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  1. Texas People #6

    April 22nd, or around there, his final post op appointment is the 19th, when they'll release him to go back to work.
  2. Texas People #6

    We have a signed contract with the builder, I drove down yesterday morning, met with him, made the changes I wanted on the plan, stopped by his house this morning on my way home and, signed. Now.....I'm terrified....lol....it's real now..
  3. Texas People #6

    She is so cute! Good job on the bonnet, it came out very nice.
  4. Texas People #6

    That certainly makes more sense than what I was picturing....lol...
  5. Shampoo Conditioner Ratio

    I end up with a half bottle of shampoo and, no conditioner, because, I use more conditioner than shampoo. My hair is long and, I like to make sure I get the conditioner distributed evenly from scalp to ends...... I probably use more than I actually need. If I don't also use some kind of smoother during humid days, I get frizzies..... I hate frizzies.
  6. Texas People #6

    How do you give a two month old baby, cookie dough?
  7. I Have Had It!

    I give up, it isn't even enjoyable anymore...I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to reply to a thread, and kept getting an error message....THEN, it takes 5 MORE minutes to go back to the previous page. I used to love coming here, but since the "new", and "improved" version of HC has hit the stands...so to speak....I have had nothing but trouble...it isn't my computer, either, I can go other places with no problems. If something "aint broke", don't fix it...I personally never though HC was "broke". Can you put it back the way it was?
  8. Texas People #6

    What a little cutie! So sweet!

    Now, I can get behind steak and mashed taters.

    I'm just funnin' with ya, PD. I meant weird, in a good way.....lol...

    Haha.... you're both weird....lol..
  12. NRA versus Gun Control

    I'll just let Heidi go ahead with this from now on...... she's 100% correct, there's nothing else to say.
  13. NRA versus Gun Control

    Again, no one said we shouldn't have gun laws, by now, the conclusion must be, people aren't reading for comprehension, because, that, was never said...... I did say, we already do have laws for purchasing guns, that criminals are not obeying.....why, does anyone think adding even more, stricter laws, will do any good. Is it clear, NOW!!?? I hate nothing more than my words being twisted or, completely ignored, for the sake of someone wanting it to be their way.

    Now that's just....odd..LOL..

    What's wrong with beef tips and noodles!?
  16. NRA versus Gun Control

    You're right, PD, there SHOULD be a way to make sure our schools are safe. Stricter gun laws won't do that. All throughout history, we've known, people who don't intend to live by the rules/laws, don't care how many new laws are imposed, or, how strict those laws are.....look at the illegal drug trade, drugs keep flowing across our borders, even with drug laws.... people are still able to buy illegal drugs, it would be the same, even if we stiffened the gun laws. There is probably a solution out there, but, it seems no one knows what it is, exactly, except to want to punish everyone, for the actions of a few. Maybe, the way to go is, close all public schools, have kids be home schooled..... sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn't it, but, so does trying to ban guns, which is what is actually the intent here, whether or not, people will admit it. (the anti gun lobbyists.)
  17. Texas People #6

    I guess it could, I'm working with a blank slate.....but, it probably won't be that fancy, it depends on the types of materials I choose.
  18. NRA versus Gun Control

    You know, every time I hear someone say, " but, they were talking about MUSKETS!"..... I think, "well, yeah, because, that's what they had back THEN!". They couldn't very well mention weapons they knew nothing about at that time.....then, there's that one line that reads....."the right to bear arms.".... meaning, whatever that would be, at whatever time we are in. So, should we all go out and get ourselves a musket? Ah, heck, just read what Heidi wrote, she's spot on.
  19. Texas People #6

    Yeah, like that. That's a beautiful bathroom!
  20. Texas People #6

    LOL.... that's cute!
  21. NRA versus Gun Control

    The weapons manufacturer must be required to vet every buyer!!?? I've never heard anything so ridiculous, not to mention, impossible.......I can't even formulate a response to that....
  22. NRA versus Gun Control

    No. It's not what I'm saying. I'm saying, since our current laws are often overlooked, what good would it do to impose even more, stricter laws......laws that also will be ignored by the criminal element. Laws work, for those who abide by them......but, imposing stricter laws, won't mean a thing to those who have no intention of living by them......so, why bother? The only people stricter laws would impact, are, people who are already law abiding.
  23. NRA versus Gun Control

    Who said, no laws? I pointed out, we already have laws, but, criminals will and, have always found ways around them, or, simply ignore them, so, how would more, stricter laws regarding guns, do any good.
  24. NRA versus Gun Control

    Want to add. We have laws about illegal drugs, people still are able to acquire them, use them and, die from them. We have laws against driving drunk, people purchase alcohol, legally, consume it, get behind the wheel and, kill people. There are laws against speeding, people still do it and, get into accidents that kill innocent people. How, then, are stricter gun laws supposed to keep people from obtaining guns, if they can't buy them legally, they'll Rob your house, buy them from the trunk of a car, from someone who stole them..... criminals don't care about legalities..... The only people who won't have a weapon in which to defend themselves, are, the innocent, law abiding citizens.
  25. NRA versus Gun Control

    But, what CAN be done, that isn't already being done.....yes, there are laws in place for owning guns, what, beyond background checks and, waiting periods, do people expect? Raising the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, is not the answer, by doing that, you're essentially saying, you are now, not a legal adult until you're 21, more than just buying a gun, would come into play..... joining the military, voting, etc...you can't pick and choose, due to sentiment and, situations, when a person is an adult.....as it stands, a person is an adult at the age of 18....you'd have to change a lot more than just the number, to require a person to be 21, to purchase a firearm.