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  1. The Front Porch

    On our way to Albuquerque Saturday, a tractor/trailer ran us off the road. On the interstate, doing 75 mph, we were passing him, we were in back of another semi, who was also passing. Semi in front, passed and, we were half way past, when, to our horror, he started moving to the left, into our lane. Leaning on the horn and moving over, to no avail, he continued coming, we slowed, of course and, were forced completely onto the shoulder, partially into the grass median.....trucker kept on going, like he had no idea of what he'd done.... which, he probably didn't, because we weren't in his blind spot, so, he must not have looked. I got his license plate number and, the number of the trailer, but, the cab had no identifying name/numbers, it was just, blue..... there was also no company name on the trailer, it was a flatbed. I didn't see how I could report, without company names. ...a license plate number, might have been enough, but, the writing on it was too small, I couldn't really see the state... could have been Mississippi, but, I can't be sure....I have cataracts, too, so, my eyesight isn't the best....I'm awaiting surgery.
  2. Texas People #6

    Be careful out there.
  3. The Front Porch

    Beautiful, Heidi.
  4. The puppies are born!

    Thanks guys.....he is awkward, though, he constantly trips over his own feet. I think we're gonna need a bigger house....
  5. The puppies are born!

    Do you think he's big for 6 months?
  6. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Men may not experience the same level of violence, but, I can only imagine, the trauma of being forced against your will, is none the less, traumatic. Then, there's the other aspect of a false claim....the ruination of a reputation, perhaps even, a marriage a family a job...all because of a false accusation. In most cases, even if the accusations are proven false, nothing changes, the man still walks around with that stigma. I'd say, that's pretty traumatic, having to face people who might still think you guilty and, treat you differently. I've known cases where a woman falsely accused a man of sexual assault, to get even for something, then, she went on with her life while he tried to prove himself innocent... For the rest of his. We all agree, I'm quite sure, that sexual assault, by either gender, is unacceptable, but, the man usually comes out the loser, whether or not, the accusations are true.
  7. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    It's a man's fault, if he lets a woman manipulate him? Yes, generally speaking, as in, she's using him for his money. If a woman, wanting to get ahead in her career, goes after the man she knows can make it happen, in a sexual manner, she's just as guilty as he is, maybe more so, because she SET OUT to do it. Sexual misconduct, by either sex, is wrong, just plain wrong, but, women do it just as much, if not more, than men, the men are usually just too macho to admit they've been assaulted....by a woman. No, it isn't a woman's fault if she receives unwanted looks, touches or, comments.....in most cases..... I have to say that, because, I've known/seen too many women who would do anything to get the attention of the opposite sex, women like that, give all women a bad name. Im just being honest, here, I mean no disrespect to anyone, it's just, when you've seen it in action.....well...
  8. 36 and cloudy

    Today.. ....barn cleaning....they need new bedding.
  9. 36 and cloudy

    I went out yesterday afternoon and removed the half barrels from the insulated box they sit it, cleaned them out, replaced and refilled. It was so nice doing it without a foot of snow/ice on the ground... the water hose and the spigot wasn't frozen, either..... when the horses get to frisking around, they churn up clouds of dust. I'm not trying to brag, or, make anyone feel bad, or anything........but, dang, am I ever loving it!
  10. 36 and cloudy

    It's cold out there this morning, but, sunny and clear. I like this kind of winter.....it's the first of its kind, that I can remember, we've been here since 2003, minus the time we were in Arizona, but, there's always been snow in January.... carried over from November and December.
  11. 36 and cloudy

    Sunny, clear, cold. 45° on the front porch, but, it's in the shade, it's probably warmer where the sun hits.......duh, huh!?
  12. The Front Porch

    That looks really nice.... kinda, oval office-ish
  13. 36 and cloudy

    I'm not giving it back! Lol..... when it leaves, I'll have that nasty white stuff all over the place.
  14. Happy Holidays, ladies.

    Is that a boxer shorts commercial from a few years ago? I think I remember it. I think, they only showed it that one year....too risque, I guess .....lol
  15. 36 and cloudy

    It got up to 60 yesterday. I don't know how today will pan out. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  16. The Front Porch

    Made me cry writing it....not an easy thing for me either, unless animals are involved.
  17. The Front Porch

    Just look at it like this....he came to you, to the place he knew he was safe and, cared for....he came to your door for a reason, so he could die with a caring person. With feral cats, it's hard to say what happens to them, there's possibility for all kinds of things, cars, dogs, mean people, other feral cats, sickness. At least, you know, he had a place to come to for a good meal and, he knew it too and, I'm sure he appreciated it, for a year, he had a friend, a person he trusted.... that's why, in the end, he went to you.
  18. 36 and cloudy

    A little cooler today, but, still clear and sunny.
  19. The Front Porch

    Nice rack, Heidi........hee hee.....a little play on words.
  20. 36 and cloudy

    20° when I got up, it's warmer than yesterday at this time. Still sunny and clear. Should warm up to the 50's....low 50's..... I can live with this! It's so dry, it's dusty.... we're usually either knee deep in snow or, mud.
  21. 36 and cloudy

    Still holding......blue skies, sunshine and, clear......very, not typical late December weather......I'm not complaining, at ALL! People that say, " but we need the moisture," need to shut up.....LOL
  22. The puppies are born!

    Thanks! Bought him a jolly ball, because he found the old one that belonged to Loki ( the one before Chopper ) that was flat and, had the handle torn off and, he absolutely loves that one, I got him a new one. I had stretched out the water hose, after watering the horses and, walked the one end up the hill to drain, I was walking back and, Pistol passed me, with the end of the hose....he took it back down the hill.....he helps out like that a LOT.
  23. 36 and cloudy

    It's warm, if I don't have the window cracked, because, it gets kind of too warm with the wood stove.... I need to have some ventilation.
  24. 36 and cloudy

    I do.