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  1. Hi everybody!!

    Sorry it has taken so long to get back to here! This is a very busy weekend. We have the Hidden Hollow Horse Trials going on in Fulton, IL, they are a sanctioned equestrian event. Yesterday it rained and everyone had to be pulled in with a tractor. Today is Dressage, and then tomorrow they will do X-country and Stadium jumping. Prancer has her own attitude and somedays she goes willing with the training and other days its like playing with an alligator. She can be real spooky, other times she's fine, but I sacked her out some when she was little. Talk to you all soon!!
  2. Hi everybody!!

    Picture #14 is Lady the 7 Y.O. and #2 is Prancer the brat!!
  3. Hi everybody!!

    I am training her to saddle at the moment, and she is doing pretty good. I barrel raced years ago on a snow cap appy. Love those appy's!!! http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k17/techjohn1/MVC-014S.jpg http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k17/techjohn1/MVC-002S.jpg These should take you to my girls.
  4. Hi everybody!!

    Thanks necey!! I ride western, but my daughter rides both. I am going to try to put the girls pictures up. These are from February so they are still quite wooly.
  5. Hi everybody!!

    Hey!! Yes I have two beautiful Quarter Horse "girls", a 2 year old that is as naughty as the day is long, and her 7 year old mom.
  6. Hi everybody!!

    I am new to Horsecity, and looking to meet new people!!