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  1. Welp, Faith wasnt humiliated enough apparently. Came home to a super soaked couch tonight. Im off this weekend so my plan is to give the diapers a trial run. I don't think she would be able to get to the diaper to shred it, but wonders never cease. So Ill diaper her and leave for a little while and see how it goes. I did speak with a coworker today who used to train dogs for people and she says that given Faiths age I probably wont be able to train her not to pee on the couch at this point. Coworker says shes doing it because shes angry and those behaviors are the hardest to fix. She suggested removing Faith from access to the couch but I explained that that would isolate her from Benny (who is crated in the living room and loves her crate) and Jenna (who sleeps on the couch all day and whose days have become very limited...as in I think its time, if you get my drift). The coworker agreed that isolating her would probably be worse, she'd probably resort to being destructive even though she has never been. So...wish me luck and that the diapers at least help some!

  2. So on my days off I ventured next door to the thrift store and picked up a couple pairs of toddlers/kids pants for a quarter a pair.  I cut a hole for Faiths tail and put them on her just to see her reaction. I think she was so humiliated that when I left the house for hours yesterday, I came home to a dry couch. Lol. I included a pic of her in her hot pants so you can see her poor expression. I didnt leave them on long, her poor little sad face got to me. Dont get me wrong, I dont at all think she's fixed and my coworker brought me actual diapers to try today, but I thought it was pretty coincidental amd funny that she didnt pee on the couch for 2 days after having on a pair of pants lol.


  3. 3 hours ago, jubal said:

    Have you tried giving her lots of extra attention when you're home? She may feel jealous of the other dog that gets to go with you to the farm.

    She still gets the same amount of attention she was getting before Benny. She still sleeps with me at night all snuggled up tight. Neither of them have been to the farm in a good while because its just been too hot. When I do take them I take them together to avoid coming back home to a pee pee couch. BUT, she was doing this before Benny came.

  4. 10 minutes ago, noponies said:

    Most certainly.

    (Wheres that little icon with the head banging on the brick wall? Lol, thats what I feel like)

    Any chance that once she pees on herself a few times and has to have a bath (which she dislikes), that she'll stop this nonsense?? Maybe?

  5. 5 minutes ago, little cow said:

    I rescued a goat from an auction unintentionally back in college.  I was there as a requirement for an Animal Science class.  After the auction, a man was loading up one group of goats.  The littlest one was very weak.  I remembered seeing her lay down every few steps when they ran them through.  Well, as soon as they ran the goats into his truck, he reached over, picked the little one up under her jaw, and chucked her right out onto the driveway, with everyone backing the trucks and trailers.  If she was there too long, someone would run her over.  She just laid there with her feet under her.  I was leaving and saw the whole thing.  When I stopped traffic to pick her up, the man that threw her told me to pay him $14!!  What a POS!  Anyway, I wrote him a check that I knew wouldn't go through (I was a college kid and didn't have any cash anyway).  I worked for a large animal vet who helped me get her sorted out.  Turned out to be a lovely Toggenburg baby.  Stunted for life because of mistreatment, but she was awesome.  Our prof teased me about taking the assignment of attending an auction too personally.  Not sure if lightning will strike twice and I will find another goat buddy at an auction, but I will try.  

    Aww, what POS. People disgust me sometimes. I bet youll find one at an auction. Theres plenty around here for sure. Sometimes Im glad I dont own my own land lol.

  6. Actually Im off for the next few days and Im sure its going to be too hot to even enjoy the outside, so Ill be inside. Ive already googled dog diaper pattern and may crochet one up and line it with a dish towel or something just to try, maybe get her used to wearing one. I do wonder though...will she still pee and Ill have a dog to bathe when I get home? Ugh.

  7. 1 minute ago, little cow said:

    I think I have a new pet peeve.  It seems like so many large animal rescues are no longer rescuing.  They are "sanctuaries".  You can 'adopt' an animal and get a picture but they don't want to find homes for their animals.  They don't want to bring in new rescues.  What the heck?  If I'm going to give money to a rescue, they need to be actively rescuing.  Otherwise, why should I pay for someone else to have pets?   Heck, a bunch of our animals have sad stories.  If I had a fancy website, maybe someone would pay my farm costs, lol!

