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  1. Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge

    how did everyone do?? after an interesting time, my horse and I finished on our dressage score of 34.3 and won our BN division! Team Three Day Farm came in third!
  2. What Do You Drive?

    (not my pics, but very similar) '02 Nissan Maxima '96 Ford F250 Powerstroke '02 Toyota 4Runner and a '96 Nissan Maxima the '02 Maxima is my main driving car and the Ford is my hauling truck. The other two are cars that I drive when mine are out of commission
  3. Eventing Coverage At W E G

    WEG eventing was AMAZING. I went to all three phases and let me say that the europeans totally owned this time. It'll be interesting to see what happens in France in 2014!
  4. Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge

    I'm hoping I can still go... my horse just came up lame in her hock
  5. Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge

    yeah TC filled up the day it opened :/ I'm on the Three Day Farm BN team. Hope we do well!
  6. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    my BF and I live 10 hours away from eachother. I'm in Kentucky... he's back home in Kansas SUCKAGE. But I'm going home during Thanksgiving break. I'm excited
  7. I'm loving school! I moved from my home state of Kansas all the way to Kentucky to study English. It's my freshman year and it's great. I have two of my horses (Uma and Demi) here with me at a farm that is five minutes away from school with a great trainer who is even certified with the British Horse Society! My classes are pretty awesome too. Except for Algebra. THAT I could do without.
  8. Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge

    Maybe enter BN then see what happens!
  9. Novice Level Conditioning Program

    For Novice, I would do as much hacking as possible Here's what my schedule looks like for my horses that are at Novice level Day 1: Dressage Day 2: Hack Day 3: Dressage Day 4: off Day 5: Hack Day 6: Jump Day 7: Free (do whatever needs to be done)
  10. Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge

    thank you guys! I'm excited to be doing it! Jump... are you doing Octoberfest? I'll be there with my other horse Uma doing Beginner Novice as well!
  11. Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge

    hey guys! I rarely post here anymore but I was wondering if anyone was planning on attending/riding at the Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge this October at the Kentucky Horse Park? this will be my first recognized event with my new horse Demi (a 7 year old TB mare) who has evented to Novice before but not with me. I'm a little nervous because the Omnibus lists it as a "moderately difficult course for the level". I'm only doing beginner novice but still :/ Anyone else have experience with Team Challenge and is anyone going??
  12. Calling All Ottb Experts....

    of course, most everyone knows Storm Cat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storm_Cat But I'm impressed with the Roberto bloodline most of all. Roberto is known for being a very prominent eventing bloodline. I will say that if you are planning on doing any discipline which involves a frame, Roberto babies are known to be a bit claustrophobic about it. Just go slow! Our horses are VERY closely related!
  13. Event Saddles

    mine is a Courbette Vision. They are made for long legged riders and have nice soft seats. There are two models, the old and new. New: http://www.vtosaddlery.com/Merchant2/merch...;Category_Code= Old (what I have): http://www.horseclicks.com/tack/hz0v6p/
  14. Weekend In Lexington

    Go to Old Friends. It's a retirement facility for champion racehorses. Go meet my mare's sire Kiri's Clown!!!! http://www.oldfriendsequine.com/
  15. Event Saddles

    I'd look on Ebay. They always have a variety and great deals!