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  1. Well, 2 things happened today. One, my original cowgirl is back. Shes been grounded for 3 weeks, lol. Yall I can't wait for her and her sister to hit the teenage years. Im gonna sit back and laugh and have a drink for thier mom. So Zarinna says her sister doesnt want to do horses at all anymore and she doesnt want to show by herself...perfect, we've got Lyric! This is gonna work, but we arent going to the show Saturday.

    Number TWO...Gypsy finally had her foal! Not sure if its a colt or filly. Gypsy will come up to me, quickly figure out I dont have a tasty treat for her and very quickly usher her foal away. Zarinna is supposed to go out tomorrow with a handful of grain for her. 

    Other than that, these last 3 days off Ive had have been nice. Ive slept in, then lounged in my hammock and enjoyed the weather. Spent the afternoons at the farm with the horses and even caught a catfish this afternoon. Its back to reality tomorrow.


  2. My new cowgirl Lyric got to come to the farm yesterday. This girl has no fear. And she asks really good questions and wants to learn. She wanted to know how to clean their hooves yesterday, so we went over all of that. She helped me feed everyone and even led Sonic abd Mr. Butters to thier feeding spots. She brushed Sonic while I tacked Whitewash up. I gave her a leg up and she swung her other leg over and sat in the saddle like she had done it all before. I led her around the pond where we both got to see tiny baby geese that have recently hatched. She enjoyed the ride and turned Whitewash back out when we were done. She'll be back Monday.

  3. 1 hour ago, jubal said:

    But horse foals don't leave their mothers and pair up with another horse that soon.

    Mini foals are different, from what Ive seen. These foals are eating grass within days and are weaned (no human intervention) within a couple months, three at the most. Theyre very curious and full of energy.

  4. 7 hours ago, little cow said:

    Queen, that hammock looks lovely!  We would need a shade tree over it down here, though. 

    We have local plays, but I'm not sure they are that good.  Maybe we should give it a try.   I think they are doing a musical right now.  The boys HATE musicals.  I'll have to wait to see what they do next.  

    I do have some shady spots in the yard that Ill eventually move it to. The best thing about this hammock is the the frame and the fact its portable. I spent an hour in it this morning but its very windy today and the wind is chilly so I came inside. Check out your local plays, they may have a few you'll like!

  5. 11 minutes ago, jubal said:

    Is that the set for Cabaret or is that the permanent stage?  Really cute!

    I have that same fire pit, only mine is stored under the deck and is now rust color.

    You know, you're going to have to move all those flower pots every time you mow the grass.

    I hired someone to cut the grass this year for the first time in my life. It's wonderful!  I still have to do the pastures and barn lot,  but that isn't weekly and  all the trimming.

    They actually change the set/stage for each production. It was not like that for Sweeney Todd. The work they do just on the sets(s) alone is pretty fantastic.

    My grass in that area doesnt grow much anyway, and I pay my neighbor to cut it. He cut it just the other day. Im good with him just mowing around it. My whole place used to be a parking lot years ago, so I dont have dirt. I have crush and run instead. Ill have to take a pic of the yard when it needs mowed, you can see literal stripes where the straw was put out for the grass to grow lol.

  6. 20 minutes ago, RailroadWoman said:

    QB so who are you going to have video you the first time you get out of your new swing bed?  You will really enjoy the fire pit.  We have a lp fire stand we love to use in the summer.   That was a cool way they designed the stage for the performance.


    Ive already been in the hammock, had to test it out ya know lol. Ive had the firepit going too, its nice. Havent had time to fire up the grill but Im off 3 consecutive days this week so Im sure Ill get it going.

    Really wish I hadve gotten pics of the cast. They always seem to cast parts so perfectly.

  7. I ordered a hammock (with a stand) from Walmart a couple days ago and it wasnt scheduled to be delivered til the 19th which was fine. I wasnt in any hurry for it. Well, it came Thursday! So now in my front yard oasis I have my garden, my tiny grill, my firepit, and now a hammock. Took pics for yall...

