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  1. Pro. Pcitures from our show this weekend!

    wow thats great! congrats! what a beautiful horse! you just need to release more and bring your but over seat of the saddle and not so much the front of it, but thats it! you look great! what a show! sounds like you had alot of fun!
  2. pics from our first xc schooling & show :]

    you look awsome! and your horse is gorgeous!!! i would only say on the second pic, you need to release a bit more, your tugging him in the mouth. but other than that, it great! glad you had fun!
  3. Hey!!!

    hey! well i thought i would introduce myself. I have 6 horses, Moon (my main horse), lady my western mare, chuck and willy (they are 1/2 brothers and 1/2 cousins and where born on the same night, they have the same father and their mothers are sisters), Isaac (my x show horse), and Skamper (32 y.o. mare, my mom's horse when she was in 7th grade!) I live in Texas, and am planing on starting to show hunters and equitation soon on Moon! ok well see ya around the boards!