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  1. The Front Porch

    Guys I totally forgot to mention that the turn out at this show was huge. This was a qualifying show for 4hers to qualify for the state 4h show. So there were lots of youth competitors. Probably not the best first show for them to go to, but it makes me even more happier that they came away with the ribbons they did! I also forgot to mention that Zoey (in western attire) came in 4th out of 6 in her Western Model class...and she was the only mini in the class. I nearly had a heart attack. She of course had no idea that she had just "beat" 2 full sized horses with her green yearling mini LOL! I think now some professional halter lessons are in order for both minis and girls. I know someone that trains for halter and I think I may look into some real lessons for them. I think we've done really well with the minis but there are a few things that need fine tuning by a pro. As far as continuing to show these particular minis, thats a conversation Im going to have to have with Zarinna. Her idea was to show them a couple times which would increase their value, and then sell them. (The issue I have with that is that the money goes to their grandaddy, and he doesnt give them a penny of it. I think for all the time and training Zarinna has put into the minis she should get half of the selling price.) We have another mini mare due to foal any day now and Zarinna cant wait to start from scratch with that baby. I'll keep you all posted. I printed off some pics from yesterday and tossed them into a multiframe. I'll be taking one to Pappy (who hauled us yesterday) and one to Grandaddy (my landlord). Grandaddy did call me yesterday to ask if he should start building a trophy room....of course I said yes lol.
  2. The Front Porch

    Final ribbon count yesterday! Im still exhausted lol, but it was worth every hot sweaty minute.
  3. The Front Porch

    Yes, they are both just yearlings. People were shocked, amazed, and in love with the minis when we told them they're just yearlings lol.
  4. The Front Porch

    But wait guys, we were just getting started!!! We went on to do Model and Showmanship classes! Im so proud of these two and their ponies, even if Margarita did lay down in the line up in their last class LOL. These were some tired ponies and kids at the end. But, we did it!! Ill post pics of the final ribbon count tomorrow. We're going back in October.
  5. The Front Porch

    Our results for the trail classes! Coached Trail Zarinna 2nd, Zoey 3rd In Hand Minis Zarinna 5th, Zoey 6th Both classes were big. Im super proud of these girls! Up next...Model...and Showmanship.
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    Guys! We made it to the show, and the girls are having a great time. They're done with their in hand trail classes and did really well. The classes were huge and we have no results yet, but we're all really happy with our go's regardless. We have an hour to wait til our Model and Showmanship classes this afternoon. Its hot, we're sweaty, but all is good.
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    I was so upset most of the day. Just cant fathom people who arent interested/supportive of their kids/grandkids. I couldnt even begin to imagine how I was going to break the news to my cowgirl. As it turns out, everything may be ok. Their pappy has to work that day but he says I am welcome to the truck and trailer. Thank goodness! I took the girls to the big nice tack shop today and we got our last minute supplies. I just have to do a grocery store run after work tomorrow for sandwich stuff. Oh, and my cowgirl says her mom IS coming to watch :-)
  8. The Front Porch

    Aaaand just like that, grandaddy has backed out on hauling us too. Awesome. Guess its a no go for the show.
  9. The Front Porch

    Yep, that's what Ill do too. At least Im only 15 minutes away from the show in case I forget something.
  10. The Front Porch

    Welp, here we are..the Monday before the show. Minis have been clipped and look nice. Im leaving the mane, not braiding. I bought a pair of cowgirl boots for one of my Cowgirls and they both now have everything they need. Bringing helmets just in case. Im making my list of stuff to bring..bucket for water, chairs, canopy, cowboy magic, cooler of sandwich makings and drinks, brushes, clean cloths to wipe muzzles etc. Im not off work again til Wednesday, so we'll practice that day. Oh, and thank goodness their granddaddy (my landlord) is hauling us...pappy flaked out like I figured he would. Im hoping these kids' parents etc come watch them, but Im not holding my breath.
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    Awww that would be awesome! Thank you!
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    I think thats what Im going to do about the helmet. Honestly, I dont think Im going to braid at all. I want to...but I just dont have the time, and its a very local show.
  13. The Front Porch

    Ok guys, the grandaddy (landlord) has been told that hes hauling us to the show, lol. We're 11 days away and Im super excited. This is a local show so we're just going to use nylon halters from Tractor Supply with matching leads. If we get into this further then Ill invest in nice show halters. My cowgirl has her breeches (Ive banned her from wearing them to the barn so we dont get them all messed up lol) and she has rubber tall boots that she bought at the last show we watched. Im going to find her a polo shirt to wear and a belt. Question...should she wear her helmet? It is just a halter class, but I cant decide. Oh, and she wants to braid the minis manes and put daisys in the braids lol.
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    Lol. We even went as far as to put a pair of stockings in his shirt. The train stops about 20 minutes into the ride and the gang gets out and has a gun fight, complete with a couple good guys on horseback waiting in the woods. When my fella is shot dead I pull my stockings out of his shirt and wave them around for the passengers to see. They all think it's pretty funny.
  15. The Front Porch

