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  1. Bolero Or Rambler

    I have just aquired a black 3 yr. old gelding with a notched ear, blaze face, and one small white sock on the rear leg. If I had a pic, I would post it too, but I don't right now. So whadya think, Bolero or Rambler? I think Bolero sounds like a black horse name. I like Rambler too but it's kinda common. Your opinions please..........
  2. Corrective Shoeing Help!

    Thanks for the articles, even though like everything I have read, they contradict each other. I have been referred, by a horsewoman I respect very much, to a farrier who will work with the hoof, and am making an appointment with a vet many, many miles away from home who I trust a lot too. He saved my mare when every vet around had looked at her, said nothing was wrong, or nearly killed her. I am just going to hope for the best with what I've got.
  3. Corrective Shoeing Help!

    I have yet to "hear of it either," which is why I need some help, obviously what has been done is not working, I've got that much figured out. I want to do whatever it is that needs to be done! but What is that whatever? Finding a person to do that "proper trim?????" I know it can't be fixed, but it can be managed.
  4. Corrective Shoeing Help!

    I need to find a good farrier that does corrective shoeing in SE Oklahoma or North Texas. Anybody have a reccommendation? I have a colt with a club foot, not severe, but the lazy local that is "so good" won't waste his time on a cripple horse, who gets around just fine, as long as he has enough toe and heels trimmed down. He just recently cracked a large part of the little bit of toe he has, so I need somebody with a clue.
  5. What To Feed A Frequent Choker

    Sounds like this could be a long road ahead for us. Thanks for the advice on feeds. Having a horse with a problem is just expensive, I know from the one with TMJ. She has to have her teeth floated 2-3 times a year to eat at all. The first time Lefty choked, his teeth were fine. However, he has an appt. to get them floated after this one. I guess I will just have to figure him out. It is just scary that he could really damage himself before I can get it all just right. Maybe I will be lucky. He is completely off dry pellets now too. I am lucky that he doesn't freak out. I have heard that they will flip and fall/flop all around. He just stands hacking calmly until he is rescued. Guess that is a blessing in it all.
  6. How To Stand @ Halter

    Thanks That is good info and clarification.
  7. What To Feed A Frequent Choker

    I have been feeding off the ground in the black rubber pan since the last episode. He usually hates eating his food wet and mush, but I have been hiding his powder med in a spoon full of peanut butter and syrup all mushed in the rest, and he loves it. I just hope he will continue to eat well after the pb and pills are removed from his bowl. Will find out tonight. Thanks
  8. How To Stand @ Halter

    Ok. I know this question is easy, and has probably been asked and answered a thousand times, but I am going to ask anyway because I need to know. How do you stand when showing your horse at halter? When do you move away from and to the judge? Change sides of the horse? I am intending to go to my first halter class soon and really any advice will be helpful. How do you get the pivot without pushing your horse away?
  9. Blind In Right Eye - How Do You Train On That Side?

    I know this isn't going to help, but I am interested to see what others have to say. I have never experienced training on a horse that was blind in one eye, although I have been around several who became blind overtime with age. Hmmm??? Voice cues, lunge whip, but even that is going to be difficult. Doubt there is any easy answer. This is an interesting question that I will be thinking on. Good Luck!
  10. What To Feed A Frequent Choker

    Thanks for the ideas. We had supper successfully tonight. It was just a big pan of mush especially after I doctored the meds up. Just take it one meal at a time I guess and hope for the best doing what can be done. About pellets, my vet did say that if they were going to choke it is usually on just pellets. Even though it is rare at all. He didn't say why...... but?
  11. What To Feed A Frequent Choker

    I don't care what I have to feed him, sticking to his same feed is not going to happen.? I already have a mare with TMJ that I cook oats for everynight so she can chew her dinner.? I guess I might just have to get a bigger bowl.
  12. My Horse Broke His Withers Today...

    I am so sorry for you guys. Hang Tuff. I am the queen of strange injuries, until I saw this one. It's hard, but when it feels like the walls are closing in keep on keepin on! Prayers for speedy recovery.
  13. I have never had or heard of a horse that choked until now. A couple of months ago my coming three year old gelding Lefty choked on his same old regular 14% pellets. The same stuff he has been eating all his life. The vet had to come and flush him out, his lungs got infected. It was a big expensive ordeal. They told me to keep him on the same feed, just put a rock in the bottom of his bucket to keep him from sucking it down. I also shut him up, so he can eat alone, and doesn't have to worry about the others taking his feed, or him getting in a hurry to take theirs. All was fine, until he choked again last night. It wasn't as bad this time, the lodging was relieved before the vet arrived, and his lungs sounded good. But now I have to come up with a new feeding regimen, something that leaves him less prone to choke. Does anyone have a similiar situation? Feeding suggestions? He really won't hardly eat the pellets if you wet them into mash........ Tried that one already, it seemed the simpliest.
  14. Thanks, I will try these and look into that video. I am working on my end of the deal too, relaxing instead of tensing.
  15. I know I can't force him to overcome it and I won't push him too hard, but I was really hoping to take him on a 3 day trail ride in January, where there is a lot of rode riding. I feel he can handle it, especially being tucked in with a group of seasoned pros. It just depends on where he is between now and then. I have a few parades scheduled. That will be noisy and new, with lots of motorcycles. Got to see how he handles traveling around the wagons. I'm just gonna see how it goes. Just pray it doesn't go THAT BAD for either of us. I may just have to start working my older mare who has been off for a year being a mama. It's touch and go either way.