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  1. Introducing...new Horse! Ridden Photos Added! :d

    *Gasp*! What a gorgeous guy!!! Great spur of the moment decision!! I could see him in a movie =)
  2. I Need Music Help!

    "Redneck Girl" by the Bellamy Brothers
  3. I Need Music Help!

    "Put a girl in it" "Dixieland Delight"
  4. Essay Help Anyone?

    Hmm, well I know nothing about you so I'm not gonna be much help, lol. Start with your birthday and your parents names and place of birth. Something like " My parents Jane and John Doe welcomed me; Jackie Nicole Doe into this world on March 31, 1900 in South Boston Virginia. I was a healthy newborn weighing 12 lbs and 2 ounces. My brothers Frick and Frack hated me, they wanted another brother..." And keep going. Document important things that happened to you in life, even if they seem small to you. Once you start, the 1000 words will come faster than you think! Good luck! What class (grade?) is this for just out of curiosity? ETA - Eeeek! I didnt know this was the kids only board when I posted. I'm sorry for intruding =( I'll delete my response if ya want.
  5. I Need Music Help!

    How 'bout that ooooold song "Wildfire"? Cant remember who sings it but I can find out...
  6. Craigslist Question

    People flag ads all the time, for whatever reason they choose. There was probably nothing wrong with the ad rules wise. I wouldnt waste my time asking why it was flagged. I would just post it again =)
  7. How To Handle Drunk Riders?

    Ugh, I know exactly how you feel. I used to ride in a local parade here for years....until another local horse group messed it up for everyone. Our group was family oriented and always invited back every year. The other group rode drunk and would allow thier horses to tramp through peoples yards. It wasnt enough that they were drunk and acting like arses, but they all rode TWH as well and would make a huge gap in the parade so they could carry-on and have their horses do their fastest gait to catch up to the rest of the parade. One of their horses indeed slipped and fell all the way to the ground during the parade one year after we had suggested they settle down. All horses were banned from the parade unless pulling a cart. It was a huge downer for us as a group as this was our most favorite parade. The other group also holds trail rides. One part of me wants to go just to ride the trails...but the other part of me knows that they will be drunk/drinking and acting stupid, so I dont go. Its really a shame.
  8. Shtarker Cross Country Pictures

    They look awesome together =)
  9. Possible New Barrel Prospect

    I'm really having a hard time understanding why you feel the need to get another horse. I've said it once and I'll say it again....You didnt have time for Classy (your own words there), you dont have time for Bella, and you WONT have time for this YOUNG inexperienced horse either!
  10. I just have a quick question I'm sure you guys can help me with. I'll be showing a registered Appaloosa mare this spring in local shows, and maybe (big maybe) one Appy show. Do I have to use her registered name at the local shows or can I just use a "show name" for her? Do I have to use her registered name at the Appy show or can I just use a "show name"?
  11. Show Name Vs. Registered Name?

    LOL. Good one Megs!
  12. Show Name Vs. Registered Name?

    Thats so funny cause I'm always asking my vet if we should use the horses registered name for the coggins and he just leaves it up to me. As long as the distinguishing marks (blaze, star, socks, etc.) match the horse to the coggins it shouldnt be much of an issue. Unless you have solid color horses of course =)
  13. Show Name Vs. Registered Name?

    Thanks guys. I'm still reading all comments here and my mind is just swirling trying to decide what to do. The local shows here dont care what I call her as long as she has a negative coggins. The only paperwork they look at is the negative coggins, entry form, and green money =)
  14. Does This Sound Like A Good Trade?

    Hmm, thats exactly what I was afraid of. Babigirl90 - Maybe you should focus on the horses you already have. Ride them, train them. Do not breed them. You do not have the time nor the training capability for a young horse, period. Look around. The horse market is not good. There are free horses as well as cheap horses everywhere. If you arent happy with the horses you have, then perhaps you should try to sell them and then use that money to buy a good quality horse (NOT under the age of 5) in the discipline in which you actually ride/compete on a regular basis.
  15. Haflingers

    I LOVE Haffys! The ones I have encountered have been great. There used to be a Haffy at the barn where I board my horses and everyone just loved him! He'd be the first one to come to you in the feild, very curious, very nosy, in your pocket type of guy. Sweet as the day is long, we used him for little kids and beginner riders and he was fantastic. Full of personality and was a tad lazy. The best memories/moments of the barn include him. I went out in the feild to gather my horses and saw him standing over a little sapling pine tree rocking back and forth. I got a little worried and went over to him and immediatley bust out laughing as he was using this little sapling tree to scratch his belly. Another time was during the summer. A huge horse fly kept attacking him and would end up lighting on his bum just where he couldnt reach it with is tail. So, he tried in vain to shake it off. Then I watched him as he looked all around him, made a cirlce and then sat down like a dog, trying to get the horse fly off. Lol, silly guy. I'd certainly have a Halflinger in a heart beat if I found one in my budget!
  16. Does This Sound Like A Good Trade?

