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  1. Would anyone Join?

    I Would!!!lol
  2. A dangerous game...(RPG)

    -Stats- Name:Chris Vandermark Age: 25 Gender:male Personality: Chris is a respectable guy,easy to get along with. When it comes to showing,he will do everything in his power to win. He shows little respect to those who dont know how to ride,or pretend that they do. Is a top trainer,that people know not to mess around with. Anything Else:(trainer)Coming from an equestrian family, Chris has been showing in competition since he was five. Chris enjoyed a tremendously successful junior career showing horses all over the country for some of the industries most prominent trainers. Having much success in the national medal finals (1st USET, 3rd AHSA, 4th ASPCA) and winning four statewide medal finals, Chris decided to pursue riding as a full time career. Since becoming a professional, whether it be teaching or riding, Chris has been champion at most of the major horse shows including Devon, Harrisburg, Washington and New York. Chris currently holds four "R" judging licenses (Hunter, Jumper, Hunter Breeding, Hunter Equitation) and judges and trains all over the country. Picture: piccy
  3. ~*The Dissappearing Act*~

    ooc: omg so sry guys,iv been really sick the last few days,i was in the hospital for a high fever tuesday night,im gettin better though,so...where are we?
  4. ~*The Dissappearing Act*~

    "ok,all considering,Domnon?e is in constant war with neighboring countries. Its nonstop war. So,Im gettin by though." Aiden was releaved to ahve left when he did,The kingdom was to fall eventually,and he did no want to be there when it did. He walked back to his stallion and gave him a pat as he awaited to see what they were to do next.
  5. ~*The Dissappearing Act*~

    Aiden replied to Cody in a sarcastic manner. "Hmmm....I dunno,you do look fermiliar....its on the tip of my tounge. Oh yes you were my stable boy werent you?" he said with a smile and a laugh. He gave Cody a smack on the back.Happy to see his old friend. "How have you been,man. I havent seen you in a while."
  6. ~*The Dissappearing Act*~

    Aiden gave a charming smile in return. As he helped the beautiful young princess up. " Nie,have I yet met you. anyway,Its Very nice to meet you Jessica." he said while lightly giving her a kiss on the hand. " I am Aiden Devereaux, from Domnon?e." "the forest may be dangerous,but nothing i cant handle" he said trying to be of comfert to the others." the battles at Domnon?e are some of the worst you could ever imagine. I have been fighting in them scence i was 15,I'v seen the dangers in this world....and i have always beaten them." he sounded confident in his tone and he hoped that he was right about the dangers lurking in the forest, and that he would be able to handle any threat to come there way. [ 12-05-2006, 08:13 PM: Message edited by: Luv2Piaffe ]
  7. I have an RPG idea! *And it's up!*

    Oooooo....i want to join,lol.i love that movie,and just the whole setting and stuff of it.
  8. ~*The Dissappearing Act*~

    Aiden smirked at the idea of meg not being able to mount her horse. He new that the others were probaly not used to doing things themselves. He ws like that when he was younger but grew a scence of independence when he was older. He rarely sked the help of others, he was to proud to do so, which came as a disadvatage when he really needed it. "you will get used to it eventually,meg" he said with a smile. Aiden watched as Jessica tangled in her dress and fell to the ground. He rushed over to help her up, "are you ok?" he asked with concern. He smiled while lending her his hand to balance back up on. [ 12-04-2006, 06:53 PM: Message edited by: Luv2Piaffe ]
  9. ~*The Dissappearing Act*~

    Stats Name:Aiden Devereaux Age:18 Nick Name:Aiden Gender:male Kindom Where You Come From:Domnon?e History(keep it short):Born a prince of a dying kingdom,Aiden has lived in a world of consant war and hate. Living with no one to trust or love. With his mother dead and his father dealing with war,poverty,hate,and a dying kingdom, he goes on without knowing what lies ahead,good or bad. Personality: Aiden has a mixture of personalities not your plain black and white prince. Always one to come out on top,not one too follow rules or take orders. Has a strong amount of leadership,and will risk his life for the ones he loves. Looks: piccy Other:horse-Diagio,friesian stallion. Diagio Diagio 2 -Single Aiden quietly snuck out of the palace, more like a jail to him though. He took some vitals like money,clothes,a sword, and some food for both him and his horse. He managed to surpass the guards and make to the stables. He grabed Diagio's saddle and bridle and quickly tacked him up. He dressed in some armor but covered him self in a black cape and hood. I one of the kingdoms enemies were to find him he would be done for sure. He put the bags of supplies on the saddle and led Diagio out of his stall. Toward the palace light after light began to turn on,he could hear the guards shouting from inside. He quickly mounted and Gave Diagio a big kick. The stallion took off down the barn isle and out the barn. Aiden looked back to see guards running after him and running into the barn to fetch some horses. Aiden rode for hours to meet up with the others. The guards chased him for a while but lost him in the dark woods. After a long ride Aiden had finally reached meganas stable. He walked Diagio to the stable where he saw the others.Both Diagio and Aiden were drenched in sweat from there long,and almost dangerous ride. "Hey guys,sorry i'm late. I got here as fast as I could." He looked around to all who have arrived. Aiden dismounted and walked over to the others. He was relieved he had arrived in one piece and the that he did not get caught. [ 12-03-2006, 10:31 PM: Message edited by: Luv2Piaffe ]
  10. Sorry guys:[

    sorry to all the rpgs i was in,i left without any notice. My horse fractured her skull 2months back and its been nonstop care for her. Between her,my other horse,and school iv had no time to be on. She will be getting surgery this week so hopefully she will get better. il be back on now,and il leave a msg if i get caught up in something else. But i will be as active as i can:) sry again to all the rpgs i left. -Luv2Piaffe
  11. Blaketon Riding Academy

