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  1. Posting Trot Pains

    Well, I took another video today, and I just looked at's pretty much the same thing, haha. I FEEL like it was a better ride, but it doesn't look better. Maybe I will hop on swift's mare to see if I ride like this all the time, or just on my horse. I'll keep y'all updated My knee(s) didn't hurt today. Or yesterday. It only hurts if I post for a long time or for several rides in a row. But recording myself is definitely a great way to see what I need to work on! I was taught to use my inner thighs/core to post, but I was never great at it. I try to not use my calves at all. I need those loose and free so I can signal the horse properly. I try to use the motion of the horse + my thighs to post. I haven't quite gotten the whole "using the core" thing. I'm weak and not that good at it at all. And I literally can't afford lessons or any training at all. So until that happens, the best thing I can do is practice and video my rides Thanks, everyone for your input!! I do really appreciate it!
  2. Posting Trot Pains

    Thank you so much for posting that video, Leah!!! I just watched it. I noticed a lot of things that need some work, but hey! That's what videos are good for. I appear to be slouching with my shoulders and leaning a little forward the whole time. My leg doesn't appear to be properly underneath of me, and that could definitely cause some of my problems. My shoulder-hip-heel line is off, like Mars said. Way off, haha. My stirrups DID seem a little short, too!! Which is surprising. I've tried lengthening them a hole, and it's too long. I can't have my heel down and feel the stirrup at the same time. I hate to make excuses, but that was not a super great ride anway. Definitely not the best we can do. Regardless, I still need to work on all of those things. I'm going to go out today, and try to get my boyfriend to record a few minutes. I'll try lengthening the stirrups to see what that does. A good rider is a good rider, no matter what the circumstances. Swift, it's my right leg that I have a problem throwing forward. I think it's gotten a little better, but I still have to work to keep it in place, haha. I'd like to ride in a different saddle too. I think I'll be able to afford one around July or so. Also, thanks for posting that bit about what your instructor says! I'll try to keep it in mind. I can't wait to take some lessons from her soon
  3. Posting Trot Pains

    Wow!!! So many replies so quickly!!! I'll try to hit everyone's points, but if I miss one or two, I'm sorry. I have a barrel saddle and my horse does have a very 'bouncy' trot, so I almost always post his trot. I'm planning on "going English" soon, so I'm trying really hard to work on my riding skills before I switch over. I think y'all are right; I am most certainly gripping with my knees. However, it was VERY refreshing to hear from CoolRabbit, that that is normal?? Or better than pushing off the stirrups. Trust me! I have TRIED NOT gripping with my knees and sinking into my heel and using my inner thighs, etc. If I'm not gripping with my knees, I have to push off of the stirrups. I see that Mars doesn't have a problem. It could still be me. I've only ridden Western all my life with a handful of dressage lessons a couple of years ago. I'm going to keep practicing using my body properly, cuz after a few days, those bruises start to hurt a good deal!! Also, Mars, I will try to get a video up of my next ride nick, I have never tried support hose...what are those? Andi, I'm so glad I'm not alone, here Hoofs, I'm 100% sure it isn't my boots (my boots don't go that high), but I HAVE had that happen before when I didn't wear long enough socks Ridin, it is traditional for English riders to post and Western riders to sit. However, I'm not showing. I'm also kind of working on my English skills for when I finally buy an English saddle. So I'm kind of mixing it up. As long as you're not causing harm to the horse, I think it's ok ride however is comfortable to you and the horse Cool idea, dondie!! I might have to check those out... Any other ideas? I'll try to get a video up by this weekend. It's been wet and rainy allllll week
  4. Posting Trot Pains

    Hey there, I wasn't sure where else to go, but I have a question for you guys. I've noticed over the years that when I post the trot for a long period of time or for several days in a row on different rides, I end up bruising one or both of the insides of my knees. I have several theories, but I was just wondering if I was the only one out there with this problem!! Possible reasons: I ride in a Western saddle I grip too hard with my knees I wear jeans with a thick inseam Not sure what else it could be??? I assume if I'm bruising myself I must be doing SOMETHING wrong. What's your opinion?? Thanks! P.S. This doesn't happen at the walk or canter OR when I sit the trot.
  5. Are We Becoming Too Sensitive?

