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  1. Whoaaaa...it let me in!

    Lol! They let me in too! I'm certain their servers are going to implode with all this sudden activity!!
  2. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    It's late April 2013. Baby yet? I wanna see what Jasper puts on the ground. :)
  3. Driver's License Costs

    $100. Heck, every time I walk into the registries office, for anything, it cost me in and around $100. Plate validation stickers? 100 bucks/year Drivers Renewal? 100 bucks/5 years, I believe. The plates themselves are cheap, and can be kept for a lifetime. It's the validation sticker that goes along with it that is pricey. Paying that also gives you a yearly vehicle "registration" slip too. The registration part of "Licence and registration please?" LOL!
  4. Copays At The Doctors....do You Pay?

    Oh, just recently, I had an abcessed tooth and wisdoms that needed to come out. I didn't have the money for the dentist, but it was emergent. Hospital gave me antibiotics and pain meds, and I went and talked to social services. They covered my dentist visit, and surgery, virtually no questions asked. I was more than grateful for THAT.
  5. Copays At The Doctors....do You Pay?

    I can make a doctors appointment, walk in, and not pay a dime. I can go to the walk in clinic, and leave, without paying a dime. I can go to the emergency room, get treated, and leave, and not pay a dime. I LOVE my insurance... Wait, we all have that. I LOVE being Canadian. There have been times I was too broke to put the gas in my car to drive the 3 miles to the hospital. Yet, too sick to not get seen by a doctor. What if you can't afford insurance, and get seriously injured? Your screwed. You shouldn't have to ask people to borrow money, or scrounge up every dime you have, to pay to see a doctor. Your(collective, for the US) healthcare system needs some SERIOUS work.
  6. Things To Do With A Yearling?

    Just "play" with your horse. Set up some barrels, and walk in, around, through them. Get them to sidepass over them. Trotting in hand over poles. Turning on the forehand, turning on the haunches, backing, etc.. Those are things any horse, regardless of where he/she is going to wind up, are good things to have as the basics. You can also get your yearling used to things flapping, tarps, etc.. Try lunging a bit, roundpen work, ground driving, etc... Basically, you can work your yearling in the same fashion, on the ground, that you would to prepare a horse for riding. Just keep it light, and in short sessions. It'll make that initial saddle training a lot easier. You don't need a formal session, or clinician's book to tell you what to do.
  7. Westren Riding Lesson 2

    My horse is kept outside, with a run in stall for feed times. His tail looks and feels awesome, and I hardly touch it. When I do, I use Vetrolin Shine Spray, and then comb it out slowly with a hair brush a person would use. I do usually keep it braided in a 3 tube tail bag in the winter, but lost my tailbag, couldn't find one locally, so I didn't bother. I've never had a tail freeze in the winter. I keep the wet products to a minimum, and make sure it's completely dry before braiding. It's usually only braided for the sole purpose of keeping it out of the wet, and mud. I don't want to try and wash out frozen mud balls off the bottom of his tail because the wet mud froze in there. No thank you! Not people who just show, wash their horses first, before applying a shine spray. First, it's not a necessary tool to everyday grooming. I don't show, and my horse gets bathed a few times throughout the summer. But other than that, he's just curried, and then a soft brush is taken to his coat. He looks awesome, and I do minimal grooming. Another note, Vetrolin shine isn't a shine spray, or a detangler. It is a coat/hair conditioner. I can use vetrolin once a month, and his hair stays, for the most part, tangle free. I really love the stuff. He hasn't been in a stall in, almost 7 years now.
  8. *friendly Wave* Hi...!

    Lol, I make sure mine get washed when needed, or if they get sweaty. But, Zeus doesn't apparently lay down in his. I never find poop stains, or mud marks, or anything. His lime green turtle print blanket, at a year later, is still just as bright and green as the day I pulled it out of the bag.. Lol! He is so good with his blankie. Lol.
  9. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Snappy Sand Bagger... Lol!
  10. A Few Update Pics For Y'all.

    My 4 year old papillion does the same thing with her food. Except she'll bring a mouthful over to the living room floor, spit them all out, then proceed to eat one by one.. Lol! It amuses me. Everything looks good Red. I agree with Melanie, and i'd feel better if Tequila had a nylon halter on, but i'm not going to pester you about it. :)
  11. Wwyd? And A Question...

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could just smack 'em upside the head with a 2x44??? ETA: The person, not the horse.
  12. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

  13. *friendly Wave* Hi...!

    Y'know Melanie, I thought about stealing Glenn. But after looking at the blanket pic, not sure i'd want your laundry bill.. hahaha!!!!!!! Zeus's blankets always stay clean.. Lol! Boys look good though!
  14. Those We Lost In 2012

    In May of 2011 I lost my father, who was my best friend, my rock, my everything. He was 51 years old, and it was exactly 1 month after my birthday. July of this year I sold his horse, and then October I put down his dog Wendyl. Here's hoping 2013 really is better, because i'm ready to just be done.
  15. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I think that "crazy lady" you're referring to was Bumper. I really liked her, and miss her a lot. When she got banned, I pretty much stopped coming here. As well as PrairieRose... Miss her lots!! BadlandsBIa!!!!!! HIII!!!! *waves like a little kid seeing Santa* I joined pushing 7 years ago, now. Have basically lurked for the last couple years though.