    I'm a little confused here. First of all, I dont mean to offend, step on toes, or anything like that. First of all I have to say that I agree with Jackie in her earlier post. Second, a "deal" with a friend almost always ends up not what you thought (or intended) it would be. More times than none the friends end up not being friends anymore, so I'd be careful here. Third, if your friend was planning on sending "Classy" to training if she got her, then why cant she send the horse she wanted to trade you to training? Fourth, you mention that you just dont have the time for "Classy" (or the time she needs) in your earlier post. And then you go on to state that you're looking into getting a filly. What makes you think that you're going to have time for this filly if you dont have time for "Classy"?
  17. Pole Dancing

    Oh I love love love Felix Cane!!!! Is she not the awesomest?!! She rocks! There are so many "sports" in the olympics that I could do without, yes seeing who can ski down hill the fastest is one of them. I personally loathe the winter olympics, even the figure skating now has just become ffffttt, blah to me.
  18. Show Name Vs. Registered Name?

    Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure the local shows here dont give a hoot what I say the horses name is. But yes, I expected to have to use the registered name at the Appy show. Thanks guys!
  19. Tips And Tricks To Get The Yaks To Shed

    I'm with ya! Its still cold and threatening snow here =(
  20. My boyfriends KMSH mare is colicking. The BO called me an hour ago. Another boarder had found her down in the feild and brought her in. She went down again in the stall. She is flipping her upper lip and stretching her neck, refusing grain. I am not there, I'm at work and will more than likely loose my job if I leave early. Vet has been called but is tied up for another hour at least. BO and other boarder have been walking her. Other boarder did give the mare 15ml of Banamine however it was outdated...yea, not sure how I feel about that at this point. My boyfriend has just gotten there and called to tell me that they are still walking her and she has made a small bowel movement. He is now leaving to run over to the vet to pick up some banamine. Ugh. Ontop of this we have about a foot and a half of snow on the ground and it is snowing right now as I type this, calling for an additional 6 inches, making roads difficult to travel. Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. Colicking Right Now! Help?

    Thanks again guys. My BF is really learning alot of good stuff, albeit the hard way. ExtraHannah - thanks. Your input makes a lot of sense. I never thought about the stress factor with her because so far she's been a very sweet layed back girl, doesnt seem fazed by anything, goes with the flow, and has attatched herself to my BF. But, yes, she probably does need a little time to adjust and I even wondered if she was ever fed grain at her previous home to begin with. The temps here are crazy right now too. Now calling for maybe just over a foot of snow starting tomorrow am. The horses will be brought inside.
  22. Colicking Right Now! Help?

    Thank you guys for all your concerns, advice and thoughts. She is up and doing fine this morning. The BO checked on her throughout the night and we went over about 11am. She was up and drinking water and seemed a bit bored in the stall. The BO was going to watch her a bit more before turning her out this afternoon. This mare is a new mare to us. We bought her at an auction a couple weekends ago dirt cheap. Maybe colic is why she was brought to auction to begin with? We'll definitly be keeping a close eye on her for the next several days. Its was just so hard to be stuck at work and only able to give instructions over the phone to my boyfriend who is clueless about these kinds of things. He did a good job. Thanks again guys. ETA: The vet is coming out to check her over today. The roads are passable right now, but very bad in spots. All local schools are closed. Ugh, I've got a lot on my mind as the weather forcast is calling for 3 feet of snow for this weekend. This doesnt usually happen here. Thanks again guys.
  23. Tips When Riding Your Horse Bareback

    I have a bareback pad with stirrups, and really like it. I used it on my Appy mare for a long trail ride this past summer and yep I got the "you sure you can stay on with that thing" look. Ha, I did of course! I dont really "rely" on the stirrups per se as much as I use them to just rest my feet in. We even galloped up a hill into a feild and all was well. I did have to jump off my mare to grab another mare who had ditched her rider and then tried to get back on my mare using the stirrup. Ha, my mare was nice and sweaty so that didnt work out too hot! Got lots of compliments that evening on how well I rode though. I used it on another mare as well for a trail ride and it worked out just fine for me. The seat on mine is suede and really comfy.
  24. Colicking Right Now! Help?

    Taken from boyfriends cellphone so its at a weird angle. She's starting to lay down again. She gets up very easily and is back up before he gets to the stall door. Not thrashing or trying to roll, just laying. He's calling the vet to see what he should do.
  25. Colicking Right Now! Help?

    BB Blue - Yep we/they can try. It will be hard to do but we/they can try. exes blue eyed - yes he does! I've ordered him a duster jacket =) He's been wanting one. Boyfriend went to leave(roads are getting really bad) and the mare layed down in the stall. I told him to get her back up and he has. He is sticking around to monitor her for a little while longer. I've asked him to watch her while she's laying down and let me know if she's pointing/nipping at her belly or sides and to call the vet if she starts rolling. I've told him not to let her roll. At this point he says that she's layed down with her feet tucked under her. Now that I think about it when I brought her in this morning her back was dirty...like she'd been rolling. Dam* it.