    I agree with you. I think pulling songs like that is silly. It's not like she wrote the song FOR the shooting or even AFTER the shooting. It was written weeks/months before that. And the song has nothing to do with the tragedy. She's talking about partying and enjoying life while you can; not about people ACTUALLY dying or being shot. On the other hand, I can understad if "Pumped up Kicks" is removed for a little while, as that one is directly related to shooting kids. It says so right in the lyrics. I don't think it should be banned, but maybe just taken down for 6 months-a year.
  6. Severely Laminitic Pony Grazing Freely

    Very good idea, spacytracy!!! I guess I just assumed it would get me no where. When I mentioned that he was down and in extreme pain, she didn't even seem worried. Just kind of shrugged it off and said he was getting Bute for it But something might change....I'm in the process of possibly working out a deal to lease a barn and property...if it goes through for the magic price I want, I'm going to ask to take the pony. She's offered him to me before, but I knew I couldn't afford him. If I had my own place, I wouldn't have to worry about board for him (which was the real money issue). The place I'm looking at even has a small paddock for me to put him in. I could let him (or another horse) eat it down, and then that could be his own dry lot Of course, this is only in a perfect world, if I can work this deal out...we'll see.
  7. What Size Saddle

    Mars, I learned that from the saddle fitter. I'll definitely do that with the next saddle I find. Daddy's, I have enough junk in my house. I'm not a super crafty person, lol. It is a good idea, which is why I thought about selling with full disclosure, maybe someone out there is looking for wall art, I don't know. There is someone out here that has a saddle over their mail box.
  8. What Size Saddle

    Yeah, I think I will. I just don't really trust other people. Even with full disclosure, I bet there are many people who would ride in it anyway. Well, I didn't know how to check for a broked tree or "bad" tree. Now I'm still not even sure if I do...I only watched him do it. So now I'm paranoid. That was my thought, too. If I'm buying from a very reputable store with the best selection in saddles, I would HOPE that they would check their consignment saddles before putting them up for sale. On one hand, I feel like I shouldn't get anything, I bought it "as is", but on the other hand, I feel like I didn't get what I paid for, a good riding saddle. So it's iffy. I dunno. I guess we'll see what the store can/can't do for me.
  9. Severely Laminitic Pony Grazing Freely

    Exactly!!! They'll put him in the small area ONLY if he can barely move. Mz, he is young, if I remember correctly. I think around 8 years old??? He is kinda shaggy, but not crazy. Yeah, it just sucks I was just curious what others thought. Thanks, guys!!
  10. Severely Laminitic Pony Grazing Freely

    I should add that two weeks ago, I found the pony down in his stall. I've never seen a horse in that much pain before. I finally managed to get him up and I saw it was his front left leg. He was putting maybe one pound of weight on it, it was that bad. I called the barn/pony owner and let her know. She basically (paraphrased) said "Oh, I know. He was turned out for the past two days, so he's a little ouchy right now. We've been giving him some bute. Just keep him in the paddock today" I was shocked. As soon as I walked away, he was down again. I called my friend and asked her opinion. She thinks I should call the vet to see if I can call animal control. I think it's useless because he has food, water, and shelter. So I don't think they can/will do anything about it.
  11. I clean stalls at a small, private farm. There are 4 horses there. All the horses are in pretty good shape and well cared-for. The one that concerns me is a small, obese pony. He is very laminitic and is limping/in pain literally every single day. His hooves are in pretty bad shape. He is being fed hoof supplements and only given one flake of hay when he is stalled. The facility is very well-maintained. Fresh, clean water, high quality feed (he only gets a handful), plentiful clean shavings and a good-sized stall. Everything is great! He's even groomed and pampered from time to time. A farrier sees him regularly, but it's obvious he/she isn't that great because I haven't seen an improvement in the pony in two years. Anyway! On to my question. Everything is great, except for ONE thing...the barn owner and owner of the pony allows the pony to be turned out with the other horses every day. It's a big, healthy green pasture, even in the winter time. He has no muzzle because he slips out of them. This just makes absolutely NO sense to me. WHY would you put an OBESE LAMINITIC pony out into a large green pasture EVERY DAY??!?!?!?! What makes it even worse, is that they have a small, mostly dirt paddock that he COULD be turned out in. But they don't. Every now and then he's in there, I guess cuz he's SUPER ouchy, but most of the time, he's out in the big pasture. I don't know what to do. Should I call animal control? The vet? I obviously don't want to lose my job. But I also don't want to watch this pony slowly die. What do you all think? The owners are elderly, but knowledgeable. They know grass isn't good for him, but they do it anyway??? I don't get it.
  12. What Size Saddle

