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  1. My dog Jenna was pretty pitiful still this morning, I debated on calling out at work but I needed some sort of normalcy. So I got up early and soaked her food, helped her outside to potty, gave her a pain pill and her antibiotic, headed to work and prayed for the best. I came home to a tail wagging happy Jenna dog who waited very impatiently for her food to be soaked. Other than having to soak her food for the next 10 days shes back to her old self. Oh, and her breath smells nice and clean.
  2. Just an update on my dog Jenna...I feel like a bad dog mom. But, other than the horrible breath she was eating just fine etc. Remember when I took her to the vet for a consult because I thought she had an infection in her mouth and the vet said she just needed her teeth cleaned? Well, I was right. Her mouth was infected, badly. She had SEVEN teeth extracted today and part of her JAW during her teeth cleaning. The tech said that Jenna was under anesthesia quite a while but did exceptionally well for an old girl. Her mouth was so infected that the vet opted to leave everything open rather than stitch anything up. She came home on antibiotics which she will continue and previcox for pain. Im soaking her dry Iams in warm water and making a mash. I have to flush her mouth with a syringe full of water after she eats to make sure no food gets packed/stuck anywhere. Thank goodness I got that credit card. I ended up paying $418 which is $100 more than the maximum estimate they gave me, but oh well, its just money. As soon as I pay the credit card back Im taking Faith in for her teeth to be cleaned....Ill be danged if Im gonna make the same mistake twice.
  3. As far as half siblings go...there is absolutely no love lost between my brother and I. If anything, its made us closer/stronger. We just both feel decieved and lied to...which is what our mother does best anyway. We both feel that we should know who our biological father is. The situation just opens up so many questions...was my mom just a *****?....is the man I *know* as MY father my biological father? If not, is he my deceased brothers biological father? (Doubtful) Does my father know hes not my brothers father? Maybe he does know and is infertile but wanted kids? The list goes on, but its doubful that we'll get any answers.
  4. Tricias boyfriend killed her. We dont have all the answers yet as to how, but there was a vehicle involved at some point. Her stepdad (my landlord) had kicked her out of her place on the family farm after her boyfriend trashed the house. Im talking holes in walls, holes in cabinets, ceiling fans pulled out etc. Tricia chose to be WITH her boyfriend rather than get rid of him like we all had pleaded for her to do. They moved a couple months ago, just up the road, into an old farmhouse in which cps told her was unfit for her children to be in. So Cassie went to live with her dad, Dustin had already been living with his dad since a similar episode last year. Apparently the day Tricia was killed she had called her biological dad (whom Ive been close to since I was a teen) and asked to move into his place. She was leaving the boyfriend but didnt want to crawl back to her stepdad as she had so many times before. Her dad told her of course, come over, and never heard from her again. Meanwhile she had packed the car with her stuff and the boyfriend found out and punched, yes punched, the windshield out of her car, took her keys and threw them in a field. After that we arent 100% sure how things happened. For some reason she got into his Jeep with him...it was called in as a car accident but when police got there Tricia was laying in the road deceased with the intoxicated boyfriend standing over her. We've heard he tried hiding the Jeep, we've heard there was her blood on the windshield. We've heard lots of things and lots of scenarios to include that she was dead before she was even in the Jeep. Its all horrific and just a **** day too late.
  5. We buried Tricia yesterday. The kids are doing remarkably well. Cassie tore my heart up during family night. The family was lining up in the isle to walk the kids to the open casket to see their mom for the last time. I was sitting off to the side. Cassie was holding her dads hand and looked over at me sitting. She squished her little round face up at me as if to say "why are you sitting there?" and waved me to come to her. I grabbed her other hand and her dad and I walked her to see her mom one last time. I cant imagine what that little girl is going through. She absolutely knows that Im here and that she can talk to me about anything. She has an awesome support system with the family too. The madness has only begun for this family, now theyre facing months of court proceedings, and the horrible details as State Police piece together Trishas last moments. We're praying for justice, please pray for them as well. Im going through my own personal **** as well. My brother and I took paternity tests which showed that he and I are half siblings. It doesnt make any difference in our relationship, but we'd like to know who his biological father is...or who my biological father is. We have a lead on his biological father, but the man is 2 states away and not active on the internet. Luckily I have a friend there trying to get in touch with him. But the "what ifs" are certainly abundant. In other news, Im picking ol Jenna up from the vet in another hour or so. Hopefully her teeth will be sparkly and her breath will be minty, lol.
