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  1. NRA versus Gun Control

    Thanks Heidi, very well thought out/said.
  2. Texas People #6

    The house is 1685 square feet....my only real requirements are, a foyer, I don't like opening the front door directly into the living room, a separate dining area, tile floors and counter tops and, a breakfast bar kitchen. I already told the builder I want the black stainless appliances, he provides a choice of, white, black or, stainless, so, the black stainless is an upgrade. My plan has all of my, "wants" including a snail shower in the master bath. Hey, I wouldn't feel too stupid, for not knowing your chair has a hidden lever, I mean, what fool designed that, anyway, if you don't know something is hidden, how are you supposed to know where to look? As for your grandson finding it so quickly......big show-off.....lol! How scary to hear a tornado has touched down near home, your family was lucky to not be home at that time, how lucky, too, to still have a home..... glad everyone is safe and accounted for.....we had to deal with tornadoes the 4 years we lived in Arkansas, a couple of times, we ran to the ditch behind our property as a precaution. I love relaxing by a lake, it's so quiet, you can hear what people across the way, are saying.... voices really carry....many times, out on the boat, we'd just sit there and doze, feeling the gentle rocking the waves created, for me, it was never about the fishing. I hope the builder calls today, I'm getting antsy!
  3. How long

    At the Safeway here, they still bag your groceries.....if, they aren't too, "busy" there have been times, I've bagged my own, because, the baggers were suddenly doing something else. I shop at the commissary in Albuquerque, because, they still give the option of, paper or plastic..... I never say, plastic, I hate plastic bags.
  4. Texas People #6

    We heard from the builder, the house should come in at, or, below what we want to spend.....we did get pre- qualified to reach a certain amount, but, don't want to go that high, because, we still have to have manageable payments. ....the builder will call tomorrow or, Tuesday with the final numbers, he says, he thinks we'll be pleased. I hope so, because, there isn't anything available in horse property in that area, at all, which really surprised me. What a beautiful picture, it looks so peaceful.
  5. The Front Porch

    Nice! Congratulations!
  6. The Front Porch

    You certainly have more patience than I, I would have called it quits long ago.......oh, who am I fooling, I wouldn't be in that position in the first place.....lol... I have to be honest about it... I do, admire your dedication.
  7. NRA versus Gun Control

    What can be done, that isn't already being done? Nothing we do/don't do, is going to keep guns out of the wrong hands....are the current gun laws doing that? Criminals have always found ways around the law and, they will continue, with, or, without whatever "new laws" are enacted. The NRA, isn't in the business of manufacturing or, selling guns, they do, however, hold gun safety classes, so, I don't get the correlation between them and, gun violence. Guns will always be in existence, isn't it a good thing, to know how to handle them safely, if you're going to have one? The NRA is there, for that reason.....they aren't the evil beings people think they are and, didn't, until crazy people started using guns to kill other people. People get drunk and get into cars and, kill people, where's the protests against alcohol and, automobiles?

    I don't need to wear green, my eyes are half green. Your horse looks cute, pink.
  9. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Take umbrage all you want, nick, you're not exactly a good example of someone who should be calling others out....how many times have you been caught in lies, or, posting false information, knowingly.... you've been temporarily banned how many times? 2...3? For personal insults, or, vulgarity? No.... you're the last person to say anything, to anyone, about anything.
  10. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    I don't feel guilty about anything I say or, do.....you were judging people on their responses to the topic, I am one who, went against the grain, so, it's not too far a leap to come to the conclusion I did.
  11. The Front Porch

    I have to disagree, it isn't her job to instill manners in kids that aren't hers..... she's tried, for so long, she's tried, but, when the home life doesn't support her efforts, it isn't up to her to see to it, the girls learn. Until/unless their mother gets on board, she's fighting a losing battle. It also isn't up to her, to dole out punishment for kids that aren't hers, if she discontinues the riding, they might get it.
  12. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    I'd say, you haven't been here long enough to know, "a couple people on here ." Are we not entitled to an opinion? Anyway, no one has actually said it's ok for women or, men, to be sexually assaulted.... some, just have different takes on it, based on personal experiences, so, it's unfair to assign labels to those who's opinions don't mirror yours I'll thank you to not assign your judgemental, self righteous, opinions to me, without knowing a thing about me.....we, speak in general terms here, for the most part, getting personal doesn't fly.
  13. The Front Porch

    I'm glad your animals are all ok. I'd be concerned, though, about some kid having two blocks of mouse poison and, not knowing what they are, what if they're left laying around and, someone's pet gets hold of it? Could be though, they were taken by the mice, we used to put out the mouse baits and, had to stop because, we were finding pieces of it in the hay, where we assumed the mice had taken it.
  14. The Front Porch

    That's a possibility I never thought of. Something off about those girls, though. If it were me, I'd cut my losses. She tried so hard to show them, there are people they can trust, but, they continue to lie and, use crying to try and get their way. Their mom doesn't care what they do, she's just glad someone else is doing things with them, so she doesn't have to. I'd say, it's time to stop trying to teach those girls anything, it isn't her responsibility.
  15. The Front Porch