    We were looking to get a rescue goat to keep Nancy goat company.  She was doing great with her donkey pal, but baby donkey prefers the horses, now that she's all grown up.  Poor Nancy goat is pouting.  We might have to head to an auction to help a goat.  I have a quarantine spot and the deworming and vaccines.  Plus, a good vet.  I am disappointed in rescues in my area.  

    I have never understood that either!

  8. 25 minutes ago, little cow said:


    Dogs can be aggravating sometimes.  I am surprised at your patience.  I couldn't put up with a dog peeing on the couch.  That would quickly become an outside dog.

    I tell her all the time that shes very lucky that I love her. Like I said before, she is perfect in every way except this one issue. 

  9. 5 hours ago, RailroadWoman said:

    I see shredded diapers in your very near future.

    Im buying the cloth ones when I get paid Thursday. Hopefully she cant shred those. Left work early today cause the census was low and my sciatica nerve wants to be a pain today, so I didnt get those diapers from my friend/coworker to try. Oh well.

  10. On 8/16/2019 at 11:19 AM, RailroadWoman said:

    Guessing she hasn't always done this.  You mentioned that she is ten correct?  Could possibly be that she has created an what I call Old Age problem.  Yes, 10 isn't old but that is also the age when things start changing for dogs.  We had our share of older age problems with Willy that we just worked around but nothing like you are having.

    Instead of putting her in a crate can you short leash her to the foot of the bed so she can move but only have access to her own doggy bed. Or short leash somewhere in your living room.   I had done this with Mickey as she stressed out in the crate & it worked really well.

    When we eventually get back out to the farm I want to build a nice kennel for the dogs when we go for a day or two.  Or the days you just don't want to take them to work.

    We've been to the vet for this a couple times. Ive tried giving her the benefit of the doubt but the vet cant find anything wrong. He says its behavioural. She hasnt always done it. A friend is bringing me some diapers for her today. I have the next 3 days off and will leave her for a short period with a diaper on and see what she does.

  11. 16 minutes ago, jubal said:

    Have you tried a Thunder Shirt?

    I have thought about that (and have recommended them to others) but I haven't tried one. I might pair it with a doggie diaper lol. Im willing to try just about anything at this point.

  12. Help, before I lose my mind! My 10 year old dog Faith (pitbull x bull terrier) has been having a behavioral issue for some time now. She is absolutely perfect in every way except this ONE issue, and its driving me nuts! I believe she has separation anxiety. Ive been told that dogs dont do things for spite, that they dont think that way, but Im telling you..SHE DOES! I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts. When Im at work she pees on the couch, particularly in the spot I sit in. Don't worry, I have the couch covered down to a science so the pee never gets on the couch its self. Plastic matress cover from Dollar Tree, 2 blankets ontop of that and another blanket covering it all. And every evening when I get home, the couch gets stripped, wet blankets go into the washer, matress cover gets tossed and I start all over. This evening took the cake. Got home and the couch is covered in pee...and so is the floor. (I have them confined to the living room) There was enough pee for 3 or 4 dogs. Im so aggrivated. Just once Id like to come home from work and just crash on the couch, but nope, I have to redress it first. So, crate her right??? I wish. She used to crate very well years ago and then I dont know what happened but I came home one day and she had pushed her way out of the crate, her entire face and head was very swollen from pushing against the metal. I tried and tried to retrain her to crate, and she would hurt herself trying to get out. It was so bad that I was afraid that she would really get herself hemmed up and possibly die. Now, before you tell me that 12 hours is a long time for her to hold her bladder...she doesnt pee on the couch (or inside) at all when Im home on my days off. She will happily lay in bed or on the couch for 12 hours and not once need to go out. But if I leave her...yep. I absolutely take her out to pee before leaving so I don't know where shes even storing all this extra pee. I kid you not, I could take her out to pee, leave her for 30 minutes, and she'll pee on the couch. This dog is doing it for spite! Benny and Jenna both hold their bladders when Im gone. A coworker suggested doggie diapers and I seriously think Im going to give them a try.

  13. 1 hour ago, RailroadWoman said:

    QB sounds like you had a really nice break.  Do you catch & release or fry up them fish for dinner?

    Depends on how I feel lol. Landlord is very picky about who fishes his ponds and usually its catch and release. But, hes told me I can keep some. I toss them back, unless Im hungry and/or feel like going through the trouble of cleaning them. Same goes for public lakes.

