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  1. The Front Porch

    YES! I told her the worst part was the climb back up lol. But shes young and I swear she just bounced back up the hill like it was nothing lol.
  2. The Front Porch

    The snow is melting...and I'm a little disappointed, lol. Why? Cause I took my cowgirl sledding in the horse pasture last night after the horses were fed. Shes never really sledded. Sure her mom bought her and her sister a sled, but never tol dher that youre supposed to find a hill and ride down. So, we have the perfect steep hill on the other side of the pond in the horse field. So she brought her sled with her to feed the horses last night and we used it to carry the feed buckets. After we were done we walked over to the hill I had in mind and I used her sled to make the track, and weeeeeeee down I went. So much fun! Felt like a kid again, lol. When it was her turn she was nervous! I told her to get on that sled and goooo, lol, and down she went! She loved it and said that it was like a ride at Kings Dominion (amusement park)! She went a few more times before we called it a night, only because I had to work today. But she couldn't wait to show her sister today. Wish I hadve taken pictures!
  3. The Front Porch

    Now THATS a cool train! That would be neat to see.
  4. The Front Porch

    I made it home! It wasnt easy but I made it. About an hour before I got home my cowgirl and her mom made it to my place and let my pups out to potty. She texted me to let me know that silly Bennie had escaped but they were able to lure her back in the house and her crate lol. Ive never been so happy to be home. Wish I could get rid of this nasty sinus infection, hopefully my doctors office will be open tomorrow. Ive had a shower and cleaned up the house some. Now Im gonna crash on the couch and watch the Grinch.
  5. The Front Porch

    My brother said he would come get me but hes 2 hours away, lol. Not taking the chance of him getting stuck\hurt. Not worth it.
  6. The Front Porch

    No snow at my place this morning so off to work I went. Its dumped snow all day and now Im afraid I cant make it home. Im only upset because my Bennie girl has been in her crate all day. She has water in her crate but no food. She never eats the food I put in her crate (she waits til I get home to eat) so I stopped putting it in there. Now I wish I hadve put food in her crate this morning. Crossing my fingers that my landlord can go let her out to potty and eat, but he may not be able to get out either.
  7. The Front Porch

    I ended up calling out sick yesterday too. The nursing supervisor was surprised I was calling out and knew I must be really sick. Good thing I stayed home because just as soon as I felt good enough to leave the couch..my hot water heater busted, literally. I was able to catch it within a couple minutes and the landlord sent someone over right away. No water damage done. Reason #4 why I rent lol. I had plans to go to a play with friends that evening and while the maintenance guys got the hot water heater replaced, there wasn't enough time for the water to heat for a shower. So, I endured a cold shower...sweet baby jesus I think I sent my body into shock. The play was fantastic and I took a nice hot shower when I got home last night. Still haven't kicked this cold or whatever it is I have going on. My body doesnt ache as bad and my sore throat has been gone but my sinuses are still full, my appetite isn't what it was and I still feel like I could sleep for a week. Ill go to the doctor Monday if I cant kick it for good over the weekend. I have to work this weekend and of course we're supposed to be getting a bunch of snow Sunday. Booo hissss.
  8. The Front Porch

    I am home sick today...I did go into work because I woke up too late to call out, and I thought that if I just get moving and take a shower I would feel better. Nope. It was all I could do to make it to work. I felt so bad I could cry. My charge nurse graciously let me go home. I hardly ever call out sick and they know that. Stopped at the store and got some Mucinex extra strength, orange juice, lemons, honey, and loose tea. Took the mucinex and drank some oj and my sore throat is gone..thank goodness! Im scheduled to work tomorrow and at this rate it looks like Im on the mend. Ill rest up til then. Hope everyone has a good day!
  9. The Front Porch

    I dont know why you think youve jarred me, cause you havent. And I found your post supportive, so thank you!!
  10. The Front Porch

