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  1. Anyone Good At Reading X-rays?

    Ok, I gave it a try. What I have circled is my guess....I hope this helps.Doc1.docbarb.doc
  2. Anyone Good At Reading X-rays?

    Well, I think I see it, but its hard for me to describe to you exactly where. I wish I could somehow copy your x-ray to like a word program or a paint program and circle exactly what I'm looking at for you...poo I'm no help =(
  3. This Pony Is A Saint!

    Holy crap! That was incredibly painful to watch on so many levels, I didnt even finish it. That poor horse!
  4. Saw Vi

    Seriously, they couldve stopped with this series like 3 movies ago. Now it just seems like they are grasping at straws for a plot/movie, whereas the first 3 flowed nicely.
  5. Costume Class Ideas?

    I'm doing Pippi Longstocking =) Ooops, I just saw that I'm on the kids only board. Sorry. I'm not a kid, but I still love the costume class! My boyfriend is doing the headless horseman. Its pretty easy, simple and cheap.
  6. Costume Class Coming Up

    Bless your heart. The costume class is always such fun. So you've black horses eh? How 'bout the headless horseman?? Go to Walmart and get one of those black capes, the kind for a vampire. Tie the string at the top just under the collar and just sew up the front. Put the cape over your daughters head so that her head rests where you've tied the string under the collar. Her head should be covered with the collar ontop of her head. I hope this makes sense/helps. You can cut small openings on the sides for her arms to come out of the cape. Then get you one of those plastic pumpkins that kids use to trick or treat with and viola, you've got her head. You can lead her in the class I beleive. I've done that one for years! My boyfriend is doing it this year except he's bound and determined to use a real pumpkin hollowed out and carved over his own head! I'm going as Pippy Longstocking!
  7. Selling Horse Question-update Post #9 Grrrrr

    Eeek, what a pain. I think I'd write him off and ignore his emails from now on. Good luck to you!
  8. Book Ideas

    I'm trying to get through "My Sisters Keeper" as well, but I just dont have much free time. Best books I've ever read hands down are the "Kite Runner" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns" both by the same author. So, so, good I've recommended them to lots of people.
  9. Picture Of A Hematoma On A Horse...

    My saddlebred mare had one on her bum from a kick a while back. I was thinking it was going to need lancing but it also healed up in about 2 months.
  10. Tlc Suspends "kate Plus 8"