    The theater group that I frequent is doing "Cabaret" this month. I went last night, and it was phenomenal! The set was gorgeous, the acting was terrific, the band/orchestra was beautiful. I loved it. So glad my brother got me a season pass cause Im going to see it again soon. Got pics for ya!









  8. 3 hours ago, RailroadWoman said:

    LC have fun with the new rat pack

    QB I had planted the corn in 6ft long flower boxes.  The root of corn are really shallow so they don't need deep pot.  They were really easy to grow.  The beans I had done didn't seem worth the time for what little I got.

    I have two water tanks not being used at the farm.  Could bring them to the motel for pot gardens.  Maybe should try potatoes in 5 gal pails.  Have enough pails.

    Hmm, I havent seen any corn plants at my local feed store where Ive bought everything else. They have the best selection and variety..maybe they do have them and I just didnt see them. Ill look again. Someone brought a huge bag of yellow potatoes into work today to give away. Im definitely going to take some home to plant.

  9. 16 minutes ago, RailroadWoman said:

    If you are going to plant here it better be snow peas.  Yup we are getting our April snow.

    I'll do cherry mators as always but have half the brain to plant some more.  Couple years ago I did corn in pots & it grew rather well.  Cobc were small but they sure were yummy.  Would like to try cucumber.

    Corn in pots.....dont tempt me! Lol

  10. 1 hour ago, jubal said:

    ^^^Our county has a farm day at the end of every summer. Different farms around the county each year have open house so the  "civilians" get to see their operations. I went on the trek a few years ago and visited the Icelandic pony farm and an orchard/farm on our road. The orchard served lunch where I had the best hamburger I've ever tasted. It was probably chopped steak. Farm Day is very popular, especially with the kids. I hope your farm day is a pleasant experience and I'm sure it will be a lot of work.

    Thats funny, they have a farm day like that here too. Its mostly the uppity old money horse farms, but its nice. We have a thing called "Old Farm Day" too where local farmers bring their tractors and equipment etc for the city folks to come gawk at. Lots of demonstrators, honey bees, candle making, wool spinning etc., its nice.

  11. Ha, those were funny!

    Welp, the little girl cant wait to come back. She loved it all, open field, catching tiny new frogs, mud, petting the ponies and horses, dirt, petting the cows, she loved every second. She ran most of the time, lol, good thing I have good horses and not much bothers them. She has no fear, none. She listened well and even asked good questions. Shes gonna come back Monday evening. 

    I got my firepit going tonight while I planted my lettuce and cucumbers. I think Im all done on plants...maybe. I kinda want a celery plant just for fun..we'll see lol. Ill have to take a few pics of my garden/yard. Got a little sunburn today too!

  12. Now I wanna see a pic of this "butt ugly" roan. I bet Id love him. 

    Still no mini foal #2

    Its gorgeous out today and Im working on my container garden. Bought another green bean plant and another tomato plant. Bought green leaf and red leaf lettuce, and some cucumber plants. Got most of every thing in containers, just need to get more composted black gold from the farm this afternoon. I have a little african american girl coming to the farm this evening. Her mom and I worked together years ago and when her daughter showed an interest in horses she was totally dumbfounded lol. It should be fun, and who knows where it might lead. Really wish I didnt have to work tomorrow, Id stay outside all night. With my grill and my firepit and my garden...my hammock with a frame will be here next week. Ive hung bird feeders and hummingbird feeders too. Its my own little oasis, I may never come back inside. Well, maybe for a beer.

  13. 48 minutes ago, jubal said:

    When I was teaching, we took the kids to a farm that the county owned that had been there since the 1700's. The owners left it to the county for educational purposes. It had a huge log barn that had been kept in repair, a large house from the 1800's, and wonderful land and trees and outbuildings. There were animals, pigs, sheep and cows and poultry. Some of the kids, especially the inner city kids, had never seen a farm or farm animals. Some were afraid of all the open land.  I remember a conversation among the African American girls about how spooky it would be at night and they wouldn't camp there. But by the end of the day, they were all galloping over the open fields catching butterflies, and petting and brushing the animals. I feel sorry for the kids who never get that experience. That's why I said you did a good thing, Queen.

