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  1. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Hey, I'm sure I can express post one over to you'all ;) So long as LEVI is mobile, he should be ok. We usually put them in with a gelding for company to help keep them walking.
  2. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Puppies!!!! And a few close ups.
  3. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Hmmmmm, it HAS been quiet in here. Not much going on. Phil has a team penning event on tomorrow, so I will take my Camera!!! Did I mention we have puppies!!!!! It has been 14 months since our last litter. Not long enough if you ask me. Anyway she has had 9 again......sigh.
  4. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Lopen, boy does your boy have some Assets. He looks nice. Ours lose their forelocks during Winter out in the paddocks. They get an itch that they keep rubbing their heads on. You could always try what we humans do. Trim it a little every now and then, it may entice the growth.
  5. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Hey Guys, I think LEVI is a grey. Just because he has a grey parent however, does not mean he will definately go grey...only if the parent passed on that gene. It could be ticking from the Sabino gene, but it was ticking he would need to have other Sabino traits like a pink bottom lip.........blah, brain freeze. Banditt, he has improved immensely over the last several months in your care. Oh and tell dad that I said that if his horse is something he REALLY wants to do...for himself... then tell him not to let life take over, MAKE the time. It will help to destress him and to find a little solitude. I went on a Warehouse Shopping Tour on Saturday and spent FAR TOO MUCH, but had a ball. Left home at 7am and got home at 7.30pm. Yesterday I took Phillip to a Funkana. They had 9 events. First was presentation, he got 2nd. (7 in his class in all events) This is so funny as his father was giving him a mouth full as we were loading him up the float about not clipping his mane and his hairy legs and cheeks etc (end of winter here) so I had great pleasure in telling him he got second ... lol. Next was the Obstacle course, Phil didn't make Creek go over the bridge, so they got nothing in that. Then there was the Barrel Race, Phil got First!!!! They then did the bareback barrel race and he got third. Followed by the Stock Horse Race and he got First again!!!! So then they had a lunch break and they were awarded their ribbons. 4 out of 5 aint bad. After Lunch they did Western Trail. This time Creek went over the Bridge, but he had trouble backing straight. Still he got third Then off to the fun races. First was the Sack race. Phil was at a definate dissadvantage here with size 13 boots. (The largest you can buy off the shelf before you have to get them made specially) Needless to say, laying flat on your back in the middle of the race does not get you a ribbon. They then did Lead and Trot. He came Second, which is AMAZING as he wa muscling the horse up during the lead the whole time. Creek doesn't lead very well, he's too casual. Finally it was the Apple Bob Race and he came Second. So all up, 7 ribbons from 9 events!!!!!!
  6. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    That's because it was taken at 9pm at night in an open arena I do have footage during the daylight hours, but I wanted to show you how well he and Creek are doing together. The first time he rode with the girls was the same day he tore his thigh muscle. He had been telling me it was sore and I was giving him no he showed me how tight his jeans were on his leg compared to the other. [shocked] His haematoma was 18.8cms long
  7. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Hey Guys, Now I can type :) Yes, they had better leave our school alone or it is all out war!!! lol Georgie has been introduced to this school over the years and she is so excited about going in February. It won't be fair to send her to a school where she will know NO ONE. At the moment, she knows EVERYONE!!! Phil's leg has healed up well. He played his first football game the other night and we won. We are now into the Prelim Final. If we win this one, it is on to the GRAND FINAL. He is also doing well in his Team Penning. He entered a buckle series with 2 girls from school. The first night, they got a top 10 time out of 117 teams. They didn't do any good in the final, but hey, the first time they had ever ridden together!!! Once again, on the second night, they got a top 10 time out of 73 teams......and once again, didn't do any good in the final, but I have to say the cattle were TOUGH. The above is a link to the video i took. Please bare with it as you will see him when it counts. He is the one that flys in on the bald faced gelding. He puts to use some of the training that we have been doing. He doesn't cut the cattle out, one of the girls always seems to be the one that does that, but he is happy being a shepherd and keeping the cut out ones up the back.
  8. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    just a quick howdy. I am on the phone at footy practice. They are looking at our school due to low numbers. If they close it my kids r looking at a 1 hr bus ride to a city school or it costing me 20 a day to drive them to the nearest country school. I will tqy to catch up properly tomorrow. Oh and the earliest we wean is 5 months but normally 9 months or older is preferred. We find the longer they are left on their mothers the bigger and stronger they are. I do not buy into there being no benefit after 5 months in the milk.
