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  1. The Front Porch

    Well we did it. The girls showed the minis despite the hurricane. I was working Thursday night when it swept into town. We werent prepared for this at all. We lost power at the hospital. Yes we have a generator, but its for emergency power only. Meaning our patient rooms were completely dark. The OR was in the middle of a case with very limited power. Our parking lot flooded with reports of cars under water. It was craziness. Roads were closed, the next shift couldnt make it in and lots of us didnt know if we'd make it home. I stayed late until someone was able to come relieve me. Driving home was even crazier. Trees down everywhere, I was white knuckled the whole way home. Thankfully I was able to follow a pickup truck from the hospital to the town I live in, I dont think I wouldve made it without whoever that was. No power at home but it was ok. My dogs had food and water, and we just hunkered down for the night. Friday was a beautiful cool calm day. I opened the windows and took full advantage of the cool fresh air. Nothing to do really but catch up on some sleep, and I was happy to do so. Only one gas station in town had power, there mustve been 50 cars there. Saw a car be pulled out of a creek. Loaded the dogs up later and drove over to the farm to check on things and of course everything was fine, just no power. Put some final finishing touches on the ponies just in case the show was still on and put them in the paddock. Went home that evening and started packing a bag to head to the hospital for a shower and food...and like a miracle, just as I picked up my bag the power came back on! Had a nice shower but had to drive a ways for food, everything was still a ghost town and without power. Checked facebook and by late evening the show grounds were reporting that the show was still on! We loaded up yesterday morning and had a wonderful day. My landlord (thier grandaddy) hauled us and stayed the whole time with us. He didnt complain, not once...I think he mightve even liked it just a little lol. I think he learned a few things too yesterday...I dont think he realized that his grand daughters were competing with grown adults twice thier age with professionally trained horses. We were all exhausted when we got back. The girls turned their ponies out while I quickly cleaned the trailer and then we parted ways for naps, lol. I picked them back up later that evening and we went and had pizza..and dessert. Fed horses in the dark and called it a night. Their mom got home late from work and sent me a text "you are the best!". Today, its lazy Sunday. Ive cleaned out the car and put everything away from the show. Now Im at the laundromat spending a small fortune. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!
  2. The Front Porch

    We're going to the same place we did months ago. They did extremely well and are sitting second and third in series end points with just one show. It'll be fine Im sure.
  3. The Front Porch

    Ugh I was in a bad mood yesterday. Got my window ordered for my car though and hoping my landlord can get it in before the rain from the hurricane comes in. For now Ive wrapped the window in a thick clear shower curtain. The glass is trying to fall out but my taping job is holding lol. Its gonna all fall out in one piece while Im driving, I just know it. Worked from 5am - 5pm yesterday for the lab. Got to see a 20 week old fetus which was exceptionally cool and made my day. Small yet so perfect right down to his little toes and ears. Sad, precious, and cool all at the same time. Went home and got the horses fed, then peeled, cored, and cut up apples for apple butter til 10:00pm. Im working 5am - 1:30pm today so Ill toss the apples and spices in the crock pot when I get home. I know you guys leave your crockpots on and go off about your day, but it makes me a nervous nelly. I like to be at least close by. Hopefully today will go by quickly. Im semi stressing about the horse show this weekend but I know the girls are going to do fine.
  4. The Front Porch

