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  1. Last Minute Wedding To-Dos

    We were not able to take our leftover food either, and it was quite a bit. We have steak and stuffed chicken breasts. We got back to our room around midnight and were starving! We ended up hunting down a 24 hour diner type place and grabbing some burgers. Make up a list of the photos you want a head of time. I didn't manage to get a single picture of my mom and I or sister and I together at my wedding. It is my biggest regret.
  2. Last Minute Wedding To-Dos

    I got married about 3 weeks ago. My best suggestion is to slow down and enjoy each moment because the entire day will be over before you know it. Some other things we did that was helpful: Box all items used in ceremony and reception. Attach a list to the outside of the box and write everything down that goes in that box. That way you can scan them and know what you have. Stain remover for your dress Comfortable shoes for after the ceremony if you are wearing heels If you have oily skin, some oil blotting wipes so the photos turn out better Lipstick/gloss touch up for during the reception
  3. Paying Rent....

    I think you definitely should expect your adult child to contribute to the household. Both financially and domestically. Lest you stunt their adult growth experience. I would never willingly move back home and I have a great mom and stepdad. I value my independence too much. Could she drop the part time job and just keep her full time and then start school full time? Going only p/t is going to take forever to finish a degree. She'll be at home until she's 35 lol! It is very doable to work full time and go to school full time.
  4. I understand getting frustrated by tailgaters but I highly doubt you were the model of safe driving having a road rage screaming match with a fellow car driving next to you lol. I don't engage in road rage. Too many people in my city get shot and killed that way. It just isn't worth it. Zazzle or CafePress are great for buying or making your own merchandise. Vistaprint too.
  5. Getting Married Chit Chat

    I am getting married on July 27th. It is right around the corner! We are mostly done, just trying to get all of the last minute details finished. I am wearing my engagement ring through the ceremony. My fiancé will then place my wedding band on my finger during the ceremony.
  6. Best Prom Picture - Ever!

    Those are awesome lol! Only a genuine animal lover doesn't mind snuggling up to a big ol'horse while dressed to the 9's.
  7. There is. It's called Codependents Anonymous. To the OP: I am a "fixer" as well. Sometimes it takes a rough start before you can start looking at yourself. You have a good head on your shoulders. I am sorry for this painful time in your life but I think you will come out a better, stronger, and happier person for it.
  8. What Time Do You Get Up.

    I think it is kind of misinformed to assume night owls are less productive than early birds. That is the equivalent of me saying you're wasting your night by sleeping because you go to bed so early. That wouldn't make sense to you because you wake up early and handle your responsibilities in the morning hours, right? It's the same for someone on a later sleeping schedule. I adore sleeping in. If left to my natural body sleep cycle I would go to bed around 3-4 AM and sleep until 11 AM-noon. Unfortunately, I am unable to do that because of my work and school schedule. So I try to get to bed by 11 PM because I have to get up at 6 AM. That, however, can be really hard to do because my body is naturally awake and ready to go at those hours. I often don't get to bed until midnight or 1 AM. Which makes for a very early day when it starts at 6 AM. I also think it is pretty presumptuous to assume someone is wasting their day if they are not up and going every single day. Assuming they aren't struggling with any major mental defects that are impairing their social function, than they are free to divvy up their days as they see fit. Just as you are. My greatest joy in life is down time. I require a lot of it. That's just how I am wired. My bills are still paid, my house is still clean, my groceries bought, my meals cooked, dog fed, etc. My life is very organized and pretty routinely run but it's just a household. It's not the primary focus of my life. Which means sometimes dishes sit in the sink overnight. Or sometimes the clothes sit in a laundry basket for a day or two before getting put away. If I am out living my life, that's fine with me. The dishes will always wait and the clothes will still always be there lol!
  9. The Elephant On The Forum...

    Sayge, you look good on your horse. You make a great well matched pair.
  10. The Elephant On The Forum...