    I've never watched the show but I can tell you that I'm sick and tired of hearing this whining crap on tv. I'm sick of hearing about it and even more I'm sick of seeing their faces on my tv! How many dang interviews can Kate do??? I'm sick sick sick of it! Stop the insanity!!!
  11. This is what I have so far. If anyone knows of any others please post them!! SPEED BALL - Rider must drop a golf ball into the top of a cone while turning a barrel (that the cone is on) and ride to the finish line. Timed RING TOSS - Rider must "toss" or place rings around cones as they round barrels (that the cones are on). Timed PONY EXPRESS - Follow course to saddle bag, grab paper from bag and ride to finsh line. Must have paper in hand at finish line. Timed Also ran with 2 riders and 2 horses. First pair starts at starting line gallop down to second pair at opposite end of ring and hand off saddlebags. Second pair gallops home. Note: Second pair with saddlebag must cross finish line before the 1st pair. GRAB & GO - Opposite of Speed Ball, Rider rides in and grabs a ball, circling the top of the barrel and race out. Timed Egg and Spoon race Gretna-Green: What they do here is race from the starting point, dismount. While holding their ponies, they must put on a shirt (preferably button up), as well as a large pair of pants, remount, and get to the finish line. Great fun especially if you are picky about what buttons are done up and what aren?t. Timed Pairs race: One rider starts on the pony, goes as fast as they can to the other side, where a partner waits. They then help the partner mount and get back to the finish line as fast as possible. Beware of this one as a number of falls are to be expected, as they help each other up. A variation of this is to have one start the race, dismount at the other end, and the partner has to mount and race back with no help from the dismounted rider. This is often a difficult thing to do on an excited pony, and can be especially fun when the game is played bareback. They will learn how to mount and dismount as well as how to work as a team. Timed. Also called Ride and Switch The Sack Race: they all line up at the start, and gallop to the opposite side where sacks are waiting for them. They dismount, jump into the sacks and hop back to the finish line. The first one home wins, and surprisingly this race is often the longest as ponies play up because the person leading them is jumping up and down and unsettling them. It took me three years to learn to put my feet into the corners and run! Apple Bobbing: a firm favorite among the more sadistic race organizers. The ponies line up with their riders on one side. At the start the go as fast as they can to the opposite side, where the rider has to dismount, take off his hat and stick his head into a bucket full of water and apples. He has to get an apple into his mouth, without using his hands, and once he has one, he has to replace his hat, remount, and head for the finish, still holding his apple in his mouth. I still don?t know what you learn, but it?s fun to watch and at least the horse gets a well-deserved apple in the end! Costume Class: Dress up in costume, must be mounted. Judged on best costume at judges discretion. Ride-A-Buck: Ridden with out a saddle the rider will place a dollar bill under thigh. Judge will ask for walk, trot, and canter. Last person with their dollar bill wins all dollars Catalogue Race: Rider will start from one end of arena where judge will assign catalogue page number. Rider will race to other end of arena where a catalogue is sitting on top of a barrel, find assigned page number tear it out and race home with it in hand. Rider will then give page torn out to judge to verify page number. Timed Dash for Cash: Race to end of ring, around barrel and back. Timed Pole bending: race a weaving pattern between 6 poles without knocking any down. Timed Barrel Race: race a clover leaf pattern around 3 barrels without knocking any over. Timed Ribbon Race: consists of 2 horses and 2 riders. The pairs will hold a ribbon between them. Judge will ask for a walk, trot, and canter. Last pair with their ribbon wins. Simon Says: Pretty self explanatory. Judge will call ?Simon says walk (trot or canter)? and riders will follow accordingly. If the phrase ?Simon Says? is not called before the asked gait then riders are to ignore the judge. Keyhole Race: From a starting line a rider races into and out of a keyhole shaped figure laid out on the ground without stepping out of the lines and races home. Timed Walk Race: Horses and riders start from one end of the ring and ?race? to other end of ring at a WALK only. Breaking gait = disqualification
  12. Horse Related "deal Breakers"..."must Haves"

