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  1. Value Of A Saddle With Torn Seat?

    Huh, that's funny... my dressage saddle had a badly ripped seat and I had the seat replaced for under $200 with really nice buffalo leather.
  2. Need Help To Make Up Creative Team Name!

    Haha thanks guys for the team names! But we eventually came up with "Dream Team". haha that's what happens when you have no creativity. But I went along with it. :tongue9:
  3. Saddle For "roofy Backed" Horse?

    Bawwww that's too bad!! Don't you just looooove hard-to-fit horses? Do you maybe want to try my toulouse sometime?
  4. Pics Of My Ottb!

    Hmm well, I don't really know all about the Fugly thing... but it seems like the person brought it on themselves. I don't judge though. But yes, he's gorgeous (now!) and very sweet. :)
  5. Pics Of My Ottb!

    Also, here's a video I made when I first got him.
  6. Pics Of My Ottb!

    Hey! So, I would like to introduce my OTTB that I got a few months ago to the board. Brace yourself for a novel. ;) His name is Bravo Luciano, but I changed his name to Bravo's Encore. Here's his story... Up in PA, there is a huge auction in New Holland. This place is notorious for all the killbuyers who ship to Mexico and Canada. Every week, hundreds of horses go through the auction and the vast majority of them end up in slaughter plants. (I understand some of you are pro-slaughter, but I want to stop you RIGHT THERE from turning this post into a slaughter debate. That's NOT what my post is about, it's about MY horse. I want to make that very clear.) There is an organization called Another Chance for Horses (AC4H) that goes to the auction and either buys them from the auction, or deals with particular killbuyers in an attempt to hopefully find all the horses homes before the next week. However, AC4H only has from Wednesday to Friday at 4pm, or occasionally the weekend to find horses homes or "bail" before they're taken to the slaughter plants by the killbroker. Every week, lots of gorgeous, well-bred, registered horses and even kids' horses that are sold to the wrong people end up at the killbroker's barn, where people from AC4H do brief evaluations and take short videos and pictures of as many horses as possible, then they post the pictures/videos on their website or on Facebook. And that's where I saw him. :) I didn't know what AC4H was at the time; I just saw that one of my friends shared a link to one of the horses of that week, so I clicked the link and looked through the gallery of horses. There were about 40 really nice looking horses that week. A bunch of quarter horses (one with definite western pleasure training), paints, morgans, drafts, ponies, minis, appies, some gaited, and a couple OTTBs. They were all beautiful and I felt terrible for all of them, but when I came across horse 6-15-35; hip number 657, I fell in love! I don't know what it was, but I felt an instant urgency when I came across his pictures. There was nothing special about his photos; he looked skinny and filthy... not much different from any of the other horses. But I just couldn't keep my mind off him. I showed his picture to my mom, and she really didn't want to buy another horse that we've never seen before in person, from an organization we knew nothing about... which is wise. But, of course, I kept looking at his picture on my phone throughout the day and kept up-to-date on his status on Facebook. All day long, I kept hearing songs about second chances, wanting a good life, and living... stuff like that. I took it as a sign. Either that, or I'm a major pushover. When I got home from riding around, I begged my mom to buy him. Of course, she can't say no, either... so we sent in the $800 to cover his expenses and bail fee at 2:00 PM or so... just 2 hours from the "dead"line. We started getting very nervous, because by 5pm, we still hadn't heard anything from AC4H. We started to worry that it was a scam. They could have been charging our credit card on all sorts of things by now! It wasn't until 7 that night that we found out that he was "SAFE" with us. YAY! I was so excited! We arranged for a shipper to go to New Holland to pick him up, and he arrived a week later. His sad-lookin' mug. Now, I'll try to make the rest of the story a little more concise. He's been doing very well, but he came down with shipping fever shortly after he arrived. Within a week or two, he got better, but I really haven't been able to ride him too much in the 3 months that I've had him. He just spent a while getting better and relaxing in his grassy paddock. He's the sweetest thing. He loves people and to be petted. He's also the most chill thoroughbred I've ever known! On the 4th of July, when all the other horses were literally jumping out of their skin, he stood quietly and took it all in. :] He's great to ride. A bit drunken to turn and especially when asked to go straight... haha... but he's very light and soft in the mouth and loves to stretch down. His new thing is to try to eat grass... while trotting. Silly pony! His canter is simply AMAZING!! Naturally balanced and super comfortable. It's taking him less and less tries to pick up the right lead. :) And he trots right over poles! Anyways, here are some current pictures of him. :) Handsome devil. *om nom nom* :]
  7. Need Help To Make Up Creative Team Name!

