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  1. Lol..... that's true, sleep isn't something you get a lot of, with a new puppy.
  2. Omg! I love that face! Thanks, Duke, I'm sure the puppy I bring home, will have picked me, instead of the other way around..... that's how it always happens. The breeder, the wife, goes over with every buyer, puppy care and, they help you pick out the one who will best fit in with the family, based on how you live, other people/animals that are in the house and, the personality of the pup..... etc..... Id hate to be rude, because she thinks she's helping, but, this ain't my first rodeo.....I know all about puppy care and, I'm sorry but, if I like one puppy over the other, it's the one going home with me.....sure, personality plays a big part, but, unless the pup is extremely extroverted....I'll pick the one I want. My husband, now, is the type to come right out and say," we know all about puppies/puppy care, we've had Shepherds for 40 years, my wife is a vet tech, we don't need to be told anything, here's the money, we'll take that one." I told him, she probably has people who are buying their first puppy, so, she gives her spiel...... I sometimes like my husband's to the point bluntness.... sometimes, not so much..... LOL
  3. I'm a veterinary surgical technician, I worked mostly at the Humane Society's spay and neuter clinic.. 12 hour shifts, spaying/neutering as many as 70 animals a day. I started out in the human medical field, worked in it for a couple of years, but, who would have guessed, I don't care for most people.... LOL..... realized I don't do well with people, so...... .....the rest is history, as they say..
  4. Pink. ...my pup will be chipped, too, he's not a breed known for running, but, I'd hate to lose him in the woods.....the president of our association initiated an 'amber alert' type of thing, when she lost her dog a few years back, she calls it, 'Rosy alert' for her dog. A mass email goes out to the landowners with a description of the lost animal and, last known location.....I've seen it work, really amazing. Alerts also go out for suspicious vehicles/people seen in the area. I'll be loading up the Jeep this afternoon, get it ready to take off in the morning..... I hate rushing around last minute..... I kinda wanted to take the husband's truck because it's more comfortable on the longer trips than the Jeep (Grand Cherokee) but, he wants to take the Jeep. I'm showering tonight....hate rolling out of bed, right into the shower, half asleep....so, all I'll have to do is, get dressed and brush my teeth. I'm looking forward to this trip, for the pup, of course, but also, I love staying in hotels..... don't know why..... maybe, because it feels like a mini vacation, plus, I'm no stranger to Tucson, we lived there for over 20 years. We have just made the decision to not stay at our son's house, they have a full house over there, it's always chaotic, plus, they now have a dog. We don't want to overwhelm the pup, he's already going to be nervous as it is, with new people and surroundings....... I don't think the DIL was too thrilled with the idea of a puppy in her house, anyway. Ok, well, I'll be sending pictures of my puppy choice, if not tomorrow, then, Sunday. Have a great weekend!
  5. Yes! We leave Saturday morning for Tucson.
  6. Great smile, Heidi!
  7. A tracking collar is a good idea. Is it an actual collar, or, a device you attach to the collar? I can see something like that being more beneficial than a microchip.
  8. My eyes are the same way, depending on what I'm wearing, they're more green or, brown. Not really brown, though, more like an Amber.
  9. Try German/Portuguese.....and being the only kid out of four, who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes, everyone thought I was a visiting friend.
  10. The people who took out these home loans, knowing full well, they couldn't afford them, don't share any of the blame? I mean, I KNOW how much mortgage I can afford, regardless of a stranger telling me I can afford a lot more. I know my finances, I know what comes in, as opposed to what goes out and, no fast talking, slick mortgage lender can make me believe otherwise. This isn't one of those, one sided situations, there's blame on both sides.
  11. Queen.....what happened to Tricia? As far as half vs whole siblings goes, it makes no difference, if you were raised together and have been together your entire lives. I have a couple of half siblings I don't know, even a little, never seen them or talked to them and, have no desire to, they're considerably younger, because, my dad was a bit of a pig......yeah... lol You have a great relationship with the little girls that ride with you, I think that's wonderful, they seem to think a lot of you.
  12. How old is he now? I'm hoping, my puppy, having been raised in the house, will have a head start on house training, I can't see the people not keeping after them, about going in the house. Maybe, I'll have somewhat of an advantage, in that regard. Does your pup, bay? I love that about hound dogs.
  13. He looks so sweet. How's house breaking? Was he easy? That's the one thing about puppies I don't look forward to, although, as many as I've had, I have a pretty fool proof method.
  14. So, he dicked around until the warranty expired. I'd hound him, until he gets so tired of seeing you, he takes the car back, just so he doesn't have to deal with you anymore.......or, gets a restraining order.... LOL. I'm with you, on the loaner car thing, if he promised one, what was his problem with supplying it? The man doesn't sound very stable. Don't be surprised if, the next time you contact him, he doesn't talk to you.
  15. 'Garden of Weeden' do you watch "The King of Queens?'....... I don't think the person who made the sign, had an original idea......lol...