    I hope I dont sound like I'm hijacking this thread as this may be lengthy, so if I do I'm sorry in advance! I'm currently advertising a handful of horses for my barn owner. He's an older man and does not ride. He's had these horses for years and really thought that his grandkids would get into riding....nope. His health is failing, he's not home often, and he absolutely hates seeing these said horses just sit in the feild. These horses were last used 2-3 years ago for lessons and at that time they were superb horses. Now, not so much. If they were mine, they'd be free to a good home. But, he's trying to sell them. The AppyXSelle Francais gelding is a beast. He's built like a tank and was a great jumper with huge potential. Now... ha, nowhere close. He can be a teeny bit difficult to catch as in you have to walk him down, he's so cinchy that he flips over (but then rides off fine) and he rushes jumps like a maniac, papers are lost. He would be free in my book to whoever wanted him, but my barn owner wants 500 bucks for him. Then theres the Paint mare and while she's pretty,.. pretty is as pretty does. I gave her a test ride the other day (I last rode her myself routinely last year) and she was as witchy as the day is long, wants to do her own thing go where she wants to go. Ask her for a trot and you've got a head tossin witch. He wants 1500 bucks for her. She used to be the favorite among the lesson kids. The he's got a 30 something year old palomino QH mare. She's in good shape body wise, sweet girl, papers are lost, used to be a reining horse (and has points) many moons ago, jumps. Great gal, but again, she'd be free. He wants 300 bucks for her. He has 3 that are not broke to ride and wants 300 each for them as well. And one who while she's absolutely gorgeous with great confo and is registered..she has a bad knee. Ugh. Not to mention that these horses are not up to date on worming or farrier care. Like I said, if they were mine, they'd be free. On the other hand, I have gotten some nice free horses. And I've gotten some not so nice free horses. I currently have an older (24) Appy mare who I think the world of! She's great! She's my perfect trail horse, safe enough for a beginner yet also has all the get up and go I want. She's a firecracker and I'm sooo happy I have her. I have a blast with her. I originally did not want her. She came as a package deal with a free 2 year old double registered Paint mare I have as well. The Appy was said to have cushings which kinda boggled my mind cause she didnt look like a cushings horse. Had the vet out and low and behold, she doesnt have cushings. So, she's just old. Who cares? I dont, I love her. She's probably the best thing I have right now as far as the horses go. So now you're wondering why the double registered Paint mare was free right? A young lady (with 3 small kids) had bought her the previous year, went through a divorce, and then couldnt afford her board fees. So the mare was turned over to the barn owner. In the meantime the mare was kicked in the hind hock and barn owner picked up the tab for that. Nothing serious at all, just some superficial stuff, some swelling that may or may not go away, clean x-rays, sound. Barn owner just didnt have the time for this mare. So, I got her. She's lovely, level headed, all her groundwork is done, she's been saddled etc. and I'm now starting to get on her without her even batting an eye. Best of all, that hock has decreased a lot and it looks like as she continues to grow it will decrease more. A few years ago I aquired an Arabian gelding, also for free. He was awesome! A lady had him for her son at the barn where I board and she got tired of bringing her son out to ride so she gave him to me. He was great. I recently passed him on to an older man looking for an Arab for pleasure riding once in a blue moon. I also have a 5 gaited 17 year old Saddlbred mare who rides and drives. She's an ox! Absolutely bombproof! And was absolutely free, the older couple who had her were moving out of state and couldnt take her with them. She's been a great girl, I'm just not that into gaited horses. She's worth her weight in gold though. I can post pics of all of these freebies if anyone would like. Then theres the not so great freebies. My TB mare whose previous owner was not truthful with me. Tb is 19, cribs like a feind, stresses over which way the wind blows and will not gain weight to save my soul. Yep, vet has been out, 2 different vets as a matter of fact. She's the sweetest horse to work with and around, and before she dropped her weight she loved to work and be ridden. Then theres my boyfriends little QH mare (previously used in 4-h) who isnt too bad really. She's dead broke, bombproof, and really more suited for kids. You can do anything to, or with, this gal. Stands and goes to sleep while being groomed, and taught my boyfriend how to ride (the basics anyway). She's a sweet sweet girl and we've trail ridden her extensively. She's now come up a tad lame due to an oooold shoulder injury (puncture wound perhaps) that we were unaware of when we got her. So we arent trail riding her anymore. She will be used for occasional pony rides, and parades. I hope I've helped some =)
  13. Where Is Chopper?

    Chopper - Ok, seriously if you have the inside scoop and you're for real then why not just come out with what you "know". Why do you keep being vague as posted above, whats the point? Do you like people worrying about your mental health, because honestly I'm beginning to myself. If you're so sure you know whats going on then why not spill it already? This is really getting insane and people are really honestly in their hearts worried about you. Is this some kind of plan you've concocted just to screw with people or is there any truth at all to what you "know"?
  14. Michael Jackson Is Not Dead

    Wow, this post is starting to mess withmy mental health. I often come just to lurk, I was a pretty active member years ago. Anywho, that really doesnt matter. I've read this whole thing and I agree with those saying "he wouldnt do that to his children", nor would it make sense for him to do this to his fans. Its very hard for me to beleive that the family (Janet especially since she seems pretty down to earth yet close to her brother) would go along with this as well. I agree with those who said that if this turns out to be true then he'll need one heck of a team of body guards to protect him from angry people. However now that I'm done reading this I'm really kinda freaked out about Choppers (please dont take this personal) words now. They just sound like one of those crazy religious people predicting the coming of christ. This wasnt so weird when it first started out but by the last few pages are just......eek! ETA: I'm curious to know the outcomeof this whole thing. Chopper, why do we have to wait 6 weeks? Whats going to happen in 6 weeks that will tell us that he faked his death? I've tried to google and look into it but I just honestly cant come up with anything that makes sense. I've read and re-read this post. I agree with the poster that said that the two caskets looked very similar. Besides, the Jackson family does have money and Michael was a legend, so what difference does it make if they use a different casket or 5 different caskets?? Originally I was lost with the whole Liberian Girl picture referenced but now that I've re-read the post I see the picture being referenced. Seriously, I dont think it has anything to do with being a "theme" for his death. I think that that particular picture was the image of Michael Jackson that most people remembered him looking like, that was what he looked like more or less in his "heyday" or when he was especially popular.
  15. Help Me Find This Video