    You seem to have had problems with one, or, both girls going back quite a while. What you're providing them with, the opportunity to ride horses, I'd think they'd be more grateful and, wouldn't be giving you any trouble, at all. Me? I'd sever all ties, if they have to constantly lie to you, they don't deserve your kindness. If they get away with lying to their mom, that's her problem, you don't have to put up with it. So, what do you suppose happened to the mouse poison? I could speculate, but I won't....it's for sure I don't think those girls should be trusted.
  16. Texas People #6

    QH.....the house is a Sante Fe design, with a covered patio that runs from the entrance, around one side......the builder came back with an approximate cost that we're ok with, the final cost will be determined when the plan gets drawn up by his architect and, we've added our finishing touches, it shouldn't come in too far from the approximate. When we built this house, the components came on flatbed trucks, doors, windows, door knobs.... etc, all included.....not so with this kind of build, we have to pick out EVERYTHING, from the smallest, to the largest..... I see myself needing Xanax during that period..... haha. I love your ducks! I like ducks anyway, but, the Muscovy are prettier, with their coloring.
  17. Texas People #6

    Looks like a good dog, I'm happy he found a home..... BOOOO, to the people who dumped him. It would be a 5 hour drive from here, to check on the building process, but, my husband would be there, so, he could go by once in a while, plus, knowing he could stop by at my time, the builder might be more on the ball. I think, I'll do better not being where I can see progress, or, lack there of, on a daily basis, we were on site the first time and, it about drove me nuts.
  18. Texas People #6

    Nice kitchen, I love your light fixtures. I looked at properties yesterday, only two horse properties that were suitable, unfortunately, I didn't like either of them, one was an older, remodel, that was nice, but, two story and, we want to stay away from stairs, the other had great curb appeal, but, once entering, we say big cracks in the tile floors, in more than one room, the entire house was painted yellow and, it wasn't very clean, which instantly turned me off. So, the realtor took me to see a contractor, I picked a 2 acre parcel, gave him my house plan and, he'll get back to me with a price...... I'd have to stay here while my husband goes to Arizona, while waiting for completion of the house, but, ya do what you need to do.
  19. Good Morning

    Their dog is going to end up dead, if caught ' playing' with the neighbors calves again, I have the feeling... think they would think THAT was funny?... I have absolutely no use for idiots like that.
  20. Texas People #6

    Nice cozy, comfortable looking room..... I like the pelican... Lol
  21. Good Morning

    I didn't think I'd want to move, I really thought this was it for me and, I was perfectly content......HA! This winter changed everything, plus, the realization of impending older age and, being so far from medical care. My husband's surgery and, my having to do everything myself for the next 2 months kinda made a good argument for moving.... hubby can't raise his arms higher than shoulder height, can't bend, stretch, twist or lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, so, pretty much everything is on me.....I'm not complaining, mind you, the procedure really has to be successfully and, so far, it is, but, they need him to restrict his activity. It's just, it being winter and, we're just now getting the snow and freezing temps, it's somewhat harder to do by myself.....oh, plus, the wood for the stove has to be brought from the woodpile, to the front porch....by me. So, I was practically giddy, when I heard of the job opening in Arizona, the same position he held when we were there before.... and, beside myself when, the transfer was approved. I don't know when, for sure, but, sometime after he's completely healed, which will be another 6 weeks, we were told at the appointment yesterday. Edited.... you're granddaughter is adorable!
  22. Good Morning

    We had no snow until this month. We currently have about 6 inches on the ground. Last week we woke up to no power, 30 hours later, it was restored.....im so over it.... snow is pretty, until it melts and you're left with 6 inches of mud. The good news is, we're heading back to Arizona! Not for a visit, for good. My husband is able to transfer back, to the position he had previously, the higher ups are working out the details. We can't go, until he's cleared by his doctor, he had back surgery a couple weeks ago and, tomorrow is the post op appointment, it'll be another month, maybe longer, before we can go. I am STOKED, no more miserable winters!
  23. The Front Porch

    I got my dog back from a teeth cleaning....not the clinic where I worked, this was years later....with smushed chunks of poop all over his hind end.... I was so angry, that they would release to me, my dog, in that condition, especially since, I never would have let a dog go home that way. It was Chopper, many years ago and, I immediately took him to the backyard when I got home and, took the hose and shampoo to him.
  24. The Front Porch

    If your vet already knew your dog didn't react well to anesthesia, they should have put her under, 'lighter' turn down the vaporizer a little, so she wasn't getting as big a dose... she'd still be under enough for the procedure, just getting a lighter dose of the anesthesia....they also, when they do that, bump up the oxygen a tad. That's what we'd do, when told or, we already knew of an animal with problems with anesthesia....plus, monitor closely. Edited....we would never send an animal home in the condition you've described, they were cleaned up the best we could do, if we couldn't, for whatever reason, the owners were told what the reasons were....the vets were very adamant that the owners knew their pets got the best care possible with us.
  25. The puppies are born!

    Pistol is doing just fine...the usual PITA, combined with sweet puppy...you know. My son was here last week because my husband had back surgery, he came to help out.... Pistol is not used to people, being we live way out here and he doesn't get to see anyone. We didn't hear Bryan (son) drive up and he walks in the front door... Pistol ran at him, barking and growling. Long story short, it didn't take long before Pistol and Bryan were best buds... anyone who throws sticks for him, becomes his friend.....now, we need to get the FedEx and, ups people to throw a few sticks.... Pistol still doesn't look at them too favorably.