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  1. Texas People #6

    That little girl is so frickin cute! The look, in that first picture, omg..... priceless!
  2. The Front Porch

    It was rather funny.... afterwards and, no one was hurt. The guy ran for his truck intending to jump into the back, then, said he said to himself...."no way, he'll jump in after me!" He instead, managed to jump into the cab and, get the door closed. The UPS and FedEx drivers stop at the gate and honk......we walk out and get the package.
  3. The Front Porch

    No, he has not. Had to break him from charging the fence and barking at Sam.....and, chasing workers out of the yard and, into their trucks. LC.....yes, he's a little one....lol!
  4. The Front Porch

    You mean, this guy?
  5. Greyhound racing

    I worked at a dog track in Nevada, many years ago and, not only were the dogs treated badly, but, omg....the "trainers!" Walking sleazeballs, who only cared about the money. I didn't last there very long, despite the pay, for being the early 80's, was pretty good, I couldn't stomach it. I heard, sometime later, the track was closed down, the Mafia and, all kinds of illegal goings on, were rumored. I'd like to see all animal racing stopped, but, it'll probably never happen.
  6. An American friend living in Austria,

    Nope, they'll hand her her....um.... behind, over there. She thinks she's always the smartest person in the room, they'd knock her down a peg, or two.
  7. Texas People #6

    I didn't know some people couldn't do HC on their phones. I initially typed in horse city.com and, added the app to my others, now, I just click on the app.(I guess it's an app, I clicked on, 'add to home screen.' Happy anniversary! Ours will be in November, 44 years. We don't usually do anything either, we're also pitiful. Lol.. Husband drove by the property yesterday, said they were working, he saw a couple pieces of heavy equipment. The trusses have been ordered, I'm not sure when they'll be ready, but, there still a ways to go before it gets to the point of needing them. The rude people? One is my sister, she's constantly accusing me of not reacting ' properly,' when she tells me something about what's going on with her... I don't seem excited enough, or, don't compliment her enough...or something, yet, she treats my news like it's nothing.... and, is talking about coming to Arizona to see me, after I've moved...she plans on staying in one of the spare bedrooms...in the house she called, " too big for two people." Would that be irony, or, hypocrisy?
  8. Texas People #6

    Now that's just wrong....lol...
  9. The Front Porch

    Haha....our son once said to us..."you guys always end up with weird dogs!"....it isn't the dogs, it us...haha...they end up reflecting our personalities...lol..
  10. The Front Porch

    He's just being, inquisitive! And, helpful..." Here, let me help you with that, you might get a paper cut, or something."
  11. Sorrows

    Wouldn't it be up to the person who purchased the puppy, whether or not the ears were cropped?
  12. Texas People #6

    Seriously? If I'm using my phone, I can't add emojis?
  13. Texas People #6

    I think my husband just wanted to get away from her, you never know anymore, who's going to go 'round the bend on ya I love flowering trees/shrubs, I'm going to find out which kinds do well in Arizona, the closest I came last time was, a Palo Verde tree, they're really quite pretty, with yellow blooms.....to get to the new property, we have to drive right past the old house and, the Palo Verde tree I planted a few years ago, my husband says, is in full bloom. .... I'll get another one of those, for sure. For more color, I'm thinking, Bougainvillea....the red. The builder was on site Thursday and Friday and, the pad got prepped and, sewage/water lines dug in and, stubbed up, forms done, too, now, just waiting for the concrete guy to be able to get it scheduled, concrete is ordered, he's just pretty busy. I went out this morning and emptied out all of the planters and pots of old potting soil and, stacked it all up in one central location, plant stands, too, so it's all right there, together. I've got probably 20 boxes already packed and stacked against one wall, we're debating on what furniture to leave here, since we'll still have this place and, will be back from time to time. Which means, buying some new stuff, so, we'll have to see what we need later...I'm not adverse to buying new stuff, but, I put it to my husband this way...." We can leave some things here and, we'd only need to get a couple new pieces." Oh, one more thing. I'm really beginning to not like the people who, I show the plans to and, instead of saying..."that's nice," or. " Congratulations " have to say things like.....". Why do you need such a big house, for just two people?" Or, " couldn't you find an already built house?". My husband solved it though, by saying, " it's what she WANTS, why settle for something you won't be happy with?".....gotta love that man!
  14. Sorrows