    Thanks PD! Your comment "little girls are only young once" brought tears to my eyes. Thats so true, so true.
  16. The Front Porch

    Believe it or not, I got the top and skirt from the online shopping site called "Wish". It was pretty inexpensive and both fit perfectly, almost too perfectly lol. Im much happier with this costume and feel like it looks more authentic than what I had. The boots came from Amazon and they're just ok, but they work. We do butter up the passengers to help the cowboys "rob" them. But mainly we flirt with the old men, pose for pictures, and harass the cowboys along the way. And yes, some of the women DO ask us to flirt with thier husbands, sons, etc. Whats a bunch of 'ol cowboys without a saloon girl or two? The group is crazily unorganized, so we just name ourselves as we go...you know..Miss Kitty, Rose, whatever pops into our head. Last year I dressed as a cowboy for the morning ride. It was hot under all the clothes so I ran home before the next departure and changed into my saloon girl outfit. Couldnt find my stockings. Got back to the train just in time to accuse the cowboy below (very loudly might I add) in the pic of stealing them from me the night before. Caught him completely off guard and we rolled with it throughout the train ride..made it into kind of a off the cuff ad lib skit. It was great, and people loved it. We laughed our butts off afterwards and its been a running joke/skit ever since. It is fun, and exhausting at the same time.
  17. The Front Porch

    Pic as promised...
  18. The Front Porch

    Thanks. Its very frustrating. Im starting to think maybe I should reach out to other horse people I know and inquire about a ride to the show. Ive even told both grandfathers that they really dont have to stay, just drop us off in the morning, unhitch the trailer, and leave. We wont be done til after lunch time anyway.
  19. The Front Porch

    Howdy all! Sorry Ive been MIA. Been keeping busy with my 2 jobs, the horses, and of course Bennie. Everyone and everything is doing well. I'll try to upload a pic of the recent train robbery in a bit. I revamped my saloon girl outfit this year...I have gained some weight. My cowgirl has been doing awesome, no naughtiness. Ok, now let me rant a little. My cowgirl has been putting in the work on these mini yearlings. I even introduced her to a pair of clippers and let her have at it. She knows that everything she does with them is teaching them, and her. They've gotten quite good at basic obstacles, and so we have planned to take the 2 mini yearlings to a local show 15 minutes from our place. The plan is to do the in hand trail classes, model, and showmanship. Ive made her fully aware that since this will be their first time off the farm, they will probably act all willy nilly and the important thing to do is to just hold tight and enjoy the experience. We're there to learn, not to win. And she is just fine with that. This will be good for her, and the minis. With that said, heres my rant....Im not getting any support from her parents or grandparents. Finding someone to haul us has been an act of congress and Im still not 100% sure we have a ride. Both grandfathers have trucks and trailers. You would think they would be jumping at the chance to haul their grandkid and watch their first horse show. But no. One of her grandfathers has reluctantly agreed to haul us, but hes so flaky and unreliable that I feel like I need a back up plan. The other grandfather (my landlord - and I love him don't get me wrong, hes been great to me) keeps saying that he wont take us..but I cant tell if hes serious, or just messing with us. Its frustrating to say the least. Especially when my cowgirl has worked so hard, and Ive paid for the coggins tests, halters, etc. As far as her parents are concerned, they haven't shown any interest. They don't watch her practice, etc. I DO plan on talking with her mom sometime soon about the entry fees. I just wish they all could see the potential for Zarinna to really get into showing. Theres 4-H, and other associations that she could be a member of and really do big things. I plan on taking her to watch the state 4-H horse show this year. If I had the money Id just buy a truck and trailer, but I feel like a little input from her family would be great, especially when they have the means. Rant over.
  20. The Front Porch

    Yall, I just have to brag on Zarinna for a minute! She has officially become my riding partner, not just a student. We cantered all over the fields yesterday and she loves it! Sonic had a stinker moment and tried to toss me (I think Bennie jumping out of the tall grass didnt help lol) but I hung in there. Meanwhile Zarinna was cantering behind me. She kept her cool and rode her horse away from me and Sonic and then asked me if I was ok. Lol, she did good! Last year she wouldve freaked out if that hadve happened. I was so proud of her! Shes got the saddling and brideling down pat all on her own with the exception of tightening the girth, she isn't strong enough for that yet but she does try. She does it on her own while I tack up Sonic and then I just tighten her girth and she puts her foot in the stirrup and gets on up there. No more tacking up 2 horses and giving her a leg up for me lol. Finally, a riding partner! Yaay!
  21. The Front Porch