  14. Well,  today is the last day of my staycation. Its been nice. Ive fished til my reel broke last night. Finally caught a decent sized bass in the pond where the catfish got away from me weeks ago. Found a boat landing Ive been meaning to find and played in the water there. Took Benny and Faith and Benny was very timid about the river. Its funny because she acts like she owns the pond at the farm. Ate at a seafood place Ive been meaning to get to. Spent time with my neice and nephew. Cleaned up my yard and garden area. The list goes on and on. I have to say, snuggling with my Benny in the mornings has been the best though. Theres just something about that pooch. Im gonna miss it most tomorrow. 


  15. On 7/31/2019 at 3:23 PM, little cow said:

    Heidi, I hope you keep improving.  

    Queen, enjoy your break!  Have you ever worked with epoxy and wood together?  My husband is a woodworking type guy (just a hobby) and he took a nice slab of wood, chiseled out a stream shaped gouge down the center of it, mixed up blue epoxy, poured it in the gouge, and then sanded it down.  He's doing the finish now.  It's an amazing looking table, but he also did some fun things with the epoxy using scrap wood.  Here's a link to a professional "river table":


    That looks pretty neat!

  16. Sitting at the library downloading some Netflix stuff.

    Its HOOOT. But, Im on vacation! Staycation to be exact lol. So I can sleep as long or as little as I want, go where I want, do what I want, and fish as many days as I want. Got some errands done yesterday and today. Itching for another wood project to do but nothing has crossed my mind or even sparked it. Tomorrow Im going panning for gold with a friend. For some reason shes panning the creek behind her house. Lol, its something to do.

  17. Just a quick Netflix update..

    Tried watching The Haunting of Hill House. Booooring. Couldnt get into it. Deleted it.

    Tried 13 Reasons Why. Again, boooring and fell asleep, twice.

    Downloaded The Ranch and American Horror Story.

    Currently watching Heartland and Free Rein. Free Rein is a bit kiddish, but its cute.

  18. 1 hour ago, jubal said:

    Horses can think of the strangest ways to hurt themselves. I'm glad it  wasn't worse, Heidi.

    Queen, you're right handy! I wish I could give you all the wine glasses taking up space in my cabinet. I don't even drink wine!

    Its amazing the things you can do when you have the right tools to do it with. I love my circular saw. These 3 glasses are the ones I use. I have others in the cabinet that are from wineries/vineyards that I dont use because I dont want them to break. I need to find a better way to display them though.

  19. So, heres my little project. Got tired of having all my coffee cups and all of my wine glasses taking up space in the cabinet. (Oh, who am I kidding, I just made room for more wine glasses, lol.) I just had this idea and the landlord had some pallets laying around. I bought myself a drill and a circular saw and made it happen. I ordered the hooks from Amazon and had one of the maintenance guys hang it up for me. I love love love it.


  20. 1 hour ago, RailroadWoman said:

    LC you'll find the perfect Steady Eddie for LJ.  Eddie will be found when you are not looking.

    Last night I was board & was looking at puppy ads on Craig's list.  Somehow I found a Fjord for sale at what say was a reasonable price.  Sadly we are not living at the farm or I'd go take a look.

    *gasp*  Ive always wanted a Fjord!


    littlecow the landlord has a mini donkey. Ill have to take a pic for you. Hes got a couple other regular donkeys too. The jenny Sophie loooves attention. I just found recently that she absolutely loves to be fly sprayed, its the funniest thing. Its almost like she knows exactly what youre doing and is greatful lol.

  21. RailroadWoman and noponies, I think Ill talk to the landlord tomorrow and see if I can either keep June or buy her from him. I could still have kids play with her and show her in hand until shes ready to drive. I never ever thought Id have a mini, even have said I wouldnt have one if ya gave it to me, but I do really like June.

    Oh, and I went ahead and bought an air fryer. Threw some frozen fries in it tonight and they turned out good. Ill have to try more stuff in it. My brothers best friend loves his so Im sure he can give me meal ideas.

    I dont go back to work til the weekend. Tomorrows agenda is to stop by the library and get my fishing license so I can go fish at the state park up the road from me. A coworker pulled out a 8lb bass from the state park last week. Then Ill run to Southern States and grab a couple more tomato plants. Just gotta get my dirt from the farm first.