    I think first you need to define what is big. I feel the average 15 hh 1,000-1,100 lb horse is capable of carrying the average 200-250 lb person. I don't even really consider those to be "big" riders unless they are on a smaller than average horse/pony. Or one with a fine build. When I think of a big rider, none of those aforementioned body's come into my mind. A big rider, in my opinion, is one between 275-400 lbs. Especially folks in the 300-400 lb range. Those are big riders to me. In fact, I am in that group and don't ride. I haven't ridden in about 10 years because of my weight. Something else to consider is the rider's fitness. 300 lbs on someone who is 6'4" is not going to have the same physical ability as 300 lbs on someone who is 5'6". The shorter individual is going to have more body fat and naturally a less conditioned body mass. That conditioning really does make a difference in the ability to ride. A less conditioned rider can still be a good rider, but the simple facts of their body conditioning dictate real limitations in their physical ability to maneuver their bodies, hold certain positions, and have overall flexibility and agility. If I were to make blanket statements, I would say that most people are too heavy to ride the average horse after 250 lbs. Give or take a bit. I would say that for people 250-300 lbs they could get away with a draft cross or exceptionally stocky stock horse if they are paying particular attention to the build and body dynamics. For the folks in the 300-400 category a draft is most certainly a must for any kind of riding. The 400-450 range is case by case and I would say anything over 450 lbs should try their hand at carting or in hand showing. A 1,000 lb horse CAN carry a lot of weight. Way back when I was a kid, I had a 14.3 HH 950 lb Arab/QH. My Dad was 250-260 lbs and in good physical shape but had a small belly. He used to ride my horse around. The horse would carry him where ever but getting on him my Dad pulled him over more than once. In hindsight the horse displayed a lot of signs of discomfort that I was too young and inexperienced to pick up on and my Dad was too ignorant to care. Who knows what would have happened long term. Something else to think about is when your horse is taxed with more weight they are not as able to recover from a stumble, unbalanced trail ride, poor footing, etc. It increases the chances of you and horse having a wreck. I kind of liken it to a truck and trailer. We all know a small suv or truck CAN pull a trailer. The problem isn't necessarily going forward. It's stopping. A small suv/truck does not have the muscle to keep the trailer from pushing it around. An overloaded horse doesn't have the muscle to keep the rider from pushing it around either. A horse can carry a lot more than it should carry. That doesn't mean we should overload it just because it keeps going forward.
  11. Epona Need Major Jingles!

    Oh Epona, I am so so sorry. My thoughts are with you.
  12. My Daughter Isn't Interested In Learning To Drive

    She's probably not interested in driving because she's perfectly comfortable and content with status quo. It sounds like she has no reason not to be, as things sound very cushy for her. I mean this gently, but your daughter sounds like she has a big case of entitlement. You would really buy her an entirely new car because she'll have to push the seat up on your small pick up? She has no idea how easy she has it! I would be concerned about how she is going to accept reality in 2-3 years when she moves out on her own. It doesn't sound like she understands money and how it works. Or at least a realistic look at how it works. She's not going to be able to afford a cute nice car without a job. She won't even be able to afford it if she's actually working. Not unless you are paying all of her living expenses. I don't think this has anything to do with her height. I think it has everything to do with the fact that it would require effort to learn to drive and she is content with letting you do it all. Also, stay away from Neons. Especially those with older ones with higher miles. They are awful throw away cars and are money pits. Stick with something like an older Honda, Toyota, etc.
  13. Meth Users

    I appreciate that you and SO are trying to be helpful and considerate but I strongly urge you NOT to allow these people into your home. You are asking for a lot of trouble, including but not limited to being the victims of robbery/theft, drama, and potential violence. Offer to drive him to rehab. If he says no? Walk away. I say this as someone who really likes you, but I think you're nuts for even considering this!
  14. Update On My Depression. New Chapter For Us. Left Mn

    He sounds like he is feeling really insecure and uncertain. Try to be patient.
  15. Update On My Depression. New Chapter For Us. Left Mn

    I'm happy to help!