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  1. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Sorry I haven't been on here in so long. I just heard about Jack. PD called me and let me know. I feel terrible for Jack and am praying for him. I'd been wondering why I hadn't heard from him recently, now I know. My heart is breaking....
  2. Obama Is Giving Part Of Alaska Back To Russia

    OMG!! What is he going to do next? Whatever it is, it won't be good. We need to take our country back SOON, before it's too late!!
  3. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Linda, I was thinking about you today when I was at work, I wasn't busy, & just sitting down with the two guys I work with keeps them quiet. Plus I can get a good signal with cell phone. I bet by now you have figured out something to put in your stove, so the smoke isn't as bad. We all have those days when we want to give up & quit, as life can pull the best of us down. But we keep marching forward like the Energizer Bunny, because quitting is not easy, & I think we are programed to move forward. You are often in my thoughts, & wondering how the lady in the camper is doing. Take Care & Stay Strong. Darrel, thanks for the kind words, and just when I needed them most. As far as my wood stove goes, I threw a piece of wood in it last night and for some strange reason, the glass suddenly shattered. Now I can't use it because it smokes up the house so bad. Just another hurdle to be overcome. This old gal is getting tired of living this way, though. Having to haul water into the trailer is hard. Those 5 and 6 gallon containers are pretty heavy. Oh, well, I guess I'll just do the best I can. Anything to keep my horses. I'm trying to save enough money to send my HoneyDo for a tuneup in spring. This may be my last year that I can ride, so want to make the best of it. I can hardly wait to ride my pretty palomino appy down the road!
  4. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Hey, Belle it's so nice to meet you. I've been a member for years now, but haven't posted much for quite a while. I really wish I could stop smoking. I admire you for quitting. I just have a really hard time with it because I live alone and am so bored. No tv or anything to distract me. I live 25 miles from town and seldom have company. Maybe that's just an excuse, I don't know. Hey! You can come bop me one anytime you please! I need that! I'm in Oregon, where do you live? Do you have horses? If so, can you post pics? I have a new camera, but haven't figured it out yet. I'm not very "computer literate".
  5. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Jack, I joined facebook only because it was my only way to keep up on my son's life. He doesn't speak to me for years now. But I regret joining and have heard that it's almost impossible to get them to delete your account I knew about PR and Manes being banned, but not Bumper. I can't imagine what she did that got her banned. She was always a very popular poster. Hmmm, I wonder how a person could wrangle an invite to The Banned Wagon?
  6. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Geez, Jack, quitting smoking is really hard for me. I wish I had your determination. Living out here alone,it seems like a comfort to me. I know I need to quit. Having emphysema and being on oxygen, it's pretty stupid not to, especially when my sister died from lung cancer due to smoking and emphysema. At least I don't drink coffee, it's a taste I could never acquire. At least that's one vice I don't have! It's good to be back on HC, but, boy, has it ever changed. No rousing topics on the Debate Board that always had everyone all fired up. I miss those days, just not all the name calling and nasty remarks. It's just too peaceful and solemn now. Seems like everyone is afraid of breaking a rule. Oh, well, such is 'progress' I guess.
  7. Welfare Drug Testing Bill

    I totally agree! These people don't need to be on welfare. They need to sober up and get a JOB! If they're healthy otherwise, they should be sent to rehab and denied welfare as soon as they complete rehab/job training. We can't afford to support deadbeats any longer. If they're capable of working, then they should WORK for a living, not collect welfare.
  8. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    HEY! Captain Jack! Bun gave me your message, so here I am! I haven't been on much because things stay the same for me and not much to talk about. I hate to come on here and just complain, so just don't post at all. Altho, we've been having a remarkably mild winter so far, so can't complain about that. I haven't been stranded out here like I was last year for two months at a time. YAAAAY! My horses are all healthy, fat and happy. I'm trying to save enough money to send my HoneyDo for a tuneup in spring. She hasn't been ridden for a couple of years now, and my health isn't good enough to take chances. She doesn't buck, she just spooks sideways so fast that off I go! LOVE that big smile in your pic! I hope your health is much improved. I've been having trouble with my truck lately. I think there's a short somewhere that drains the battery. I just bought a new battery a few days ago, and it was low again when I tried to start it. The alternator checks out fine. Also have a ball joint going out due to this ungodly road out here. It's either muddy or slushy where you get stuck, or you have big sharp rocks to go over. Two and a half miles of shear torture!! Oh, well, it's home. A couple of months ago, they moved the buffalo herd from next door down this road. It was quite a sight. They were herding them with four wheelers. Two of them broke through my fence and caused quite a stir but they got them out and fixed the fence for me, so no harm done. As far as my health goes, I'm on oxygen all night now. I should be using it at least sometimes during the day, but am too busy. This old gal has slowed down quite a bit now, and it takes me longer to get my chores done. But I'm hangin' in there and doing ok. Sorry to talk so dang much. Guess I had more to say than I thought! Hope everyone has a nice day.
  9. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Sorry, Jack, I of course am glad you're ok, but you know that. Love ya friend. I'm just not thinking straight, I assume you know I always wish you the best
  10. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Hi, everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas! Sorry I haven't been on in so long. No excuse, just didn't have anything good to report. It took me forever to find our thread, finally went to Jack's comments and found us. To those of you who don't know me, welcome. This place is the BEST! Welcome back, PD, it meant a lot to me when you called to wish me a Merry Christmas from OK. I hope it wasn't too trying on you to be with your inlaws during the holidays. I really hate to report that I'm on oxygen a lot during the day, and sleep with it all night. I can't do much now, it's all I can do to take care of my and Joe's horses. But I'm pretty stubborn and refuse to admit defeat, so I'm hanging in there. Just have to do things a lot slower, but they get done. I hope you all have a wonderful new year, kinda iffy on that, tho, considering all the new laws O passed. They're soon be a law against breathing, unless you do it in a carbon dioxide mask! Believe it or not! Guess I gottem beat on that one since I'm on oxygen! Crazy laws for a crazy time. God Bless you all and keep well./
  11. Happy Birthday and May God Bless You and Yours! xxoo!

  12. Bringing Kids Along At Public Protests. . .

    I think the kids should be left out of it. It's the parents' cause, not theirs. I'm all for letting kids be kids for as long as they can in this crazy world. They have to grow up all too soon as it is.
  13. The base of the issue to me is how they came to have such a population issue with their dogs. It smacks of poor management. I'd imagine that they increased their pack size during the Olympics, to deal with the influx of tourism.... now that tourism has died down, they had too many animals to care for. BAD BAD BAD management and extremely poor business skills to have worked themselves in to this scenario. They shouldn't stay in business because they are STUPID. When stupidity results in impacts on real living beings, it magnifies it. If they had too many sleds, they could just park'm out back and no one gets hurt. While these guys maybe in the clear on legal grounds, as a tourism business..... bad move. It should, and probably will, put this particular operation out of business. People who are wanting to go out and experience dog-sledding are fairly likely to fall into the catagory of animal lovers. Since this has hit the mass media, I don't see many animal lovers wanting to visit these folks and give them their money.