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  1. A question for the QH people...

    quote: Originally posted by California Love: Chris- an appendix QH is a QH bred with something else. Say the stallion is a QH and the mare is a TB or some other breed, i think its the same for anglo breeds. Erin Uh, someone corret me if I'm wrong but an Appendix QH is the offspring of a QH and a TB, not a QH and "some other breed".
  2. Some new pictures

    Where in Va. are you located? I'm near Scottsville. There is a TSC in Charlottesville. Your place looks fantastic!
  3. Some new pictures

    Where in Va. are you located? I'm near Scottsville. There is a TSC in Charlottesville. Your place looks fantastic!
  4. Should people with foodstamps own horses

    quote: Originally posted by RixKatToy: I'm sure I'm going to get flamed for this but I honestly think they should abolish all forms of food stamps and welfare and go back to calling it what it was originally. CHARITY. People used to have a sense of pride, do whatever they could to avoid being on the *dole*. Now it's commonplace. There are people who after having one child figure out the system is going to be there to provide the basic needs so they have no problem squirting out a couple more kids for the taxpayers to take care of. So yes, if you are on foodstamps, WIC, welfare, Section 8 or any other subsidzed program you should concentrate your efforts on getting an education and getting a job, not owning a horse. While I agree with this I have to question WIC. I'm not sure it its the same in all states but I thought (here where I am anyway) that anyone qualified for WIC as long as they were pregnant that is. I dont really look at WIC as being so bad since there is a "cut off point" and have even thought about using it myself if I ever decide to have children.
  5. Jaime Lynn & Britney Spears

    quote: Originally posted by RL Performance Paints: Hey man, kudos to Casey. Because of his sperm, he's assured fame for the rest of his life and maybe, just maybe, sharing in the wealth of Spears fiasco. Lord knows KFed did. Exactly. If these kids were anyone elses other than Britneys I highly doubt Kevin Federline would be chaffing at the bit to even SEE them. Just look at his kids by his previous relationship. He;s not exactly knocking the door down there to be a wonderful father. I'm no fan of Britney, but I'm no fan of Kevin either.
  6. Jaime Lynn & Britney Spears

    RubySlippers - I'm curious as to why you think Kevin Federline is so great. Please, could you point out his good qualities? Maybe I'm just missing something. Thanks.
  7. getting an older horse back in shape *pics*

    Old? No way! He's awesome! He looks very willing and talented. I love that last pic! My guy is old..he's 21 years old this year. I cant tell him that though, he thinks he's 21 going on 3! Your horse is in his "prime" as everyone has already said. Good luck with him, bring us more pics!
  8. BC Question for the Ladies of HC

    I've been taking birth control pills for 13 years. I never gained weight from them and they have been wonderfully reliable. I know exactly when I'm going to start my cycle right down to dang near the hour. I take mine before I go to bed, its just like second nature, I cant sleep if I dont take it. You have to be responsible though and remember to take the pill. I hate hate hate hearing about these girls out there who claim they got pregnant while taking the pill when in fact they really werent taking it properly. Also you need to keep in mind that antibiotics and other medications can interfere with your birth control pills. Like I said, I've been taking them for 13 years and I've had no problems. Good luck to you and whatever you decide, but more importantly good for you for being responsible!
  9. Need advice... I'm torn...

    The rescue idea sounds good. And really the whole time I was reading your post I kept thinking "4-H project"! Really! You could lease her out to a 4-H club to use as a halter horse. I think you being able to watch your horse suceed in the ring with a youth would be beneficial to you, I think you'd really enjoy it. Good Luck with whatever you decide!

    I mainly just lurk here nowdays however I've been reading along about Candi's struggles. She's got to be the strongest person I've ever seen. I myself wouldve given up long ago. I'm so glad she's hanging in there and words just dont explain the good vibes I'm sending her way everyday! God Bless you gal!
  11. Right-To-Ride Act

    I have a story similar to Admin's. Where I live, years ago there was land donated to the community. On that land was an old quarry which was shut down in the 50's. Absolutely gorgeous place. Across the road from the quarry there are miles and miles, literally all day of trails open to the public to hike/ride on. And we used to ride around there all the time. It was gorgeous. NOW things have changed. You cant just show up and ride anymore, you have to have a friggin' permit to ride there or you're tresspasing. AND, you cant ride there during hunting season no matter if you have a permit to do so or not. Why? Cause the hunters are back there baiting deer and the ringleader of the hunters so to speak used to be the town sheriff. Gah! Yeah. I dont even bother anymore but every now and then I get a wild hair and consider finding out why it is that you have to have a permit to use public land that was donated in the first place.
  12. riding with a broken foot?

