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  1. Very undramatic here, too. I missed it entirely, we have cloudy, dark skies anyway and, where we are, were supposed to have only gotten slightly dim, anyway.
  2. I remember making viewers in school, so we could see the eclipse.
  3. The media, all the time, says Trump said/did something, he didn't. I do agree, Trump opens his mouth way more than he should, but, people don't really care what he's talking about most of the time, they're just looking for the slightest little thing to jump on and run with. Part of me really hates defending him, but, most of the time, I get the feeling, if they could drag him out and hang him, they would. For no other reason, than, they hate him. The same people who are advocating violence against the other side, in the same breath, condone it for their 'side' .
  4. You've made it clear. You've also made it clear, you think Trump is to blame, even though, he had nothing to do with it. You are free to hate anyone you want, but, like it or not, free speech doesn't only apply to groups with whom you agree. If you don't like the message, don't listen. I, for one, have never listened to a KKK speech, I have no desire to, I already know their message and, choose to ignore them. Why waste time hating them, hate can consume you.
  5. I never knew you were so full of hate. You're transposing your beliefs/feelings about actual German Nazis and, these that call themselves, 'neo nazis' . The KKK are No better, or worse than the BLM, they both are hate groups and, you seem to have no problem with them....I'm sure you've heard some of what they say? The KKK holds rallies all across the country, peacefully, they do it legally, they obtain the proper permits. What they say, probably isn't what most of us like to hear, but, there's this little matter called, free speech. It wasn't until people started attending those rallies with intent to cause trouble, that we wind up where we now are. Trump has no more control over what goes on at these rallies, than apparently, Obama had, at the BLM rallies. People have just found a convenient way, to blame him.
  6. So are the people who, disguise themselves in black clothing and masks and, carry baseball bats to a rally they have every intention of disrupting.
  7. What, has he said, proved to you, Trump supports Nazis!? BLM advocated the killing of police officers, so did black panthers, Obama said nothing......we have never been at war with these 'neo Nazis' THEY have not killed millions of people. Trump is responsible for who voted for him? What about what Trump said afterwards, that has you so riled, the fact he blamed both sides? What, he also blamed the side YOU favor? The ones who arrived with bats, and masks on their faces? We're still waiting for Obama to denounce those OTHER hate groups and, you're complaining about Trump taking two days to speak?
  8. Why is it Trump's fault? He wasn't there. He isn't the one who issued the permit to the KKK. If you're gonna go there, how about laying some of the blame at Obama's feet? How many times did he condemn the hate speech coming from the BLM and, black panthers?.......I'll give you a minute...
  9. Just saying, people don't normally attention rallies dressed in black, with hoods and masks, armed with baseball bats, if their intentions are non violent. News is coming out all the time, saying the driver of the car was trying to get away from people who were attacking HIM and, in the process, unfortunately, a woman was killed. I don't know what happened and, neither does anyone who wasn't there, cell phone videos are not always reliable, so, let law enforcement sort it out and, we'll all find out when they're done.
  10. It's called free speech. Like it or not, they had a legal right to be there. Same for the rallies the BLM and, black panthers hold. If you're going to rail against one, but not the other......... I saw, one side holding their rally and, the other side coming over to start trouble and, when that happens, it usually doesn't end well. I think both sides are pretty pathetic.
  11. I know! How bored must one be.....
  12. What can I say, it was just one of those days!
  13. Congratulations to your young man......very nice looking young man, I might add.