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  1. Stampede Strings?

    One thing less to worry about when entering a race I definatly use them after all even if you think your hat will stay on no matter what there is always the chance it will fall off and cost you .
  2. Apex Of Frog Tender

    HI thanks for posting he is much better still a little tender but was running around the pasture on thursday like nothing was wrong I think he may have stepped on a rock no abcess I do believe in antibiotics for abcesses especially if nothing else works right now I am using betadine just to toughen up his sole and frog once every other day. I turn the horses out at night we have had so much rain the bugs are just horriable during the day no fly spray works have a great day Jode
  3. Apex Of Frog Tender

    My colt was very lame last night I called the farrier to come today I packed the colts foot after I cleaned it out and packed it with black save and soaked it wraped it too he was better this moring but still off. Blacksmith came and cut away at the apex of the frog no sign of abcess just he was very sore on it he recommended I use iodine and than wrap the foot to protect it from more injury we have had lots of rain here this year but the field is dry where he and the gelding are turned out together he thinks he may have stepped on something making him sore .. Any other ideas he was kept in last night and will be today I try to put them out at night to avoid the really bad bugs I clean out his feet daily. If he continues to be sore I will call the vet and have her look at him he has never foundered or had navicular problems I have had him for 4 years he is 5 now thanks for all your help ..
  4. Bought My First Aqha

    WOW he is so pretty what a beautiful head good luck with him look foward to seeing pictures of you showing him.
  5. Do You Know This Horse?

    Check with the place you got him from they may have info on who brought him in that is the first place i would start. Good Luck in your search
  6. My First Registered Qh

    Shes a pretty filly. Have you ridden her yet?
  7. Shavin' The Fat Off Our Times!

    I got Zumba dance dvd in october and have lost 10 lbs dancing its a whole pant size YEA!!!!! its great i also added fish to my diet and brown rice. No beef at all just chicken, pork and fish its working the winter is almost here and its to cold to go out for walks so I needed something to do inside you really work but its fun even have my daughter doing it with me now. She also signed us both up for kick boxing she does it 2x a week i am doing it 1x have to much else to do taking care of the horses and critters. Need to get the strength back in my legs and lower back for riding next year have spent almost 7 years with illness so need to get back the strength I once had I am 53 years young and weight in now at 158
  8. Awsome buckle Congrads and good luck.
  9. Sellers Beware

    ok you think at least if they are going to try to scam you that could speak and spell better LOL I found if you say in your ads CASH ONLY it keeps most of the scammers away, I also say if your really interested come with money in hand show me you have it before I saddle up this horse so I don't spend all day giving free rides to everyones kids. It hs really saved me alot of time and trouble. I would spend days with buyers bringing 3 or 4 kids to ride the horsey with no intention on buying.
  10. Horse Breaks Out Of Pasture

    Thanks Wild Rose I can't believe he does it lets put it this way if I didn't see him do it I would have thought a deer or bear pulled it down he acted like a bull dozer.. I fixed it for now but will definatly have to come up with a better solution. Electric fencing is probably going to be it. He is in the electric fencing now and won't go near it Have a great day
  11. I'm Down To One Barrel Horse Now

    Bumper I know you have lots of experience with horses I had a horse with navicular and did natural balance hoof trimming and shoeing. I started using it my self and it seems to work really good after a year my mare is completely sound and the x rays revealed the navicular bone was filling in where the hole were. If you want pm me and I will give you the name of the videos. I pray you find help for your horse
  12. Done For The Season....

    you will come back stronger than ever because of the decisions you have made .It gives you time to get set up for next years competitions and maby get a trailer Good Luck and have Faith. You did the right thing by letting you horse heal and not being selfish to make him compete..
  13. Bumper's Mare Tess

    I am so sorry Bumper
  14. Possible Saddle!

    Just make use the have a good return policy especially if you get it home and it doesn't fit for some reason make sure you know how long you can use it brfore you close the deal and have them write it on the reciept. A friend of mine just purchased a saddle from a tack store and sure enough it didn't fit her horse the tack shop told her they would take it back but would charge her 50.00 for using it she only had it 3 days two of which it rained so she never took it out of the trunk of her car. After a week of trying to negociate with them she gave up and resold it herself.
  15. I have a 4 year old qh gelding my frncing is corral pannels on the road and page wire or cattle fencing the no climb style along the woods. He is kept with an older gelding and my pasture is 4 acres and another section is 2 acres I also have a 10 acre section on the other side of the road with all electric fencing. Yesterday i heard a big crash and I went out to see what was gong on here he was standing at the barn lokking at me . I cought him and put him back out deciding quickly to walk the fence line, sure enough a section had come down I proceeded to fis it when he walked up to the next section and threw his chest against the fence trying to take it down he realised he could not and walked away. He has escaped once before about 2 months ago and a tree had taken down the fence he walked over the top of it now that I know he is doing it how could I stop him other than electrifying the back side of the pasture where ther is no electric and not much sun for a solar power fencer. In the mean time i will put him in the 10 acre field with the electric fence he won't touch that or my arena which is corral pannels , I did have a mare a few years ago she would crawl under the page wire fencing like a goat on her knees we fixed that with cinder blocks tied to the bottom, but this one has me stumped any suggestions would be helpfull so I can make a good decision and keep him in . He has lots of pasture and great grass and a companion. thanks a bunch everyone