  9. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    So what has been happening the last 2 months? It has been full on here. Recently I have Phillip with a torn thigh muscle and his football finals are around the corner. Going back a little, I had to pike out on my cousin's FORMAL wedding...I am not popular, but it was with good reason. Phillips foal (7 months) got kicked in the head and he suffered a fractured skull and severe concussion. He didn't drink for 2 days and didn't try to eat for 4. Then he didn't eat properly for 10 days and he started to fall apart, but after a lot of perserverance, he seems to be making at least a 95% recovery. It is still to be seen if he has his balance properly. Our school is under review for closure......yet again. I have been speaking to reporters etc and I was front page of the Beaudesert Times on a Thursday and then on the following Monday, I was greeted with Channel 7 news waiting to speak to parents. Here I am, rocking up in the daggiest of clothes, my son's thongs, my hair all a mess and they do an interview. I asked them where hair and makeup was...they said, you're fine..... Yep, I was on the news that night. Then they wanted me to do another newspaper photo and I declined, I allowed my children to be in it though. Ummmm, what else? Oh...TODAY is Georgina's 5th Birthday!!!!! We got her a Dora the Explorer Bed and Toy Box. We are going to make the cake today while the boys are at school. Almost forgot, Eric made it to District sports. He competed in the 800 mtr and 200mtr on Tuesday and he goes off again on Friday for the 100mtr, relays and long jump. :) Oh and hopefully Missy will go to her new home this weekend. It is not a given but they are rocking up with the $$$$'s and are coming from Bundaberg. Only over 450kms away...or around a 6 hr drive depending on traffic. So they must be keen. There is so much more, but right now, it's all a blank. How is everyone else doing? Anything major happen in the last 2 months?
  10. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

  11. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Thanks for that. Never thought Protein is a mineral though. It would be the same as carbohydrates and fats. Minerals would be salt, calcium, Iron, Folate, Magnesium etc. I grabbed our multivitamin and mineral tablets out of the cupboard to have a look, and I cant' see diddly squat!!! Literally!!! Now where did I put those glasses of mine? lol I think I need to take some more of these tablets
  12. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Protein isn't a mineral it?? They sure do look like they are loving it. We make our own mineral blocks and salt licks. The horses LURV them.
  13. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Yeah, but we live right below the Tropic of Capricorn do you live near your Tropic of Cancer? Australia wouldn't get as cold as your Northern states because we are not near the bottom of the earth as a lot of people think......but you guys are near the top :tongue9: It's definatley cold enough and hot enough, depending on the time of the year. I guess you guys will just have to move DOWN UNDER!!! There is plenty of space, our total population is around 19 million....I was told you guys have that many in New York City alone.
  14. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Here it can get real cold -4 degrees Celcius or around 25 degrees Fahrenheit. In Summer we can easily get up to over 40 degrees Celcius or around 104 Fahrenheit. 2 Summers ago, we got a new record at 45 degrees Celcius or around 113 Fahrenheit. But then we are only half way down the coast of Australia, it get colder further down. As for snow, it does snow at Stanthorpe on occassion and it is only 1.5 hours from here, but most people go over the border to NSW or VIC to get the good skiing in. Yeah, but wet AND cold isn't a lot of fun. We are having funny weather atm. We have had 2 stints of only 2 degree mornings (35 Fahrenheit) that lasted around a week or two at a time...and that was in Autumn. Here we are in Winter and the mornings are around 8 degrees atm (46 Fahrenheit), but it is wet. In November last year, it flooded that much that my son couldn't go to highschool and the community where the school was became an island. The same thing happened here only 3 weeks ago. Honestly, we don't NEED anymore rain now, the ground is soaked and simply can't take any more. The entire area of South East Queensland has been in drought for that long that we are on LEVEL 5 restrictions. NO watering the grass, NO watering the garden, NO washing the car, NO washing your horse or dog, NO longer than 4 mins in the shower, NO excess flushing of the toilet.....even the community of Toowoomba were looking at recycled water, oh and NO new bores. They brought in $$$$ incentives for people to put water tanks BACK on their houses. Back in the 60's and 70's, everyone had tanks, and then they all got pulled down due to health reasons and the luxury of having town water attached to their houses. Now the dams are over 70% capacity. Not bad considering that before November, I think they were down to around 35%.
  15. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Here is a link to a mag we have her.....Horse Deals. On that page you will see 3 of Leannes 5 stallions. You will see NIGHTS OF GOLD, AHREM TIME OUT (all grown up now) and DAYS OF GOLD.