    This day has not been good to me. Yesterday on my way home some idiot was in his driveway on a zero turn mower right next to the busy road and...yep, threw a rock right into my car. I knew it was going to happen but I couldnt avoid it. I pulled over when I could and didnt see any damage...til this morning. The rock apparently hit my back passenger window and the temp dropped last night...got in the car this morning to find a shattered window. Pic below. Luckily my back windows have a crappy tint job as that was what was holding the shattered glass in place. Went and picked up my cowgirl to go to Tractor Supply and we swung by Dollar General and got some clear packing tape and taped up the shattered window on both sides in an effort to help stabilize it and keep it from falling out completely. Cowgirl was a big help. We were late getting started this morning. My clippers kinda crapped out last night after having clipped one mini so I was going to buy another set but its been super hard to find a cordless set. So I figured Id try to just replace the blades on the one I have. Off to Tractor Supply we went and bought blades and tail bags. Had lunch. Taught my cowgirl the laws of the road..double lines = no passing..dotted line on our side means we can pass etc, she had no idea and thought that was pretty cool. Anyway, got home and switched the blades on the clippers which was a real pain in the *** and headed to the farm. Got in about 3 good swipes on Margarita and the screws popped out. Landlord came over with a screw driver and tried putting it all back together to no avail. It looks like its working but its not cutting and making a higher pitched sound. We both gave up. Got tail bags reworked on the horses and tail bags on the minis. Came home to try to figure out the clipper blades but at this point I might just give up and buy a new set. Decided to try to get my washing machine to do one load of laundry and it completely died. So, I hauled all my soaking wet clothes to the laundry mat, getting my front seat soaked in the process. Put my laundry in the $4.75 washer to realize halfway through that I couldve put them in the $3 washer. Havent had one of these days in a long time. At least my dryer works and Im home now on the couch while my laundry is drying and dinner is waiting in the crock pot.
  5. The Front Porch

    Heidi I LOVE your decorations lolI What a day. I was supposed to be off today but the lab was super short staffed and asked if I could come in. I went in on the stipulation that I got off by 3pm so I could go look at washing machines. Mine isnt totally toast, but its doing it's best death dance. Landlord says he'll buy it and I can pay him back but I really want to wait til next month. I get paid 3 times next month and hopefully my old washer will last til then. If not then Ill take him up on his offer. Came home and got Bennie and Faith and went to the farm. My cowgirl helped me feed while I started clipping one of the minis. Their show is next weekend. Got one mini all clipped and will do the other one tomorrow. Tomorrow we're going to comb out the minis tails and put their tail bags on and then rework the horses tail bags. Oh, guess whos more friendly now....yep Breyer lol. A halter and a leadrope on him for a couple days has done wonders. I think now Ill try to do that thing called sleep!
  6. The Front Porch

    Eh, not so much money hungry. I really like working in the lab and they're short staffed. I dont care for sitting at home and the humidity outside is high most days so I dont want to be outside either. Working is an easy solution and gives me extra money. Just wish Uncle Sam didnt love me so dang much.
  7. The Front Porch

    Whew, Im whooped. Working a lot of overtime this week and worked 5am - 5pm today. Came home with my eyes barely open and ran to the farm to feed. My cowgirl came to help and boy she helped a lot! She loved the tail bags, lol. We even caught Breyer the youngest (now a weanling really) mini and got a halter on him. He was quite the bronc so I decided to tie an old leadrope to the halter and let him halter break himself out in the field over the next few days. Plus my cowgirl has never seen it done that way, and Im trying to teach/show her different ways things can be done. We had to "set a trap" to catch the little bugger since we've had a really hard time just cornering him. We used a hog panel and a corner of the fence and cornered him and then closed the corner off with the hog panel. My cowgirl was a huuge help with this. Got him haltered and then removed the panel. He was stepping on the leadrope and trying to figure it out when we left. Now its shower time, and bed! Back to work tomorrow.
  8. The Front Porch

    Guuuysss guess what! Mr. Butters tail bag stayed on and Sonics was still on! Woohoo! Spent some time last night taking Sonics off and brushing his tail, removing burrs from the tail bag its self and putting it back on. I'll probably do the same with Mr. Butters tonight. I need to order some more so I can switch out and wash them.
  9. Whats Your Daytime High???

