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  1. Texas People #6

    I had an epiphany while cleaning the barn just now. I can't wait to NOT have a barn! Sounds insane, I know, most people WANT one. But, cleaning it two/three times a week, which is what I need to do, is getting to me. No, my horses will not have a barn in Arizona, run in sheds, that's it, all that needs to be done is, attach the harrow to the tractor and...... voila! Sorry horses......not really...
  2. Streaming....GADS!!!

    Lol....I have the entire 6 seasons of Breaking Bad on DVD's, I've probably watched it a hundred times. I pop in a disc every night when I go to bed and, fall asleep to it. I start with season one and, go all the way to the the final season. Then, I start all over again. I can recite the dialog right along with the actors. I think I may have a slight problem.
  3. Texas People #6

    Well, you're ahead of me on that, I don't know what I want, as far as colors go. Earth tones, probably, different shades of brown/tan/maybe rust? Then, I can add my own personal touches, such as colors I prefer, in my case, those would be shades of red and green....but, who knows, I can change my mind, it depends on what looks good, really, regardless of color. I heard from the builder, the city of Pima is giving him trouble with easements, not real sure what the exact problem is, but, he says the city doesn't want to sign off on what he's proposing. He says he'll get it worked out and, the process should be underway by next Monday.....all I could say, was, " well of course, it's ME, when did anything ever go right?"..... I realize it's not his fault and, I have to remind myself of that, because, it would be very easy to ' vent' in his direction. I'm not doing anything in my yard this year, there's really no reason to, but, my day Lillies and lilac bushes are coming up, I'll be digging up some to take to Arizona like last time...... funny thing, the new house is being built just down the road from where I used to live..... did I already mention that? Have a great day all.
  4. Name Change?

    Welcome back, Flying Stars!
  5. Signs of spring?

    Looks more like a giant suzy-Q....the unfrosted one.
  6. Name Change?

    Contact admin?
  7. The Front Porch

    I would think mine would too, but, the ears always end up hanging down, useless.
  8. Texas People #6

    QH, the builder has so many options for carpet and tile, he says people become overwhelmed, so he brings out just a few at a time. I'm definitely putting carpet in the bedrooms, for the same reason as yours.
  9. The Front Porch

    I've wanted to try those Lycra ones, the others seem to come off too easily, I have to go out walking the pastures, looking for them....then, they're usually ripped, as well. The ones with ears? Forget about it! By the end of the day, the ears are ripped and, hanging loose.
  10. The Front Porch

    Your dogs act like human children. So funny!
  11. The Front Porch

    I've used something like it, not sure if it was Equispot. I didn't see where it worked all that great. I went back to the sprays. I don't like putting pesticides on my horses, so, I use the natural ones, made from flowers and stuff. My mare can't tolerate the ones with pesticides, anyway, her skin peels and flakes off. You've just reminded me, I need new fly masks.
  12. The puppies are born!

    A few days early. The breeder emailed me last night that the female was in labor. The last email said there are 7 pups. I don't know how many of them are males, which is what I want, but, there has to be at least 4, for me to get one from this litter, that's how many people requested males. The breeder said, she was going to do a count and, let everyone know this morning.....she didn't want to upset the mother by handling the pups right then, since it's her first litter. Fingers crossed for at least 4 males!
  13. The puppies are born!

    Thanks! He's a handful, but, only 9 months old, so, I do give him some leeway.
  14. The puppies are born!

    I just snapped this a minute ago, hurriedly...
  15. The puppies are born!

    That's possible, this dog has a way of destroying things....right in the same room, lying at your feet, he's quiet and can have something chewed up before you even know he has something. Good idea on the sticks, we're running out of them, been having to burn them in the stove.
  16. The puppies are born!

    I don't think I have any recent pictures, the last ones I took were at 6 months old. I'm a bad dog mom!
  17. The puppies are born!

    Pistol has a fascination with sticks, they're his passion...lol, yeah, sounds funny....but, he fixates on them, he'll chase them until he's too tired, then, he'll lie down in the shade. I could probably use sticks to break him of the habit of chasing tires, pretty easily. I do hate using a lot of force, such as the collar, we had to, once, as a last resort when he wouldn't stop climbing on us and, chewing on our hands/arms....etc....and, nothing else worked.... I felt so bad afterwards. This is one stubborn, hard headed dog, I'm tellin'ya! My husband does have him trained to the, 'come' command... Pistol acts like, ' I don't want to but I will.' He will also, sit and, down... reluctantly...and, when I leave, I give the command....'stay' at the back door and, he'll not try to go out with me.....I'm working on a hand signal for stay, my open hand, palm side, in front of his face and, I say, "stay." Did I mention, he's very stubborn and headstrong? Lol...it's exasperating!
  18. Texas People #6

    It's nice to see your husband with your granddaughter, QH, I'm sure you feel totally blessed. The builder was supposed to have cleared the lot Wednesday, I'm assuming he did...haha....he says he can do the frame work for the foundation next week....he's building another house on the lot adjacent to ours, they'll be one week apart in progression... he'll start mine, a week after starting hers... When I was at his house, he showed me some samples of carpet and tile he uses in the homes he builds, he has a large selection of both and, very nice choices...he does granite countertops in kitchen and bath, as standard. I'm a bit far still, from choosing colors, carpet, tile and such and, already I'm stoked....lol... My husband leaves here the 23rd, friends of ours have a LQ horse trailer, they said he could use it, if he needs a place to stay....nice sized, with a slide out and, very nice inside, just like a travel trailer.....only drawback being, they're going to a roping competition the weekend of the 28th and need their trailer...but, after that... Woke up to snow this morning, just a dusting and, it's gone now, but, the cold has stayed.... we're still using the wood stove.
  19. The puppies are born!

    Exactly why I'm thinking, training collar.
  20. The puppies are born!

    A Pistol update. Has anyone ever had a dog who liked to bite the tires of moving vehicles? Anything that has wheels and moves, he's right there, biting the tires. It's no problem with my garden cart, he can't really get hurt...it's just irritating, having a dog latched onto the tire as I'm trying to pull the cart around. Now, he does the same thing with the tractor, as soon as my husband starts it up, Pistol is right there, when the tractor starts moving forward, he's biting the tires, he holds on, not letting go, my husband always stops, of course, but, it's quite possible for Pistol to get himself run over. Put the training collar on him? Give him a jolt every time he goes for the tire? I think....yes...
  21. The Front Porch

    I listen to classic rock and I'm, um, older..... I turn it up loud, too.
  22. Texas People #6

    I swore, after we built this one, I'd never do it again. It was sort of, a necessity thing, we knew we were moving and, there's literally nothing available, that's suitable, in that area. I went three weeks ago, spent several hours driving around with a realtor and, couldn't find anything that I liked. There are copper mines in that area and, they're really booming now and, they've hired a lot of new people and, contractors that are buying up the properties, horse property being in big demand. I remember, the first time we lived there, you couldn't get a hotel room, the contractors were in them, long term, too....then, the mines slowed down and, contractors moved.....now, they're back in full force. Looks like we probably will sell this house, in a year or two..... husband says, he wants to use the money to pay off the new one.
  23. HC Member's house burnt down

    That's her avatar up there, "notes from admin.".......she's a mod.
  24. HC Member's house burnt down

    OMG, how horrible! I remember she did a lot of dog showing....I can't even imagine what they're going through. I hope her two dogs at the vet make it.
  25. Texas People #6

    It sure can/does!