nice.... kinda, oval office-ish