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  1. Good Barns with Lesson Horses Calgary Area

    Thanks everyone, ridergirl - Are you sure that Grande Point isn't Grande Point anymore, their website looks like it's been updated recently, and one of the horses they have for sale was put up on other classified sites not to long ago. I am planning on making some phone calls tomorrow and sending out a little email. Thanks again.
  2. Hello from Calgary, Alberta

    Thanks, you guys are fast. onesweetfrog - I am in the south west and don't really have a specific discipline (dressage based I suppose but also enjoy jumping etc.) I would really appreciate the link, that would be awesome.
  3. I need help finding good school horse lessons in Calgary. Thanks. I would prefer a barn in the south over one in the north but would be willing to travel for the right place. School horses are a must as I do not own. I am looking for a place where they emphasize the care of the horses (ex. not being ridden too much each day, properly fitting saddles, health care etc) and learning to ride correctly (ex. position matters, not just being a passenger) Does anyone know anything about these following places, please message me if the comments are negative or if you do not want to share on the public board (for whatever reason). Found these places using good old Google and the yellow pages Couldn't find websites for these places Paramount Equestrian Centre Cara Stables Glenhaven Stables Greenbriar JMS Equestrian Centre Thanks
  4. Hello from Calgary, Alberta

    Hello everyone, Introduction time. I'm 18 years old and from Calgary Alberta, started riding about three years ago but had to stop about a year ago. I have been off riding for a while because of time and money issues but am now looking to get back into it, and am looking for a new place to take lessons. If anyone knows of any good barns with lesson horses in the Calgary area please let me know! Thanks.