    Alexandria proceeded to walk her mount around the arena untill the instructor came in. She immediatly walked toward the middle and stopped her steed.She gave him a pat as listened to Thomas. She listened carefully to everyword he said and took down a mental note. She was a bit startled,but proceded to answer the question Thomas gave. "Alexandria Santini,sir" She said with a bright smile.A little unsure if she may have done something wrong already. Her nervs were definitaly getting to her for some reason today.She worried about if she would fit in here or if she had already tried to hard,or if she hadnt tried hard enough.
  12. Monteago Valley-no more room

    First Name:Shane Middle Name:William Last Name:Hathaway Nick Name:Shane Birthday:Jan 17,1989 Age:17 Gender:male Height:6"2 Build:athletic,muscular,football player Eye Color:blue Hair Color:light brown Hair Style/Length:medium Other Description:has a bite mark on his shoulder from a horse bitting him,a few years back. Likes:horses,football,chilin w/friends,girls,playing guitar Dislikes:when girls try to hard,being fake,snotty people,jerks. Place Born:California States/Countries Lived In:California,Texas,Florida,montana Number of Years living in Montana:5 Parent's Names:Nick & Alexandra Other History:Shane had lived many places and was sick of moving, he moved to montana before middle school.He was a popular guy,but got into trouble alot,in middle school he had made the wrong friends and did some bad things,including drugs.After his parents found out they made him work at a local barn. He did the barn chores like bringing in hay,cleaning stalls,turn-out,grooming,ect...He grew to love horses and turned away from his previous friends and the things he did. He had changed. After a year of working at the stable and witnessing all the different sports of riding including dressage,show jumping,hunters,eventing,western,ect... he asked his parents for riding lessons. His trainer thought he was a natural at it. He eventually leased a thoroughbred gelding named Fire and showed him in eventing. After a year of eventing he took up dressage.That was always his strong point in eventing,and he was quiet and patient with the horses to do it. He would exercise a few horses a week for his trainer and would show them as well.He fell in love with a friesian stallion that his trainer had bought as a project. For a stallion he had a quiet and gentle disposition. Shane understood the horse from the first time he saw him. The friesian,named Artex,bonded to him immediatly as well. His trainer watched the two over a few months,and agreed to sell him the horse for a very cheap price as wel continue with chores around the barn. His parents agreed and bought the horse.Scence then Shane has had a passion for horses and riding. Other Info: Pic: Horse:Artex Registered Name:Art Van Der M. Show Name:Art Van Der M. Barn Name:Artex Nicknames:Artex or Tex Breed:friesian Birthday:Jan. 1,1996 Age:10 Gender:stallion Height:17.hh Markings:none Body Color:Black Mane Color:Black Tail Color:Black Eye Color:brown Other Description: Likes:Treats,trail rides,other horses,his paddock,food Dislikes:whips,dogs,medicine,shots Other Personality:kind gentle stallion.Protective over other horses he likes,likes to get into trouble,escape artist. Disipline:Dressage,trails Sire:Vander M. Dam:Arttelou' Place Born:California Age When Bought By Current Owner:8 History:was mostly a pasture horse,was going to just be for breeding,Shanes trainer bought him as a project. And Shane trained him up with help from his trainer,and is now SHanes horse. Other Info: Pic:
  13. Blaketon Riding Academy

    She turned to the other horses and riders coming into the ring. " why thankyou,I dont believe we met." She said to both of them. "Im Alexandria Santini and this is Prinz.This is my first year at blaketon,really should probaly be a third year,but im a newbi." She smiled while looking over at both of her fellow riders,and their beautiful horses. [ 11-06-2006, 06:35 PM: Message edited by: Luv2Piaffe ]
  14. Hawthorne & Elliot Show Stables (Jumpers/Dressage)

    " Il ride now if thats ok,it doesnt really matter which ever is easier for you" he said with a charming smile. He didnt really mind if he rode in the morning,afternoon, or night,as long as Santigo was excersized he was happy. He massaged Santi's neck as he waited for a reply. He took classes on equine massage a few years back. He always gave his horses a good massage before compition,and would usually massage his horses neck before a workout. It relaxed his muscles,allowing him to work at his fullest. Santiago loved it,as Shane proceded to move his fingers in small circles around his neck,the stallion lowered his head and dropped his lip.He was very relaxed and was in a very happy state for the moment.
  15. Blaketon Riding Academy

    Lexi checked her watch and glanced at the time, it the lesson was to be starting shortly. Prinz was going good,and was use to the arena. She decided to warm the gelding up a little before the lesson just to see what type of mood he was to be in today.She usually started out with a bit of dressage work,just because it was what she loved and it was good for Prinz. Lexi dropped her stirrups and swung each of them over the saddle so they wouldnt get in her way.She lighty established some contact and nudged Prinz into a trot. They started long and low,after a few minutes she shortened the reins and put Prinz on the bit. He rounded up nicely and flowed along in his trot.Lexi had trained him up to Prix St. george in dressage and was also in the process of teaching him other high level movements,including passage. It was a little hard to sit the trot in the close-contact but she did anyway,she loved sitting the trot for some reason. She did some shoulder and haunches in along with half-pass and leg yeild,and a little canter priouette,she felt he ws waarmed up and ready for the lesson. He hadnt even broken a sweat and he had lots of energy for the lesson,especially for jumping. He loved dressage, but his favorite was Stadium and x-country. Lexi flipped her stirrups back over, but still remained to keep her boots out of them. She was never fond of how short she had to keep her stirrups,scence she was always used to longer ones. She continued to walk him with steady contact still keeping him round. She did some turn on the haunches and some walk pirouetts,while she waited for the others to join her in the ring and for the lesson to start.