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  1. How Cool Is This?! Ride N Tie

    You have two people and one horse. At the start, one person rides and the other starts running. At a predetermined distance, the rider stops, dismounts, ties the horse to a natural barrier (tree, etc) and starts running. The person that started on the ground runs till he/she catches up to the horse, untied, and rides to his/her partner, switches, and the race goes like that the entire way. You must switch at least 6 times, and you must switch at vet checks. It's a ton of fun!
  2. How Cool Is This?! Ride N Tie

    Old topic I know.. But I just completed my second Ride and Tie! Fort Stanton in NM. It was a blast, although I thought the course was pretty tough this year (we followed the national championship endurance course, as its also at Fort Stanton this year.) We did 18 miles, and I also rode my friend's 20 year old endurance veteran Arab. This was her first ride and tie, and luckily she enjoyed it.
  3. 8 Month Old Arabian Colt

    Wonderful new photos!!! I love your horse :) I love greys!
  4. New Mare *more Pics Added*

    Beautiful horse! I was thinking Morgan/Arab cross too. Her body is distinctly Arabian in some of your shots, but her head and neck look more Morgan to me.
  5. Did-It-Myself 2-Day 50 Mile Ride

  6. Grand Adventure Into The Grand Canyon

    Gorgeous photos! Unbelievable scenery.
  7. Tuller Hill State Park Ride

  8. A Plethora Of Pictures And

    Wonderful photos!
  9. Riding

  10. Trail Riding At Night

    Thanks UtahTrailRider, more excellent pointers! Thanks Kitten-kat for the website and tips. I will definitely buy some reflector gear and chem lights, and forego the bike lamp.
  11. Trail Riding At Night

    @Ruffian-thanks but I won't ride naked :) @gaitedgirl-thanks! I hadn't thought of Chem lights or pepper spray, both excellent ideas. I was also considering rigging a bike lamp on the breast collar.
  12. Trail Riding At Night

    I'm considering doing trail/endurance riding 2X a week around 4am. Its about the only time I have to ride during the week (due to a little one at home and long work hours.) I'd like to be ready for a 25 mile Ride & Tie by mid-July. The one thing that really concerns me is the trails are only on the sides of roads. There's usually a 50-75' grass section with two track alongside the main paved road, and I can also turn down dirt roads which have either open space or 15' edge with a fence. 4am will still be dark. Traffic is minimal at that hour, but picks up by If I don't ride early morning or late at night, I will not be able to get ready for any limited distance rides, so I'd like to do this, but be as safe as possible. What do you do to stay safe in the dark, and/or do you have alternate suggestions?
  13. Introduce Myself

    Welcome!! Love the photos!
  14. American Endurance Ride Convention

    Wow, I wish that was MY backyard!! Beautiful!
  15. Come Meet Clyde!

    Beautiful horse!! Looks sweet, calm and fun to ride!