    Oh, he also recommended that I get a Chiropractor to work on Tucker a couple of times. I also need to keep the saddle up farther than I usually do. However, after riding, it slides back, so now I need to ride with a breastcollar. Luckily, I have one. Just no straps for it, so I'm using twine to tie it in place. I'm thinking for Christmas I'll buy Tucker a nice leather breastcollar :) Also, if the store can't do anything for me, I guess I'll have to throw the saddle away or sell it with full disclosure. I was thinking maybe $100???? And super emphasize that it SHOULD NOT be ridden in??? I'm just worried that a buyer might buy it and ride in it even though it has a bad tree. So I'm iffy about that. The saddle fitter did say that it could be used to lead a "two-year-old" around in. I guess pony rides? Cuz kids are so light, it won't be a problem. But I'm just not sure what to do with it now
  13. What Size Saddle

    Well, it's been several weeks, but I have an update for those that are interested. I was able to find all of my other tack at a big horsey yard sale. I got a girth, leathers, irons, a bridle, a pad, and a girth extender just in case for a grand total of $36. Super good deals!! Then I went to Raleigh, NC with a friend and her horse to get her horse re-fitted and to get Tucker fitted. The saddle fitter picked up my saddle and said that he's seen a few of that type that had bad trees, and he was hoping mine wasn't one of them. So he picked it up, rested it on his leg...and nearly bent it half length-wise. He looked at me and said "I'm so sorry". If you couldn't connect the two, it means my saddle had a bad tree. It's not "broken" it's just useless. He explained that saddles are supposed to have lateral flex in them, but NOT length-wise flex, which this one had. He went on to explain that it was a design flaw by Collegiate that the company never owned up to. After they got so many saddle fitters' calls, they fixed the problem and put springs in the saddle to support the tree and make it more rigid. Due to the flexibility in the tree, if I were to ride in it, the saddle would rock on the horse's back terribly, causing pain. So I asked him what it's good for. He said "the trashcan". Awesome. No wonder it was so cheap. I doubt the STORE knew it had a bad tree, but I can almost guarantee the SELLER knew it was a bad tree. That must have been why the price was so stupid low. I'm pretty upset about this, but I don't think anything can be done...I'm going to go to the store tomorrow to explain the situation to see if they can do something, anything. Store credit, return, I don't know. It was on consignment, so it's probably sold "as is". Ugh. This just sucks. To make it even worse, he looked at my Western saddle and said that it doesn't fit either. It rocks on his back. The only way to fix that would be to buy a new saddle that fits or to get a custom pad fit for him, which would be a couple hundred dollars. I don't have that kind of money. I literally ONLY had enough money to make the trip down there and back with an extra $30 or so. Not a couple hundred. So my weekend was ruined. My conscience would never let me ride him KNOWING it would cause him pain, but I don't have the money to buy anything for a long time. I called my parents to see if they could lend me the funds, and they did, THANK GOD. I got their credit card number and he fitted a pad for Tucker. I was soooo relieved. I'm still upset about the English saddle not working out, but at least I can still ride my horse. He wants to see us in 60-90 days to check the fit. I did learn a lot from the visit and I'm very glad we went. After that, my friend and I went to her grandparents' farm and spent the rest of the weekend there, riding for one day. It was a great vacation. I'm hoping I can save up the money to buy an English saddle by summer time. I'm still practicing going over poles and just riding in general. Maybe by summer we'll be ready to jump for real. We just need a tack change
  14. What Size Saddle

    Thanks, guys Nikki, the lady at the store said it had synthetic flocking in it?? She said if I take it down there to let the guy know it's synthetic and he may not be able to do much, but he might be able to do something. I'll see if I have time to sit in it tomorrow, but I did buy it, so it's officially mine. Worst case scenario, if it doesn't work out, I can sell it for more than I bought it for. It was super duper cheap and everyone at the store was shocked at the listed price.
  15. What Size Saddle

    Sweet! Thanks for your reply! The worker at the store says she has that same saddle, too, and loves it. I'm heading over there to buy it now