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  1. Stinky Feet!

    whats wrong with you today? did you also happen to notice that in my original post I wrote "IMO" .... SO..... **********! im currently researching registry keys for some software im developing, quit stalking me, get a life and it IS YOUR footwork, if you really want to know, RESEARCH IT YOURSELF!.. if not, just keep doing what you do. I dont give a cr@p! GAWD!
  2. Stinky Feet!

    this should tell you its NOT working for a permanent solution you keep making your "bacteria food" and keep using your TB to your hearts delite. its all up to you. ETA - Im at work and dont have time to do YOUR footwork on this matter. and I dont think my boss wants to pay me to research the papers Ive found in the... oh, past 4 years ive been trimming professionally...
  3. Abscess

    perhaps she should consult her vet. a lot of advice can be given here, but, no one really knows the horse's environment better than her vet.
  4. Stinky Feet!

    you would have to ask my vet. she said she has seen more damage using those products than she has seen success. I think there was something written at MSU. google it for yourself. I do MY footwork, you can do yours the clorpactin WCS-90 is $8 per treatment.. how is THAT more expensive than the other?
  5. Stinky Feet!

    yea, very good article, except one thing Thrush Buster by Mustad, Kopertox by Fort Dodge not only kill bad tissue, but, kill good tissue too. resulting in MORE "bacteria food" IMO, these 2 products are about the worse you can use for thrush IMO, if you horse has thrush bad enough to warrant these products its best to use something like "clean trax, or white lightening" instead. or you can mix your own by ordering Clorpactin WCS-90 from your local pharmacy and mixing it yourself. there are directions for that if you search the "hoof forum" and most likely you will only need one treatment (its that good), or 2 for the "worse case scenario". Ive successfully treated REALLY bad cases of thrush and/or WLD with the clorpactin / clean trax (which is essentially the same as clean trax, but, less $$) and even the worse case ive ever seen, only needed 2 treatments and the disease was GONE. [smiley Wavey]
  6. Morrissey Suspended For Excessive Use Of Whip

    I understand getting "emotional" especially when SO much is at stake. but, I work VERY hard at keep those emotions under control. I think its a good punishment. and next time, double it, and then, if there is another next time, double the double what im REALLY glad about is that they are recognizing the Ground Jury / Show Officials for their role in it. ALL judges need to take more responsibility for the welfare of horses at horse shows, that is the only thing that is going to stop this crap
  7. Founder Case Updated 9-3 Headed Home!

    wow, yea... tough spot to be in [Huggy]
  8. Founder Case Updated 9-3 Headed Home!

    honestly, if I were you, Id have the vet out to make the call on it, ASAP
  9. I Got Ran Over By Garth

    [ROTFL] "Magic shoe" with self-adhesive for the extra difficult horses! the new "BCAA" (butt cheek attitude adjuster) [ROTFL] im off to the patent office! [ROTFL]
  10. Founder Case Updated 9-3 Headed Home!

    poor Lacey! if the vet wont consent to doing a biopsy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, im wondering if there isnt some proud flesh going on too I think (after consulting my vet) I would like to get her started on some TUCOPRIM, make sure she was UTD (esp. on tetanus), and use the Trypzyme on the wound. http://www.amazon.com/Trypzyme-V-Aerosol-S...z/dp/B000M8O1KU
  11. I Got Ran Over By Garth

    he he, yea, at first I was like then I LMAO watching her frantically tip-toe her hind legs independently to dislodge magic shoe she then walked back up to me quietly, sort of baby yacking..... as if to say "gee, sorry.. I was just playing" then I looked around to see if anyone noticed funny though...... NEVER happened again....
  12. I Got Ran Over By Garth

    I have a "magic shoe" you can throw at him next time... it gets strategically stuck in their butt cheeks my yearling mule tried that with me in the pasture, and I launched my shoe at her as she was kicking at my head. and my shoe got lodged up between her legs, in her butt cheeks for a few seconds.... [ROTFL] it was "GAME OVER" as far as she was concerned
  13. I'm Moving To The Mitten!

    Broo's place is REALLY nice, and exceptionally "dog friendly". and Gias is awesome with other dogs. I took my dog over there and they got along..... swimmingly!
  14. Founder Case Updated 9-3 Headed Home!

    you're doing a good job! [smiley Wavey] wow, that has to be the WORSE abscess Ive EVER seen is she UTD on her vaccs? also, Im wondering if a round of Tucoprim would do her some good http://www.pfizerah.com/product_overview.a...&species=EQ