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  1. Trivia

    Sorry it took so long to respond. I was taught 28 ft. So you got. Your turn Luther
  2. Okay Please Tell Me!how Do I Get Rid Of A Skunk?

    After you get it out form under the house put moth balls out.
  3. Trivia

    I tried to spell it. the sad thing is I wrote a report on Man O War and should have spelled it right. LoL. How many feet was Man O War's stride?
  4. Trivia

    Herbert Hasletine (SP?) and it was originally over his grave at Fareway Farms I believe.
  5. Anyone In College?

    I feel so bad for yall. I guess I got lucky being able to live at home with my horses. I would be lost with out them. If I had not got accepted into the college I am attending I had boarding barns in line for my horses.
  6. Photo

    OO never mind. It looked alot like a place Close to the Trinity Valley College in Texas. Silly Me...
  7. Trivia

    I really thought someone would have it guessed by now...
  8. Photo

    I have a question for you Saudi. Where were these pictures taken?
  9. Videos From The Last Rodeo

    Wow.... I love the way your horse runs poles... Very smooth and crisp... Beautiful horse...
  10. Really Bored...

    I know not many people have ever heard from me but I am really bored and just want to talk about how good both of my horses are coming along. Twister has officially been weaned. She is taking it alot better than originally thought. The sad part is the fact that her mother, who has never thrown a fit over a weaned foal, is acting like her world has fallen apart. My uncle who owns the mare thinks it is because Twister was kept on her for so long. Who knows. I am really excited because Twister went through this thing where she did not want to be around humans after our mule ran her through a fence and now she is running to the fence when I go to feed her and she is getting better about letting me pet her. After a few more weeks we are going to halter her and begin to teach her to give to pressure, tie, pick up feet, etc. On another note... My fiance and I recently started one of my uncle's beautiful fillies this weekend. I have worked with her before on all of the basics such as lead manners and lounging. Well Saturday, I lounged her for about 15-20 minutes to remind her of what to do since it has been about a month or so and she was perfect. My fiance began to work with like picking up her feet and opening her mouth when asked. After a while of that and just letting her lick at the bit, she took the bit and just let it sit in her mouth. It was so awesome. She is such a sweet horse and after we get her to where we can ride her, I am going to ride her for about a year and just work on neck reining, stops, back, and basic undersaddle behavior. Hopefully, when she gets ready, I am going to start working with her on roping. I really need a new roping horse since both of mine have developed arthritis. I am so excited because she is the perfect size and has the perfect disposition to be a great horse.
  11. Trivia

    I so know but want to give others a chance. :)
  12. Trivia

    Correct, Your turn Luther.
  13. Trivia

    Hmmm. Let me think.. Who is the sire of Barlink Gold Rush?
  14. Trivia

    Assault and 1946
  15. Trivia

    I went back and changed that. LoL. I guess I did not save. Your turn.