    I had to look them up, I'd never heard of them.....and, now I want one.. hahahaha Oh and, Heidi? Don't ever change your avatar!
  15. Texas People #6

    I love your pictures, little granddaughter is precious. We don't have a completion date, but, the permits have been issued and, concrete ordered for the foundation, there's a crew over there now, removing two trees that will be too much in the way and, setting the forms of the foundation, it'll be done by tomorrow, then, hopefully early next week, the concrete guy can pour.... unless, he works on Saturdays...not counting on that one. So, my husband has been staying in a hotel, so, he sees an ad for a studio apartment, he goes to see it, the woman comes out, scantily clad, drinking a beer and, the first thing she says, is, " don't worry, I'm not a drinker or a partier and, I don't have men climbing in my bedroom window....yet."....mmmmmk. My husband tells her, " I don't so" and leaves....but, not before she starts rambling on about how ' they,' can do all of this fix-up...paint, fix the steps, replace the front door...PLUS, this ' studio apartment' turned out to be a little square wooden addition that was built into the end of an old mobile home. My husband is still in the hotel and, says he was very happy to walk back into his room after meeting that woman.
  16. Sorrows

    I know exactly what you mean. We waited 3 months to get another one...it probably wasn't enough time and, I do make those comparisons...no, not fair. Pistol is coming along nicely, though, he doesn't need a leash outside (on our property) he comes right back when called, all I have to do is say, " let's go inside," and he follows me to the back door. I hope you find another dog you can think as much of, as Luther, LC.
  17. Sorrows

    Thanks little cow....haha, my husband and I always say, how all of our dogs end up being the same with people, they seem to like other animals, but, not people....it must be us, how else could so many dogs turn out the same?
  18. HC Member's house burnt down

    I'll just ditto the prior two posters. There really are no words.
  19. Sorrows

    I'm sorry about your dog, we lost our gsd a year ago in June and, it still hurts every time I happen to think about him, which is often. We have Pistol now and, he's a big goof ball and he makes me laugh all of the time and, we do love him....it's kinda hard not to make comparisons and, not fair but, I find myself doing just that. I'm alone here a lot too and, Pistol not only barks, he goes after the person who happens to find his/her way back here to my very remote property.....out here, though, the philosophy is, don't go poking around where you don't belong, if you don't want to get bitten. Too bad dogs don't live as long as people.... Chopper was just a couple of months older than your Luther...way too early to say goodbye.
  20. Texas People #6

    The move to another lot did set us back a little, the builder has everything he needs now, the survey was done earlier this week, they'll be breaking ground next week.....I thought it was funny, my husband was looking at the lot and, the woman who lives across the street asked him if he was going to build a house, my husband, not missing a beat says, " yes I am, multiple two story low income housing units ".....the woman stood staring at him...he and the builder started laughing, my husband then told her, " just a single family home". That woman was probably thinking, " great, a guy who thinks he's a comedian, just across the street."
  21. Texas People #6

    Me too...
  22. Texas People #6

    The builder also moved the other woman to where he moved us, because, apparently, it's that whole section the yellow house people don't want anything built on.....so, other lady has an acre next to our 2..... what's great about ours, is, no one can build on one side because it's an alfalfa field. The whole problem with the city and, not issuing permits set us back quite a bit, the builder is just as frustrated as we are, he says he'll work on both houses simultaneously.....work should start soon, with the new property, there's no problem with permits. My husband is heading home for the weekend, I told him he didn't have to come back every weekend, it's a long drive and, after working all week, it might get to be too much.... he'll probably come to that conclusion on his own after doing it a few times. Well, everything is getting green, we seeded the pastures and there's lots of grass coming up, I'll be able to turn the horses out there in a couple of months....one thing I will probably miss in Arizona....not enough to stay here, though.... haha. Have a great day everyone!
  23. Signs of spring?

    Frog Song Farm, doesn't really roll off the tongue. Singing Creek Farm..... would be my suggestion.
  24. Texas People #6

    Yeah, we figure, if they are already causing trouble, they'd be the types to complain about every little thing. I feel sorry for the person who owns the lot, are those people going to prevent him from selling it and, what if the buyers want to build?.... they'll do the same thing, again.
  25. Texas People #6

    Lol....there ya go!