    No, you can not ride with a Jones fracture. I worked for a podiatrist (foot doctor) for 2 years and had a similar injury myself. Do not ride for 6-8 weeks, just dont. I went back to work sooner than I should have and ended up with 3 cortisone shots in my foot. I still have problems with it simply because I didnt stay off of it. So, no, its really not a good idea.
  13. Pit Bulls Kill Miniature Horse

    quote: Originally posted by In*LOVE*with*CANDY: This is sad.. my heart does go out to this little boy and I sincerely wish that he does get a new pony. I want to point out somthing though. In the newpapers when a man commits a crime, say murder, the headline does not say the race of the man. We cannot write: "Black man commits mass murder" So why point out the dog? Yes pitbulls can be mean, and do u know why they kill more than anyother dog? Because they are some of the only dogs physically capable of it. Could your labradors soft mouth, that has been bred for years to be that way, kill a horse? I doubt it. The pit bull was bred and is made to kill. It is humans fault, and its a humans fault on how they raise and train that pitbull. I have been around then since I was a baby, and everyone I know is responsible pit owners. Weve never had problems or complaints. I have met "mean, or aggresive" pits. Surprise surprise... guesss what there owners were like? I owned a 150 lb pitbull for 3 years. He just recently died from an infection he got from our neighbors cows. I saw him be aggressive 3 times. Once when I first got him, my dad came up to me yelling and threatening to hit me and buffy jumped between me and him, knocked me down and sat on me and threatened my dad. Second a man came into our yard and tried to kidnap me, Buffy chased him into his truck, ripped skin off his arms and legs and put 3 huge dents in his truck and claw marks all the way down the door which is how the police later found him. Third, i took him to a truck race with me, which I often did, hes always a big attraction around there and all the kids come play with him. A large man I had never seen before came up to us and Buffy got up stood in front of me and the two little girls who were petting him, all his hair stood up and he growled and barked at the man. We later found out he was a pedafile. Dont bash a pit bull based on what you hear in the news. Until youve had one devoted to you, youve never known true devotion. **I'm not bashing anyone or there opionions. I just want eveyone to know theres two sides. Thank You. I REALLY wish people would get their facts straight before bashing the Pit Bull. Consider this...the woman who had the face transplant about a year ago..her dog that ate her face was part Lab. It was not a Pit Bull. Other dogs DO attack, bite, and kill, not just the viscious Pit Bull. I really wish the media would make a big stink whenever someones Lab or collie or jack russell or dalmation bit someone/thing.
  14. cheap, easy costume ideas.

    Or the headless horseman. Zip a jacket up and put it on so your head cant get through. Then carry one of those decorative pumpkins you can buy at any Walmart or other store. Lead the horse for the child so there wont be any mishaps. Its hard to see when you ride "headless".
  15. cheap, easy costume ideas.

    Or the headless horseman. Zip a jacket up and put it on so your head cant get through. Then carry one of those decorative pumpkins you can buy at any Walmart or other store. Lead the horse for the child so there wont be any mishaps. Its hard to see when you ride "headless".
  16. Registering Cloned Horses

    My opinion is that cloning should absolutely not be happening in the horse industry. Arent there already enough issues and problems with the horse market right now other than cloning? We cant possibly take care of all of the horses in the U.S. as it is (thats why they are going to slaughter, auctions, being turned loose, etc.) why in the world are we cloning more horses? There are ENOUGH horses in the world right now without cloning. You want a champion? TRAIN a champion. A clone of a champion IS NOT gonna guarantee a champion. I get so frustrated with people that think that a clone will be the same exact specimen as the original. IT will not be the same. It will LOOK the same (most of the time) and have the same DNA, but it is not going to perform the same. Theres more to the way a horse performs than just its DNA.
  17. Boulder Petsmart Stateline closing

    Yeah, the one here that just opened in the past year, closed last month. Poo.
  18. Beware the Pitbull!