    Hey you guys. I remember some time ago that someone posted a youtube video of a girls jumping competition. It looked to be maybe a college competition and the girl was riding horribly. She was very forward, very bouncy, and all in the horses mouth. I'm sure some of you will remember as there were lots of comments on this video on how the girl shouldnt be jumping and how the horse was a saint for putting up with her. I'm looking for this video because I want to show it to a guy I work with. While he is a little clueless about the jumping world, his girlfriend is an eventer. They are a new couple and I'm trying to show him the difference between good and bad riding so he wont look like such a dweeb =) Thanks!
  16. Tipping..

    So my boyfriend and I frequently go out to eat, and are in the process of trying out places we've never been. I can understand that the job of a waiter/waitress can be tough at times and we usually tip extremely well. I want to know what defines poor service in your eyes and in what situation would you consider not tipping? For instance, lately there seems to be a growing trend among waiters/waitresses in this area....they take our order, refill our drinks a couple times, bring the food and then bring the bill. They never ask if we'd like desert. I dont like that, I think its rude and seems to me as if we're just being hurried out the door. I will still tip however not as well. Then there was a situation this past weekend. We went to a pizza/italian place. It wasnt at all busy or crowded. Our waitress came and took our drink (soda) order and then said she'd give us a few minutes to decide what we'd like to order. The girl was gone for seriously almost half an hour! I could see her from where I was sitting and she was laughing and joking it up with other staff. She came to our table and apologized and said that she'd been busy doing some things in the back. Um, really, dont lie to me. She came back to refill our drinks one more time, and that was it. Our bill was 45 bucks, yep 45. The food was not good and its pretty hard to mess up pizza. I admittedly wasnt going to tip but my boyfriend did. So, when would you not tip? What have your experiences been like? Also, do you tip for carryout?
  17. Michael Vick Joins Philadelphia Eagles

    Paid his debt to society? Nah, I think not. I'm willing to bet that he wasnt housed with murderes and rapists during his time in the slammer like every other convicted felon is, nah I'm sure they kept 'ol Vick seperate from those guys. He shouldve been someones girlfriend in there. He shouldve felt his own wrath be handed to him by some brute the way he handed it to those dogs. Absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being. His time served was way too short, not to mention the fact that this wasnt his first brush with the law. He's always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder as if he can get away with anything because he was an NFL player. Furthermore, theres been many studies done to show that someone with the mindset to hurt animals the way he did will also do the same to children and other people. And here he is making millions again, living way better than us law abiding, sane, compasionate, hard working citizens. Makes me want to frickin' puke. I wont go into detail here as to what I'd like to see happen to him, cause I'm a little afraid I'd be banned. So I'll just say this..I hope he has a very bad, if not devastating season.
  18. Hey guys. I recently acquired a registered 2 year old Paint mare. She is a nice little girl, good ground manners, very friendly, has been sacked out, saddled, bridled, and sat on. She's the only horse in the feild that comes galloping when you call her. She's a hoot. Her story before I got her was that she was shipped from Tx. to Va. and when she got off the trailer she was in poor condition. Emaciated, long feet, and had been kicked in a hind hock which was swollen. It was feared that the girl wouldnt even make it through the night so I've been told. The hock was taken care of, x-rayed, drained, etc. Vet said it would either just remain enlarged or get better over time/growing. Well, just in the past couple months her hock has gone down a considerable amount and is starting to look pretty normal. This girl is registered and I am assuming will be easy to break to ride. My question is this...what can I do with her now to make her more valuable when I decide to sell her? She will not be trained to ride until she is probably closer to 5 years old, just because even right now to me she looks like a yearling vs. a 2 year old. I beleive that due to her emaciated condition when she came from Tx. that she did not get the feed/vitamins/etc. a young horse would need to develop to their full potential. She's a pretty girl and an easy girl to work around/with. I just want her to be more marketable when the time comes to sell her. Are there shows other than "in hand" and "halter" classes that I should/couldbe putting her in to gain points/experience? She will start being ponied on trails this coming weekend. I'm sorry that I donthave a picture of her right now but I will try to snap a good one in the morning. Thanks guys, your advice is appreciated.
  19. Asking Too Much?