    Ive always wanted to take inner city kids and kids with ADHD to a farm and just let them run and play, fish, be around animals that theyve never touched etc. Ive always wanted to run a summer camp of sorts..swimming, camping, horses, fishing, etc. for kids that have never done that sort of thing.

    Sadly, I don't think we're going to make it to the horse show on the 20th. It seems as though the girls arent interested (or maybe just take it all for granted really). They havent put thier hands on thier ponies in weeks. Zarinna hasnt called to see what days Im off nor has she come down to the barn when Ive been there. It is what it is. I could certainly find other kids to work with and show the ponies (I have one coming this week actually) but I dont have a truck to pull the trailer to the shows.

  14. Still no mini foal #2. Even the mare has a disgusted look on her face. Hopefully soon. Got 2 green bean plants planted yesterday and some lemon balm just for fun. Also bought a mini rose bush. I plan on getting some lettuce tomorrow. We've been having some really pretty weather. Benny wouldnt let me sleep 2 more minutes yesterday, almost as if to say "get up mom, its beautiful outside!" She spent the day chasing butterflies and watching me put my little grill and firepit together. Dont get me wrong, I love my bully dogs, but this hound is the best thing in the world. Maybe she knows I saved her, I dont know, but shes the best. I love her to pieces.

    I finally got to take my neighbors youngest son to the farm yesterday. Hes been asking his parents for a year now if he can go with me, and his mom finally said yes yesterday. They are an african american family, I wanted to point that out because you dont find many african americans interested in horses around here, and certainly not boys. It was a quick trip because a bad storm was brewing but he was amazed at all the open field to begin with. He got to pet one of the 4H cows which he'd never done before. I explained to him that one day they would be steaks and hamburger, he was a little taken aback. He knew hamburger and steak came from cows but I think that he didn't expect the cows to be friendly. I showed him the Canadian goose that was sitting on her nest of eggs and explained that if we got too close the daddy goose would chase us. He thought that was pretty neat. We went in with the horses and of course Sonic was the first one to give him a good sniff. I think he was surprised at how big/tall Sonic is. We walked around and he got to pet the minis before we heard rain coming, loud and fast. He wants to come back and ride :-)


  15. 10 hours ago, RailroadWoman said:

    Just have them roll over very for rummy rubs.

    QB green beans are easy to grow in pots.  I've also done sweet corn & carrots.  I usually plant cherry tomatoes in 5 gal pails.  Its a great way to grow cause they are easy to move around

    Mamma mini is so big Im not sure she would be able to get back up from a belly rub lol.


  16. Got 2 tomato plants and one sweet red pepper plant planted today. Got some cucumber seeds planted too. Im just doing containers, not a real garden. Its just me anyway so I dont need much. Im thinking about a few green bean plants and maybe some lettuce. I bought some gaudy whirlygig things and a garden flag from the Family Dollar store to keep the deer out. 

  17. Neat pics RrW!

    Still waiting on mini foal #2. Mare seems to be waxed, so anytime now. Today would be a perfect day, its nice and sunny and warm. I need to get a halter on the other one. Ive been rubbing him all over everytime I go out, lol hes annoyed with me.

    My dogs ears are all good and Ive stopped stressing lol.

  18. 1 hour ago, RailroadWoman said:

    I've put solution directly in ear but then rub the ear really good.  However, I can see how you are nervous especially with past experience of a dog & ear problems.

    Thats what the vet told me to do, so thats what I did. My dog in the past developed hematomas without me doing anything, it was just a fluke. She didnt even have big/long ears so the vets and I were both stumped. But I feel like with my 2 now Ive stimulated them to shake their heads/ears which *could* cause hematomas...especially since Benny has hound doggie ears.

  19. So Im stressin a little bit. When I took Faith to the vet for her abcessed tooth he peeked in her ears and said she could use a cleaning. I bought what they recommended there and cleaned her and Bennys ears yesterday. My gut told me not to because years ago I had a Pit Bull who developed ear hematomas...twice. It wasnt a cheap surgery either. I was afraid Faith and Benny would develop hematomas after I cleaned their ears....and still afraid as they keep shaking their heads. Ugh.