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  1. Pinky's First Colorado Ride

    Whoooo hoooo! [Yay] And you went to see Driftin as well please! [Jump]
  2. I Need Help About Dog Nutrient

    I'm feeding my dog and cats Oriijen. I was feeding a raw diet to everyone and life was fantastic for a long time. Then all heck broke loose about 6 months into it all. Sigh......they've been on Oriijen 3 months now.
  3. For those who have broken legs/ankles etc

    Let's see I broke my ankle in June (a few years ago) got the cast off in September. I'd say I was pretty much in constant pain for a good 3/4's of that time. Still hurts today, still is purple in fact. I just touched it now, it still smarts. But that fire poker radiating pain OMG I gotta sit down now? Lasts for a good 6 weeks anyway. I dunno, maybe cause I am older now and don't bounce back like I would if I were younger? I take it you are in a lot of pain. I will say that my recovery was likely so long and so painful because I had to work through it all. So I didn't rest very much. I'd not do it that way again. Working for yourself really stinks in these situations. Hope you feel better soon, and rest, it is best!
  4. A dog that leaks?

    My cattle dog would do that. It's common in older spayed females. Somebody else would have to give you the "medical" particulars. But it was fine with a daily dose of PROPALIN. Stopped it right away. Had to give it to her the same time everyday. Lasts a good long time. You do have to have the vet prescribe it though.
  5. I Gotz Sumfin

    quote: Originally posted by QTime: So has the bait come back yet? We had a first this spring a few weeks ago when a black bear climbed up the house and was getting over the deck railing. Hubby thought is was those rascally coons after the bird feeders so he quickly flipped on the light, threw open the slider and just about needed to change his pants. He's a tad more cautious now when he's hearing strange noises. I didn't know you had bears! Yeah Mudder, did the dog come back yet?
  6. Confirmed by Doc....49 doesn't bounce

    I was so hoping that it was just a good bruise and this would be over in another few days. I'd trade ya....but I don't know if I could handle Spur. Elvis would make TRB a very happy man. And you'd get a break.....ohhhh, that was very bad.
  7. Farmer needs a wife

    i've not seen this show, but I think I need to. Do they sleep in till 9:00 am to and whine about an aching back?
  8. Does the mirror lie?

    Wow Draft Horse.......I'm thinking "FILTER!" Apparently her's was broken or perhaps clogged?
  9. Does the mirror lie?

    I must have Fun House mirrors in my house. According to them I am Vertically Challenged and Horizontally Stunted.
  10. Found two new friends Pics and videos!

    I love him!
  11. Dancing with Stars...who wants to Ballroom Dance?

    I'm in! I'll present it to concrete boy. He's not home much these days mind you, so he's difficult to catch.
  12. Found two new friends Pics and videos!

    I think they are both fantastic! Mister is awesome! Raven is pretty sweet to!
  13. Dancing with Stars...who wants to Ballroom Dance?

    I looooove to dance. Problem is, I don't really know how to! Heh! And I have a partner who floats like a butterfly, stings like a martial arts. Put the music on? He turns into cement legs and stage fright Steve! Seriously though, I think it's absolutely a beautiful thing to watch a couple float about the dance floor together! It's awesome!
  14. New addition to the farm

    A day or two!?!?! That's far too long to see a new baby cow!