    I'm going to try to make this quick. I would just like other horse peoples opinions here. My boyfriend and I have a very busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow starting at 7am we are taking part in an "old west" type show to include a "train robbery", "shoot out", etc. He has never done anything like this before so it would be a good experience for him and build his confidence. I am to be playing the part of a can-can girl. Most of the show will be mounted and my boyfriend plans on taking his little mare. He has trail ridden her three times since we've had her (we've had her a few months, she's 19 and was used for 4-h previously) and ridden her in the ring. He's pretty confident on/with her. The old west show is to run from 7am to 6pm. My boyfriends family from Nebraska is here and we had planned on taking his 10 year old neice for a 1 hour trail ride tomorrow as well. So we were thinking to cut out on the old west show around 3pm to take the neice trail riding. Then Sunday we're off to a county fair horse show to do games. Am I asking too much of his little mare? I dont want to exhaust her. I'm thinking his mare should maybe skip the old west show, and have her energy saved for the trail ride and county fair show. What do you guys think? She's not at all a high strung "getty-up-and-go" type girl. She's very mellow and even a little pokey but will move on when really asked.
  20. Asking Too Much?

    Thanks guys. I'm thinking that the old west thing isnt going to be too physically demanding, however I'm sure it will be held out in the hot sun, as will be the fair I'm assuming. On one hand she does graze with the herd out in the hot sun everyday so this wont be too much different, she'll just be getting some riding. Hmmm. I'm gonna talk it over with my boyfriend. He's pretty particular about her...she's got him wrapped around her little hoof =) I'm sure he will choose whats best for her and not just what he'd like to do.
  21. Asking Too Much?

    We cant save the trail ride for another time. My boyfriends family is here (Va) from Nebraska and they only come once a year, if that, and we had planned on taking his neice on a trail ride. I'm thinking about the mare skipping the old west shin dig and doing the trail ride that afternoon and the county fair the next day. The county fair isnt going to be too strenuous, not like barrels or anything, more like egg&spoon and the "walk race". =) Oh, wanted to add too that the "trail ride" that I'm talking about is the same trail ride we always do, so the mare is accustomed to that trail and that length (1 hour) of time. Heck the first time we rode that trail (and the first trailride for my boyfriend and that mare since we got her) we got lost. Ended up riding for 5 hours!
  22. Asking Too Much?

    Thanks. She is ridden on the weekends and has the weeks off. So, she will have the whole coming week to recoup. And yes she will have water available as we are taking our own supply. She will fed at the same time (or pretty close to it) as well.
  23. Found Death, Found Life

    Flying Stars - Like seriously, re-read the ending of the post. The OP is very vague as to what killed those other animals. I agree with SpottedTApps, what killed the other animals? And why be so vague?
  24. Showing A 2 Year Old? And Other Questions

    I did snap a few pics of her this morning. I'm having some problems getting them to upload but I will keep trying.........ok I've tried every way I know of and no luck. If anyone has any idea how I can get these to upload please let me know! I can send them in an email if anyone would like..
  25. Showing A 2 Year Old? And Other Questions

    Here is a pic of her as a youngun' from the breeders website. I will snap a picture of her now in the morning and have it for you guys tomorrow afternoon. I'll also try to remember to bring her papers so I can list her background for you tomorrow. Heres the link, click on it and scroll down a bit... http://www.walkerfarms.net/Foals_2007P.html