    He is gorgeous! Kiss him for me! I have a very soft spot in my heart for those bully dogs. I have a female named Hope. Hope was seized almost 2 years ago from a young boy who was fighting Pitts. He had a good bunch of dogs chained out, he had the fighting ring set up in the woods, the lights around the ring, the whole 9 years and then some. A neighbor happened to see him "training" a dog one day and called the cops. Cops busted him , took as many dogs as they could although the boy was able to get Hopes mom and a few others into friends hands. Hope was in a litter of pups that were seized. She wasnt a small puppy as one of her brothers had been sold already, so they were old enough to be weaned and go to homes. Hope and her litter went to the SPCA here. They kept the dogs confined for a long time while the boys trail was going on. The dogs either were already aggressive or became aggressive from being caged all the time. The judge ordered all the dogs be destroyed. The dogs came from "champion fighting lines". Hope never showed any aggression so the SPCA staff kept her upstairs in an office for a while. I walked in the SPCA looking for a dog on Hopes first day of being available for adoption. She was in a run, shaking with her head down. She was scared to death. She wouldnt come to the wire to be touched, she just wouldnt move. I inquired about her and was told her story. The boy had tried to make her aggressive but it didnt work, it had just made her scared. And so his plan was to use her as a bait dog. The SPCA was very picky about who adopted her. I spent some time with her outside. I took her to their penned in play area and let her off the leash to see how she reacted to me. She ran with her tail tucked around the pen, scared. An older woman came into the pen and sat on the bench and called her. Hope came to her all smiles, jumped into her lap and licked her face. That was all I needed to see. This dog had been abused but not to the point where she wouldnt trust or love someone. She loved this woman. The woman told me that she lived right up the road from where Hope was kept chained out as a very small puppy. She used to walk her own dog to where Hope was and sneak onto the property and hold Hope and give her treats. Hope remembered this woman. I took Hope home 2 days later. That was almost 2 years ago. Hope is a totally different dog than she was. She's rotten. She had never shown any aggression until this past weekend which I will tell you about in a minute. She is however leary of strangers and will growl a very nasty growl at them. It took her a long time to get used to my boyfriend, and we lived together. Within the past 6 months my boyfriend and I broke up. Hope was so in love with my ex. And he had gotten a dog that Hope had grown very attatched to. They were inseperable. I moved out and into an apartment and I left Hope at my ex's and visited her often. My ex recently moved out of the house and Hope came home to me at my apartment. I felt I had to get her another dog, so off I went to the SPCA. What did I walk out with? Yep, another Pit Bull. A brindle colored male who adored me from first sight. He was such a good boy, he really was. He walked very nice on a leash, housebroken in a day, listened extremely well, he was just a lover. I had had him a little over a week. I had to take him back this past Sunday. He and Hope just werent getting along. They fought really bad, to the point I'd have to pull them apart and risk being bitten. And thats exactly what happened, the last straw for my male. Sunday morning they were fighting..I had to break them up. I had my male in my left hand, Hope in my right. I had pulled them apart and Hope had settled down but my male was still lunging at Hope and growling. I was bent over scolding them both when my male jumped up and bit me in the face. I knew then that I couldnt keep him. I cried the whole way back to the SPCA with him sitting in the backseat. My first words to the staff were "Please dont put him down". My male was fighting for my attention, he wanted to be the only dog, he wanted me to be just his lady. I talked to the staff and we agreed that he'd be best suited in a home without kids and where he could be an only dog. He really was a terrific boy and if I didnt already have Hope then I wouldve kept him. It just didnt work out and I miss him terribly. He was such a goof ball. I will always remember waking up Sunday morning and having Hope curled up on my left and looking to my right and theres my boy stretched out on his back like a person with his feet sticking up in the air and his big 'ol bully head on my pillow. I hope he gets the home he deserves. Sorry so long winded, just had to share.
  19. Critique please--12yr old paint gelding

    What a handsome boy! I love his socks!
  20. Critique please--12yr old paint gelding

    What a handsome boy! I love his socks!
  21. Critique please--7yr old APP Gelding

    Man! I agree! What a tank! He's gorgeous, LOOOVVVVEEE that booty!! Good luck to you guys!
  22. Critique please--7yr old APP Gelding

    Man! I agree! What a tank! He's gorgeous, LOOOVVVVEEE that booty!! Good luck to you guys!
  23. some free jumping pics of TwoTwo

    She's a good looking lady! I love her expression, so laid back, taking everything in stride, literally. I LOVE your pic of her at the gallop, man, hows that for perfect timing?!
  24. New event Pics/Results

    I know this is probably far from what you wanna hear but....I LOVE your dressage pics! I love the way your horse stands out against the beautiful background. They are gorgeous pictures...and you look fabulous!
  25. "extra helper" vent

    I too would talk to the head trainer as the person before me posted. Also, do not pay the bill for whatever was done that you didnt request done. Did that make sense? Like, since your friend didnt ask this person to screw up her horses mane then she shouldnt pay the 30 dollar bill. The "extra helper" should definitly get the hint that way. If you pay the extra helper then thats just leading them to think that their "services" are wanted.