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  1. Critique On My 2014 Apha Stud Colt

    Thanks everyone, we shall see how he turns out! I'm thinking of registered names... Any suggestions? These are the top 2 I've come up with so far. "Gunsmoke In My Step" and "Lil Gunsmokin Step"
  2. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could critique my colt named Rascal who was born in May. This is an older photo of him from June. I will try to post more recent photos later. He is out of an AQHA Palomino reining stallion who's sire is Wimpys Little Step. His sire has a great mind and has been successful in the reining pen here in the Northwest. I owned and showed his dam who is a paint. She is one of those rare all around mare's who could win a western pleasure class and run the fastest time in a barrel pattern on the same day. She was extremely versatile and would have excelled in any discipline. I just used her in numerous events for 4H. So far Rascal is extremely athletic and confident. He loves to gallop around the pasture and seems to naturally perform many rollbacks and stops. He is very quick and catty. I would love for him to be a reining prospect but I'm also thinking he might make a great barrel racing prospect???! I also think he would make a great stallion based on his conformation, he has that lovely trapezoid shape? Would it be an issue that he is a breeding stock paint? He didn't receive any markings from dam who is a loudly colored tobiano. Here are their pedigrees: Sire: Dam:
  3. Hey everyone, I got a steal of a deal on buying this mare from the Billings Sale. I was wondering what you all thought of her pedigree? I will try to post pics later. She is definitely cutting bred, but I think she has potential in reining too, she is only 4 years old. I plan on starting her out with reining competitions and then show her in cutting, once I attend a few cutting clinics. Here is the link on all breed pedigree:
  4. Hey everyone, My mare was bred this summer and is in foal. I've never had a pregnant mare before so I was wondering if you guys had any favorite feeds or supplements you give your pregnant mares during the winter? So far we have been just giving her hay, orchard grass/timothy/grass mix and a little bit of alfalfa. I would like to give her a pregnancy supplement this fall/winter. She has always been an easy keeper. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Using Cosequin On A Pregnant Mare

    Okay thanks!
  6. Using Cosequin On A Pregnant Mare

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if the supplement called Cosequin is bad to use on pregnant mares? My mare has some arthritus issues from an old joint injury and i have used it on her in the past while she hasn't been pregnant. Thanks!
  7. Western Shirts For Tall Women?

    I have the same issue! Cruel Girl has some that work, the new line from Wrangler and Ariat has some that they are making longer. I usually stay away from Panhandle Slim, because they usually have shorter sleeves and torso length shirts. My mom sews so I usually buy a larger size and she takes the sides in on my shirts, which helps out a lot! Good Luck!
  8. Spree's First Barrel Run/polebending Since 2008

    I think she might be sore. I'm taking her to the chiropractor next week to see if her back or shoulder is out. She broke out in hives last week from an allergic reaction to some bug bites or pollen, so I haven't been able to ride her lately. Poor girl! So next week hopefully the chiropractor will find something so I can start getting her back into shape.
  9. Hey Everyone! So a few weekends ago I took my 14 year old Paint Mare named Spree (Smokes Mackay) to a local family rodeo. We competed in Local & Open Barrels and Pole Bending. First here is some background information on this mare: I used to show and game on her in 4H and at local shows/Omoksees when I was in highschool. She did great! We went to WA State 4H fair both in Showing and Gaming. Although after I graduated highschool in 2008, I let her sit around while I was busy with my 2 younger mares and of course college! I decided to start showing her this year. Well our first show was a disaster once we started the riding classes! She seemed to remember that she was a barrel horse and tried running in the arena and when I slowed her down she started crow hopping and then pranced throughout the whole class! Luckily this was an Open Spring show! I used to be able to show her and game her on the same day! So I decided to take her to the family rodeo Family Rodeo: Well she kinda did the same thing at the Family Rodeo with our first barrel race. We have some MAJOR Alley issues to work on that is for sure!!! She decided to buck/ crow hop to the first barrel and realized what she was doing. She finished out the pattern well. The second run was better, although she didn't really listen to me at first which is why the 1st and second turns are bad. I slowed her down too, because I was afraid she might try to buck again! She did have a fit coming into the arena, so I sacrificed our polebending by going slow at first then letting her speed up once she started listening to me. Overall: We got some issues to work on! Do you guys have any ideas to help with the Alley issues? I would really like to get her back into show mode because she is having some off and on stiffness issues. I'm going to try to go to a bunch of events with time-onlys to try to help her with the alley issues, by making her trot through the pattern. SO maybe she will realize that we do not have to run every time in the arena! Its annoying too because I can ride her into my arena at home and she walks perfectly into it! So here is the link to the video of the races! Feel free to critique me! Thanks!!! My link
  10. Tie Down On Higher Level Speed Event Horses

    Personally I do not like using a tie down on any of my horses in barrel racing. If you want a horse to run smoothly at a top speed why would you try to correct their natural way of movement by forcing them to use a training aid? In my opinion, tie downs inhibit the horses movement. They learn to lean on the tie down which can ruin their speed and the way they run. If your horse is properly trained to run, they should keep their heads down and not keep them sky high in the air. The only area I could see using a tie down would be entering the arena especially on a horse with alley issues. When I train my horses, I like to make it my goal to use as little training aids as possible. For instance, I plan to run my barrel prospects in a regular D-ring snaffle bit until they run through one of the barrels, then I might step up to a more advanced bit. However tie downs that are used properly may work well on some horses, especially on roping horses. I do not have a lot of experience with Roping, but alot of those horses need the tie down to brace against to keep the line tight. Overall if your going to use a tie down, I would only use it for a little bit in your training sessions. If you find that your horse works better with it then use it, if not stay away from it. Always make sure you have lots of practice with one before you enter a competition. Noone likes having a horse rear up on them!..~
  11. Gingers First Open Horse Show!

    Hey Everyone! I thought I would share some photos of my Appendix Quarter Horse mare named Ginger (Vals Quarter). This was her first Open Horse Show and she did pretty well!I plan on eventually using her for barrel racing after I finish patterning her. I thought I would take her to a few open horse shows to get her used to being around new arenas and horses. Since I was on a speed horse, we kinda stood out in the arena passing all the peanut pushers LOL! Oh well, she did pretty well though even thought we didn't place! My mom and my boyfriend took photos with my awesome camera! I edited them too make them look even better! Enjoy!
  12. Riders Excuses For Horse Issues

    Hey guys!! I'am thinking about writing a comedy blog with youtube videos about common excuses that riders use when they have problems with their horses. What common excuses have you used or heard from other riders? I set up a topic poll of excuses I have used and heard from other riders. Feel free to post and add more that you have heard!!! These excuses can be used from horse shows, trail rides, rodeo competitions, training sessions, and tons of other places. This might become a fun topic that every horse person can relate too!!!
  13. My Squeaky Wintec Saddle

    I looked at the tree and it looks fine. I will try the baby powder and see if that helps. I've used it on my western saddles before and it always worked great, so I will see if it works on synthetic leather. Thanks!
  14. My Squeaky Wintec Saddle

    Hey Everyone, I bought my wintec saddle maybe 3 years ago, because my old english saddle did not fit my horses. I decided I wanted the changeable gullet system. The saddle has had maybe 20-30 rides total, mainly because I prefer to ride Western. The other day I rode in it and noticed that it was extremely noisy/squeaky sounding! Even my horse seemed to notice it!! I was wearing jeans but I do remember it making similar noises in the past. Is this a common issue with wintec saddles? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the issue? I'm beginning to wish I had bought a leather saddle! Here is a link to the saddle I have Thanks!