    Temps this week have been in the mid to high 70s. Gorgeous weather, and even better nights. I love fall!
  10. The Front Porch

    So, I have good news and bad news..lets do the good news first....Sonics tail bag was still on tonight!! Woohoo! It had a few burrs stuck to it here and there but nothing major and none in his tail hairs. Aaand I got poor Mr. Butters' tail all brushed out tonight and his tail bag on. He has the prettiest fullest blonde tail, hopefully his tail bag will stay in and keep the burrs from making his tail a matted mess. I picked up a spray bottle of kids conditioning detangler in the African American hair section and Im tellin yall, it worked magic on Mr. Butters' tail tonight. And it smells sooo good. That might be my new "go to" for burrs in tails. Now the bad news...an Amish family was in an accident today. An 18 year old in a Honda rear ended thier buggy fast/hard enough to flip both Honda and buggy. Passengers in the buggy were said to have serious injuries but were going to be ok. One report says the horse didnt survive, people that were there said it did. Just very sad.
  11. The Front Porch

    No kidding!
  12. The Front Porch

    Well, I got one tail bag on last night. Took me a couple hours to comb all the burrs out of Sonics tail and get it on, but by golly its on. Now if I go out to feed tonight and its gone, I might loose my mind. In other news, the plot thickens on the whole paternity issue. My brothers wife and father (who is a geneology whiz) sat down and poured over ancestry.com yesterday for us and have come to the conclusion that its not my brothers father that we're looking for, but MINE. And, my father is a first cousin of the man Ive known as my father all my life. Guess ol mom kept it in the family.
  13. The Front Porch

    Talked to the landlord yesterday. I brought up the burr situation and hes aware that the field needs bush hogging..he even told me he knows it needs it. Hes just been so wrapped up in all of this ordeal with Tricias death, and the things that went on for a couple years prior. This man has been through ****, and its worn on him. I just let him talk yesterday. He'll get around to bush hogging soon.
  14. The Front Porch

    Exactly. This time people werent worried.
  15. The Front Porch

    She was back within hours. I think she just does whatever she wants because theres no consequences at home.
  16. The Front Porch

    Uuuugh. Haley (the teenage girl) is once again missing. She was gone this evening when her mom got home from work. Not responding to messages or texts. Hasnt been active on messenger in a couple hours. I just hope shes safe.
  17. The Front Porch

    I think my brother has messaged Hillbilly but has gotten no response.
  18. The Front Porch

    Well shoot
  19. The Front Porch

    Thats pretty cool
  20. The Front Porch

    Actually I think you can set your stuff to private. You dont even have to use your name, you can use a screen name. Thats actually a problem my brother is having, hes been linked directly to someone by the username HillbillyWV. We have no idea who that is or would be. That person could be a great help in identifying my brothers father.
  21. The Front Porch

    Have any of you taken the Ancestry DNA test? My brother did it in hopes of it linking him to his biological father. I sent my DNA in weeks ago and should have some results soon. Should be interesting. My brothers DNA actually linked him to our "dads" side of the family. So, maybe hes not MY dad.....since our sibling dna test resulted in half siblings. Crazy, but yet interesting. My brother says his Ancestry DNA said he was 80% British. Pretty neat. We'll see what mine says soon.
  22. The Front Porch

    Hes a good man but he has control issues, lol. There's a lot at the farm that I would loove to do if he would let me. But it's not just me, he wont let anyone use his "man toys" lol. He wont even let my brother rewire the horse trailer lights. Youd think as busy as he is he would be greatful for the help, but nope..hes a "do it myself" kinda guy. He'll get around to bush hogging eventually. Eta, I think he probably doesnt want to run the risk of his equipment being broken or someone getting hurt too. Cant say I blame him.
  23. The Front Porch

    They're on 50+ acres. I think it would help if my landlord ran the bush hog over the field but...being that my horses are there for free I really cant dictate to him what to do lol.
  24. The Front Porch

    Ha! Dang it, where was my crafty mind when I need it?! Oh well, the tail bags werent too expensive.
  25. The Front Porch

    Thank you! She used to ride as a kid. I have pics and video of her riding when she was young and fearless. She hasnt ridden in years though but always loved it.