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  1. Hi everybody!!

    You were absolutely right, they are beautiful. how is training a QH, easy or hard. I mean do they spook easy cuz that's the problem I'm having with my appy. I don't have access to a bombproof trail partner right now so I have to take it real slow.
  2. Hi everybody!!

    That's cool. I ride western also. I'm trying to learn team roping and train my horse to do it also. Are you training that 2 yr old?
  3. Hi everybody!!

    Hey how do you ride: western, english...
  4. Hi everybody!!

    Nice, I've always wanted to ride a QH. I have a 4 yr old appy/arab. trying to train him, and doing pretty well. just have to put some time in the saddle now. I also have a mini donkey named lil bit.
  5. Hi everybody!!

    Welcome, I'm new to HC too. Do you have any horses?
  6. Hey everbody

    Rhiatta1090 I almost forgot my mini donkey, lil bit. I tried to post pics but not sure how well it worked.
  7. Hey everbody

    Picture of Mini Donkey -- Lil Bit Photo Bucket Photo Bucket picture of scout, wife did his mane
  8. Hey everbody

    sry it took so long to respond, thanks for your patients
  9. Hey everbody

    Yeah I have 1 horse. He is a leopard appy with a little arab. I'm working on training him right now, he's only 4. As soon as i get some good pics I'll try to post them.
  10. Hey everbody

    Hi, I'm new to this whole bulletin board thing so please any help would be appreciated. Thank you