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  1. Sadd Identification (Western)

    Can anyone tell me anything about this saddle. I know it's a herford brand textan 15" saddle. Maby a roper? How old is it? Anything else? Thank you!
  2. Please Help With Big Horn Saddle!

    The only thig the company could tell me is that it was made in the late 90s. So I guess it's the former model of those barrel saddles? They couldn't give me any spec.
  3. Please Help With Big Horn Saddle!

    Thanks jack. Seems nobody knows anything about it. I try to write the company
  4. Please Help With Big Horn Saddle!

    Also, is this a barrel saddle?
  5. Please Help With Big Horn Saddle!

    I bought a BigHorn saddle on eBay. Can anybody give me any information? Latigo keeper says Big Horn Nr. 1510 I don't know how old the saddle is, there is a new model 1510 which looks a lot different. Please tell me if you need better pics. Thanks!
  6. Cutting Saddle Question

    Thanks I couldn't find a maker's mark anywhere. It is def very good quality and completely sound.
  7. Cutting Saddle Question

    I bought this saddle for my gelding. Anyone got any idea, who made it? The latigo keeper only says: "Combine saddle shop". Would also be interested, how much you think it's worth. - JB maby? Thanks!
  8. Haflingers?!

    I have a 6yo Hafi gelding with lots of Arab bloud inside. He's 14hh and my all around show horse. I do Open Western Trail and HMS with him, some Pleasure too. I recently made my trainer license with this little horse. He is really willing, has a lot of "go" and loves to work hard. He's definately not the drafty type though. [smiley Wavey]
  9. Ouch!

    Yeah, thought about that. He never bucked with me on, so I guess something was irritating him. Oh, And I ordered a new helmet: Casco Mistrall
  10. Ouch!

    I went on a trail ride on sunday - together with a barn-friend. About 20 Minutes after heading off we had to pass a meadow. Grass was quite high, about up to my horses belly. Well, I still don't know why, but suddenly my Pony started to buck like ****, he went totally crazy. I stayed on for quite some time, but the bucking got worse and finally I fell off. I hit he ground - head first. I was so glad I had my helmet on. I felt a little pain in my neck, but could get up. Trouble ran away about 100 Meters but then just stood there and waited for me to pick him up. I climbed on him again and rode on. We got home about an hour later. Trouble was fine again the rest of the ride, as if nothing ever had happened. Well, yesterday really EVERYTHING in my body hurt. Especially my neck and back. I feel a bit better today. I went to hospital, just to check if everything was alright. Nothing's broken. Now I know why I prefer to wear a helmet on trail rides. I do not want to know what would have happend without. Stay safe! [smiley Wavey]
  11. Long Time No See...

    Thank you BigHeart! We have green from about March/April till November - and usually lots of snow in winter. Summer is always that green. It doesn't get extreme hot, we get temps up too 95?F but normally have temps in the 80s. Still too hot for me *lol* but at least you can go riding in the mountains where its cooler.
  12. Long Time No See...

    Thank you! Wow, Vievo looks so great! I'm glad he works out for you!
  13. Long Time No See...

    And not to forget about Bobby; I do a lot of groundwork with him and also went on a short trail ride a few weeks ago. And now, meet Cowboy! He's 11 weeks old and simply adorable! My other 2 cats Whiskey and Mia also liked him from the beginning. They play nearly all day long... Mia (left) and Whiskey: That's it, I promise! [smiley Wavey]
  14. Long Time No See...

    Had quite a stressfull life the past weeks... But went on a few rides. Weather has been fantastic here, already too warm to ride around midday. I went on a trail ride with Trouble a few days ago. Here are some pics to share: And these are from arena work yesterday: He does really great at the moment! We had the first part of the trainer clinik at the beginning of June. The second part and the exam are in August. Oh, and the Vet made some new x-rays of Troubles broken splint bone today. Seems everything is alright! [Yay] The crack isn't visible anymore. So thats really good news! wait, more...
  15. In Memory Of Ice

    That's a wonderful thing your Vet did! Makes me cry, too. That pic is great, it really shows the relationship you both had. A lot of hugs, hope you get through this bad times soon.