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  1. Statutory Rape

    2013 laws for legal sexual consent in Florida is 18."close in age exemption in Florida is a person 23years or younger may engage inlegal sexual activity with a minor age 16 0r 17. Also known as the Romeo and Juliet law.
  2. Pregnancy/labor/delivery!

    I told myself I would stay away from HC, but someone told me about this thread and what Blondy was saying, so here I am and then I will eave. Blondy--I pray you never ever have to take care of one of my family members. Not ever. My Mother died at the age of 94 in my arms. She had no major health issues that we knew of. Notice I said that we knew of. Elderly, do not like to have their children worry about them so therefore, at times they will not tell you if they are in pain or if something is wrong. Mom had food in front of her whenever she wanted it, no matter what it was. She ate very little as she said it hurt to swallow. Let me tell you something, never ever would we have denied her food or water, even if she was lying in a hospital bed. How cruel to deny someone nourishment. Was she in pain? Of course she was but told no one and I watched her struggle to swallow with each tiny bite. She ate less and less each day for about a month and would only tell me how her bones hurt and how her stomach hurt and how hungry she was. Now, let me tell you Blondy about my oldest brother who passed away this past summer. He had liver problems and struggled to eat, struggled to drink. We were told he needed only comfort care and we said no. His last day or weeks or months on the earth would be good ones. He attempted to eat and drink but it hurt. We let him have anything he wanted. Did he eat much ? No. His body was shutting down and he hurt. He was always hungry--that is he was starving! He told me on his last day, Jeanne rub my legs my body is burning on the inside. I feel as if my body is on fire. Anyone who says starving to death is not painful is living under rose colored glasses. Three weeks we watched him barely eat anything. A few bites at each meal or a bite here and there between meals. Starving hurts Blondy and is very painful. Very. I know I rambled I am sorry and now I will leave.
  3. Anyone In Brevard County Fl

    I am not sure where you are in Brevard , but if you go to (slash-my key is broke) Fleastcentral.htm it will give you a list of those groves in your area. The page will look blank-just scroll allll the way down! Hope this helps. Now if you were in SW Fl I could give you explicet direstions to many!!!!!
  4. Forgetting Child In Car?

    LOL I will not comment on the pathetic posts above mine! HC trash can filling up once more! Are you all that bored with your life!!!!!! Must be!
  5. Forgetting Child In Car?

    I will stand firm on this-disagree all you want- How can anyone forget a child--totally irresponsible no matter what excuse or freaking reason one wants to use. Good Pete-Think seriously about it. You left your child in the car and did not realize it until later--- No--just plain irresponsible. Noone is perfect-but-to forget your child or to put your child in any type of danger is to me a poor excuse for a parent. So go ahead and flame away- still plain downright ridiculous to forget your child.
  6. Forgetting Child In Car?

    I have to agree with Ann, there is no reason, no excuse to forget your child or any child. None. I cannot grasp how anyone could forget a child of any age. How could you ever live with yourself if anything happenned. The same with falling asleep when your child is awake. No excuse, no reason whatsoever. Simply none.
  7. To Go Along With Another Thread..

    In Ohio WIC is issued only for the items listed on their coupons. You missed my point entirely. I will rephase it--how do I know that the car, cells etc were not gifts from someone. Therefore I will not judge them for being on assistance simply because of these items. AND if the assistance is caring for their children then so be it. And unless I see the fraud occuring at the time--I have no reason for judging them for being on assistance. Sure-it is abused--but to say simply because they have a cell or a nice car is abusing the system is wrong--simply because we do not know how or where those items came from. In Ohio one can make a certain amount of money and still qualify for assistance. Not all on assistance are not trying to better themselve.
  8. To Go Along With Another Thread..

    Truthfully I could care less if the have nice cars, nails done so called luxury items--I do not know if those items were a gift from someone or if the car belongs to someone else--so not m business to judge the. I do not care if the also own animals as long as the are cared for as animals can help give children the feeling of knowing how to love and also teaches responsibility. I could care less how many kids they have as long as the children are fed, clothed, and not abused. I do not know if the computers or cells or whatever are used for emergency and for educational purposes. Not my business to judge them.I do not know if they are on emergency assistance for one month or for years. There are more important things in life to worry about than what the person ahead of me in line has just purchased or with what.
  9. Forgetting Child In Car?

    I cannot whatsoever comprehend how anyone could froget a child in a car. I do not care if one is overwhelmed, sleep deprived etc. No excuse whatsoever to forget your child. Totally irresponsible.
  10. Missing Childre-Asking For Help

    Thank You Ann-there was no known problems in the home , both good kids, the day before he attended his Moms graduation from college and was smiling and happy. They have relatives in Oh WV IN Kentucky and North Carolina. His Mom awoke at 4 am because she heard noises and saw him drive off in his brothers car, he took gas from his Moms vehicle and a small amount of money. They assume his girlfriend is with him as she is also missing. That is all they know. Both families are very worried and only want to know they are safe and want them home. Please , I am asking again to help spread the word. The car also has a Marines sticker on the back. Thanks
  11. Please-if everyone could-would you please watch for the following children. Spencer White age 16, and Kyley Dulkoski age 14, Missing from Harrison County Ohio. They are driving a gold colored 1997 Pontiac Sunfire with Ohio plates They have been missing since early Sunday morning. May be heading towards West Virginia or Kentucky. There is a childs carseat in the rear seat. Please if anyone sees this vehicle please contact the Harrison County Ohio Sherrifs Office. I do not know how to put pictures on here . Pictures are posted on my Favebook page as well as Spencers Mothers page. Becky Smith White. I know pics are necessary--any help would be so appreciated. This is my neighbors Son. I just received a plate number--Ohio Plate is: FLV 8323 Thank You
  12. To Go Along With Another Thread..

    MM-Totaly very well spoken. I 100% agree with you.
  13. How Often Do You Change The Sheets On The Bed?

    Every other day and blankest and pillows weekly!
  14. 6 Yr Old In Handcuffs?

    And I will say it once again There is no child that needs to be spanked with a belt switch or any other device. That is in my opinon as I previously stated an out of control adult. I NEVER said a swat wasnt ok, I said with an object, belt etc. And yes an autistic child CAN BE calmed with words. AND NO child of such a young age needs to be handcuffed. Totaly ridiculous.
  15. 6 Yr Old In Handcuffs?

    IMO---It is Not alright to handcuff a child of such a young age--they view a policeman as someone who is there to help them-How do you think the other children felt or thought when they knew this happened-let alone this child herself? Now the child will be picked on an bullied and be labeled as a bad person to the other children. AND spanking a child with a belt , a switch IS in my book a parent out of control-who does not know how to handle a child with words. You hit--the child thinks it is ok to hit. No, spanking should not be allowed in schools whatsoever-there are other ways to discipline a child. extra work etc. A good teacher should be able to handle a child out of control-or at least the counselor at the school should be trained in these matters.