    There are 4 horses, and there's a bay, chestnut, grey, and ch./white paint. We're all wearing our own colors... it's just that we are combining our scores. Our names start with T, S, M, and R... hah Also we're from the Carolinas and are in Pony Club... if these details help! But really we're just looking for a name to settle on, because frankly, the ones we came up with suuuuuccccckkkkk. hah
  8. Hey! There are a lot of creative and awesome people on this board, so I was wondering if y'all had any cool team names that you can come up with for an eventing team. The HT that I'm competing in has an "across the levels team challenge" and apparently we have to make up a team name. Soooo... any ideas? [bat Eyelashes] I'm not feeling very creative... Thanks!
  9. Reintroduction And Update

    Welcome back; I'm in the process of re-introducing myself too.
  10. Nekkid Showjumping....

    That guy has balls... ... ...Or is he just nuts? heheehheheheheheh [ROTFL]
  11. New Pics Of Versace

    Oh, well at least the nice rounded look will look good. Now, I just have to convince my mom (the one with the clipper skillz) to do this for me and we're set!!
  12. BellaLuna, this is the cross country portion of eventing. It is basically trail+endurance+jumping... on steroids!! lol Jumping in an arena is either hunter, equitation, or jumper. Eventing is the only jumping sport that jumps out of the ring nowadays, though the hunter style was born out in the field. (They're now beginning hunter derby classes that are sort of a cross between cross country and hunter riding! It's cool) Anywho, that's probably TMI, but cross country is awesome. The jumps are all solidly constructed, and they have all different levels, from around 1 foot (tadpole) all the way up to 4'6+ (olympic level/4 star). Of course, before attempting xc, you'll want to be good at jumping around in an arena first. Jumping is the most fun you'll ever have on a horse, once you get the hang of it! Look for a hunter/jumper trainer in your area! The eventing world would love to have you!! [smiley Wavey]
  13. New Pics Of Versace

    ooooh, I really like it. [bat Eyelashes] My horse's neck is very straight, so a nice rounded shape would enhance his pencil-neck nicely... and maybe, just maybe, make his short little neck look longer... :tongue9:
  14. Kimberwicke's

    They are very similar to a pelham, but have a D-ring with slots in it to make them look more like snaffles and are designed to be used with just one rein. This makes them attractive to beginners and those too lazy to learn how to work 2 reins. They can be somewhat severe, and with any leverage bit with a curb chain, they should be used sparingly and in good hands in the right circumstance. I have a kimberwicke in my barn as a tune up once in a while in case a horse starts leaning on the snaffle, but I wouldn't want to use one all the time. Kimberwickes are the most severe when the rein is placed in the bottom slot. The leverage effect is lessened when the rein is placed on the top slot, and even less when allowed to slide on the D-ring. It is best to keep at least 2 fingers' width between the horse's chin and the chain, otherwise even light contact will cause the chain to come into effect and essentially, your emergency brake is on all the time. I prefer a little more than 2 fingers' width. A pelham (used with two reins) is a better choice because the snaffle and curb reins can be used independently. With a converter, a pelham is just a fancy looking kimberwicke.
  15. Saddle Brand?

    Yes, in the $650-$1000 price range (and below, of course), you'd be better off buying a quality used saddle. You'd be suprised what kind of saddles you'll find at that price range. I was playing around on the internet, and I found a used SCHLEESE (which is the best of the best, I hear... could never afford one! lol) for $550!! Anyways, I bought a Toulouse Legano earlier this year, and though it fit correctly on the horse standing still, once we got to jump seriously and really work in it, I found that it slid back reallllllly bad. I mean, I rode in it without a breastplate one day with a fairly tight girth, and the saddle literally slid back to his loins! (this is a long-backed 16.3 hand paint I'm talking about!) Honestly, I think they're crappily constructed, too. I was aware that the saddle wasn't going to last forever when I bought it. Mine held up ok, but I babied it (cleaned it before or after each ride) to make sure mine wouldn't fall apart. Know this - they won't last long, and I repeat, you'd be better off buying a nice used saddle. After I'd had enough of this saddle and riding in a breastplate with a really tight girth... which was causing my horse to jump with poor style... I went saddle-hunting again. I found a lovely Barnsby Milton (Pro Seat) saddle, and I'm IN LOVE!! Got it for a couple hundred bucks more than I paid for the toulouse... my horse's comfort is DEFINITELY worth a few hundred more dollars. For used saddles in this price range, I would suggest... Barnsby (duh... personal preference! but they're not very common) stubben Crosby Beval Pessoa Uh, that's all I can think of at the moment. :tongue9: I have a Collegiate, which I liked a lot. It's held up pretty well, despite having been made from cheaper argentinian leather. My favorite collegiate model is the Diploma. A plus is the changeable gullet, but if your horse has a funky back like mine, there's really not all that much you can do to make it right. But luckily, most horses have fairly easy-to-fit backs. Good luck on your saddle search!! I'm glad you're dumping the kincade. They are pretty darn crappy. :tongue9: That reminds me - My DO NOT BUY list... Kincade (duh, lol) Wintec Toulouse HDR St. Lourdes (rare, but I've come across them. You'd be better off making a saddle out of a carpet remnant. Hahah) Duett "Package" or "Deal" saddles and anything else that doesn't have a name-brand at all. LOL Yep, that's about it. My two cents. Or maybe the whole jar-'o-change?