    Ive explained all of that to him.
  11. The Front Porch

    Hey all, just checking in and in need of some advice. A little lengthy. My cowgirl (Zarinna) has been amazing. Shes been right on time with the feed, she's been unblanketing on warmer days for me, and she really worked hard the other night when we sold a mini. We sold the latest foal which is now about 6months old. Hadnt done much with him so while hes friendly and has had a halter on, that's about it. So I had Zarinna use her lariat I bought her as a butt rope while I led. Of course he was way out on the back 50 when his new owners came to get him, so we had to pull/buttrope him quite a ways to the barn, lol. Zarinna was SO helpful and when he put up a fuss loading for the first time, she never waivered and pulled hard on her buttrope. I don't think I could've got him on without her help. I was very proud of her that night, and she was pretty proud of herself. Also a lady we know brought 2 of her 4H cows to the farm to use our paddock, and Zarinna is in loooove with them. I did have to explain to her that at the end of the 4H project they would be going to made into steaks...she had to think that over but agreed that she would try not to get too attached to them. Theyre very sweet cows, so its hard, but its a good lesson for her. She didn't realize where her food comes from. She really would love 4H and doing livestock of some sort...but my hands are kind of tied since I'm not her parent. Now for the needing advice portion..lol. I'm struggling with the landlord over these minis. He admittedly is not a horse person. He does not understand the difference between horses and cows. HE currently has 7 minis (one is a stallion) and 3 donkeys. I am the ONLY person he has that will tend to these minis. Keep in mind that most of them have had little handling. Meaning, if the vet has to come for some reason (god forbid) I am the one that catches them and holds them for the vet...on my own time. Monday the vet came to draw coggins on the minis he wants to sell. It was freezing cold, rainy, and mud up to my ankles. The vet was 2 hours late. I spent my entire morning at the farm in the freezing rain with minis that don't belong to me. The landlord scoffs and blows me off as if its no big deal. When he decides he wants to sell some minis, its up to me to advertise, prep, and sell. When the farrier comes, its up to me to catch/trap/rope/hold said minis, and the whole ordeal takes most of the day. Getting the farrier to come out is a whole ordeal in itself as well. First of all, the only uses one particular man, which is fine...but hes slow as molasses and he comes when its convenient for him, not scheduled. Secondly, explaining to the landlord that horses need to be on a 6 week (or 8 week) trimming schedule is like talking to a brick wall. For example, the farrier texted me earlier in the week asking what days I'm available for him to come. So, I ask the landlord if the farrier can come, meaning hey ya gotta pay the farrier. The farrier was last out 3 months ago. Every equine on the property is overdue....and I get the "but do they really need it" argument. He then decides that they can wait another month. Great, wonderful, so by then it'll be December and nice and freezing cold, and probably even snowy and I'll be having to deal with the minis. Awesome. While he complains about the farrier bill, he keeps breeding! I keep reminding myself that I DO have 3 horses on his land for free...so I DO feel obligated to help, but it was never required...But where do I draw the line? Or am I being ungrateful? He was paying for my 3 trims when the farrier comes as payment for dealing with the minis, and he was ok with that but now hes getting pi$sy about that. Do I pay for my 3 and say the heck with the minis? Honestly I don't think he'd care if the minis got trimmed or not. The other thing that chaps my hide is this...we're thinking about selling Margarita (the dun mini). The girls have put a lot of work into her and when she sells, he refuses to give them a dime. I don't think that's right. Ugh, he IS a good person, and he IS good to me...but...I'm struggling with this. Advice? The other thing I need advice with is this...Zarinna has been a huge help with the horses, theyre definitely her thing and she loves it. She puts in the work. Her sister puts in zero work, and says that horses aren't her thing yet when it comes time to show she expects to be able to show with her sister. I don't think that's fair. Keep in mind that I'm paying for it all as well. I don't mind paying for Zarrina, (even though her parents should be paying AND there at the show to support her) because she puts in the work. But for the sister that does not work, I don't think I should pay. I'm tempted to make a new rule...if you don't put in the work, you don't show, period. But of course I don't want to exclude anyone. Should I just let the sister show anyway and fail?
  12. The Front Porch

    My turkey day was a bust, but at least I got to spend time with my brother and his wife and kids. No turkey for us...long story short, it came out raw lol. Back to work today, and the weekend.
  13. Only my child

  14. The Front Porch

    Heidi Im glad everyone is ok. Good golly how scary. Cold and rainy here. Supposed to get our first wintry mix Thursday morning. Booo, hiss. I want more fall, less winter! My cowgirl has been doing good with the feed. She forgot one day but it was ok. She checked in with me yesterday before she went to the barn because she knew I was off work all day and might have done it myself. And she was right. Saved herself from walking to the barn in the pouring rain. I fed early to avoid the pouring rain. Really fruatrated with Haleys mom right now. Haley is the teenage girl I had been sorta mentoring. Shes been in a residential treatment facility for a while now. Ive mesaaged her mom repeatedly asking how Haley is doing etc and all I get is a very short response if a response at all. Usually shes 'too busy" to respond YET she can find the time to send me multiple chain messages. Its driving me nuts. Once upon a time I had her blocked from sending me any messages because of all the stupid chain messages she would send. I only unblocked her to communicate regarding Haley. Im a little frustrated now. I definitely don't want Haley to think or feel that I have forgotten about her so I sent her a message although I know she wont be able to see it until she comes home...whenever that will be. I honestly think this girl would do much better in a different home altogether.
  15. The Front Porch

    Aww I love O'possible!