    Spring has skipped me too, its summer sunshine here, and the heat to go with it. Everything is going good. My second job in the lab is going awesome. I love it, and they love me. Zarinna can now tack up her horse by herself and is cantering comfortably. Im getting to ride Sonic almost every day, and man its nice.
  22. The Front Porch

    Lol oh yeah theres that too. Her mom and stepdad aren't working...havent in a while and usually don't keep a job long when they do have one. They live on the same farm as the grandaddy. Ive yet to see her raise anything, so maybe she came to her senses.
  23. The Front Porch

    Its aggravating. But, all I can do is wish her luck and shake my head. Eventually she'll realize that Im right as this has been a trend with her. Til then, I just keep my distance.
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    Sorry Ive been gone so long. The weather has been so nice lately and Ive been able to ride Sonic. My cowgirl has been riding with me and doing a fine job at it too. Shes also been working with the minis on trail obstacles in hopes of taking them to a local show in June. Ive just got to convince her granddaddy (my landlord) to take us! Only issue I have right now is that my pup Bennie is too much for Sonic. Sonic isn't a huge fan of dogs to begin with, so when Bennie is running all over the place (following us on our ride) Sonic kicks out at her when she gets too close. I'm hoping Sonic will get over it. Ive taken on a new role at work. I am so happy about it, yesterday was my first day. In addition to working on the floor full time, I will be drawing blood for the lab on an as needed basis, which will be overtime pay for me. Its only 8 hour shifts for the lab, 5am to 1:30pm, so I still have time to run home and ride Sonic. I don't have any huge update on Bob. I know that he had surgery on his leg yesterday in an effort to save it. I have offered my help to one of his granddaughters but Ive mainly stayed away. I got a message a couple days after his accident from a "granddaughter" who lives a few hours away. She wanted my input on raising funds to "fix the farm" for Bob. I politely told her that the farm has been a dump for many years and the horses have needed to go for a few years now. (This is the same farm I pulled 14 horses from a couple years ago.) Fixing the farm isn't going to help him or his situation. If there were no horses there, there wouldn't be fences to fix etc. And if we won the lottery and did fix the farm up...who would maintain it? Theres a lot she doesn't seem to realize or understand, and she wasn't happy with my input. She politely told me to go screw myself and said she'd raise the funds herself. Mmmmk. So I just stay away.
  25. The Front Porch

    Had a busy day yesterday. Started at 9am with the girls Zarinna and Cassie helping me switch out blankets for fly masks on the horses. Then we were off to a local horse show primarily to watch the minis in hand trail class. There was some used tack and clothing at the show and it was "pay as you will" so we made a trip to the atm. Zarinna got a pair of rubber tall boots and I got a western breastcollar, a nice simple leather headstall and a halter for the minis. Zarinna paid for her boots with the money her mom sent with her. On the way back from the atm there was a car show going on at a local restaurant so we did a quick peek through there...there were some really nice old cars there and they had a really good turn out. The weather was beautiful. The horse show had a good turn out too. We finally got to watch the in hand trail class and Zarinna was able to ask the judge some really good questions after all of the competitors were finished. The judge even let us walk the course. We stayed a little while longer and then went home to practice with the minis. Bennie came along to run off some energy. Zarinna long lined mini June around the pond and when the two of them became frustrated (June and Zarinna are BOTH learning and June was ready to return to her friends in the field) we switched to practicing trail obstacles. The only one Zarinna figured she would have trouble with would be the gate, so we practiced that til she was more confident and satisfied she could do it. Then we were off to a quick pizza and salad dinner at a restaurant on the way to our last destination for the day, a local high school play. Both girls LOVED the play and Zarinna thanked me TWICE for all of the activities of the day. We made it home by 930 or so and then fed the horses and called it a night. Cassie and I ended up with sunburnt faces. I fell asleep on the couch as soon as I layed down. While we were out yesterday, the founder of the western group Im a part of was taken to the hospital with 3rd degree burns. Apparently he tossed some ashes outside from the woodstove (its been cold these past couple nights) that were still hot. As soon as the ashes hit the pine needles in the yard, the yard went up in flames..add to that a nice breeze. Bob was trying to stomp out the flames. Thank goodness someone was there with him, and thank goodness he didnt fall down while trying to stomp out the flames. Nevertheless, this isnt good and Im afraid that this may really be the beginning of the end for the 'ol guy. Prayers and good thoughts please.