  6. I ended up spending the day helping run errands. My landlord is pretty torn up. I cant stand to see that man cry. The kids are dealing well. Im back to work tomorrow but have told them that Id be happy to call in sick if they need me.
  7. I dont know what to do for all of the family today. I know how they feel having lost my brother months ago. Ive offered to do anything they need, even come get the kids so the adults can have some time. I feel like I should be doing something but I dont know what.
  8. Home after a bad evening. I went to let the girls ride. Saddled their horses and off they went all by themselves. Emmys dad came over and chatted with me while the girls rode. The girls grandma came outside yelling and crying and fell to the ground. By this time the girls has gotten back from their ride. Emmys dad went to see what was wrong with his mom. I knew right away. Just a gut feeling. Remember my "landlady"...Cassies mom? Her boyfriend killed her this evening. From what I understand he hit her with the car. I gathered the kids and took them out for pizza for dinner. They didnt need to know what had happened nor be around at that time. Plus Emmys dad was in no shape to have to deal with his kids ontop of learning of his sisters death. The kids were good, clueless about what had happened, and ate all the pizza their bellies could hold. I got them home a little after 9 and started their baths. I did get to see Cassie and her brother and they came to me for a hug. I dont think Ive ever squeezed a couple kids so tight. I kissed them and told them I love them. I feel horrible for them.
  9. Those meshy type patterns are hard to get just right. Dont give up though!
  10. Glad to see everyone is ok. I have the next 3 days off and tomorrow my brother is coming over with his kids 5 and 2. I am SO excited! They live in the city, so we're going fishing and introducing them to the horses. I cant wait! The oldest has been begging to come over and go fishing with me for weeks now!
  11. If I can do it, you can too! Theres a youtube video for everything nowadays. Once youre able to read patterns its pretty fun/neat...and then you learn to alter patterns to your liking. Im no pro and I actually crochet "backwards" or left handed as they call it...so there are some stitches that I cant do. Try something simple/easy...search youtube for a beginners video. You can do it!
  12. Gonna have to go back and read posts to catch up. Im currently sitting in my car waiting for the doors to open to a live theater performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show where I will be sitting front row! Im excited, this production group is fantastic. Tomorrow Im gonna ride and let the girls ride and then Im gonna take the girls to the rodeo. Its the last rodeo of the year. Sunday Im gonna catch up on the pile of dishes in my sink and then that night Im going to the drive in theater to watch "It". Full fun weekend planned here. I crocheted a little dress for my friends little teeny baby who is doing great. And I crocheted a diaper cover for another friends baby.
  13. Yep, pants will be the same color, mainly because its the only yarn I have on hand soft enough and light enough for a baby right now.
  14. What a gorgeous day! Sure wish I was sitting on the front porch, or outside for that matter but Im at work. Its been an easy day since my patients are self sufficient. Just counting down the hours til Im outta here. Last night when I got home I crocheted a little top for my friends premie baby. Shes doing well. I think Ill try to crochet a little pair of matching pants tonight.
  15. Thanks yall! Its chilly here today. Gonna be a high of 65 and its already there. Im not complaining, my windows are open lol. Thought about riding my bike but its supposed to rain so Ill skip that. Think Ill make some coffee and sit outside with the dogs a while. Oh, wanted to add that I will be getting my very first credit card in a few days. Im pretty excited since it will help me build my credit. The lady at my bank is so awesome and so helpful. She gave me good advice on how to build my credit etc as well as some other interesting info about credit scores.