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  1. Found One ! (Oct 2013 Update)

    I really like him! He looks a lot like Buck Brannaman's little Playgun mare Gidget. Looks like you are having lots of fun with him!!
  2. Cowboys Thread

    How is Cowboy doing? Any updates?
  3. Sage's Journey Thread

    She is gorgeous!! I remember when she was just a little tyke! She has grown up beautifully! Love hearing about your rides and how she is progressing! Boy she sure shined up nice once she shed that wooly winter coat! You both look great!
  4. Interesting/ Funny/ Sad Craigslist Post...

    As sad as this is...I admit it made me chuckle!
  5. Oh Boy! (Rescued Babies)

    What a nice looking boy you ended up with! And lucky someone cared enough to get him and the others off the trailer to Mexico. My mare was a scraggly 2 yr old on the way there too until my friend made a deal with the killbuyers right there at the auction and brought her and 2 others home. So thankful she did and that I was able to meet my amazing girl! She is now 7 (hard to believe I've had her 5 years now) and is the very best horse I've ever know! Wouldn't trade her for the world! I bet your boy is going to turn out just stunning!! Congrats on the new and very handsome addition!!
  6. Cowboys Thread

    I remember this guy too! So fun to see that he finally has a good home and is getting used! Looks like he was pretty green when you started with him but he sure has come a long way just in the time you've owned him! Love to see happy endings to these stories. I think physically he will just continue to fill out and build muscle. I bet come Spring he will really be even more of a looker! I really like his little head. Thanks for sharing all the updates!
  7. Riding With A Bb Part Two ;)

    Yay!! You guys look SO good!! I'm so happy for you and Piper. Love seeing all those big ol smiles! And Jilly, I just adore lil Kass! What a great pic of her! So happy you all had such a good time! One of these days I will somehow make it down for a visit!
  8. Ugh...horses!

    Zoey's started out a lump under the hair, but everytime it would get irriated it would bleed and would form a nasty scab. I'd rip the scab off and then I could see it was a soft squishy type of growth. I would at least ask about the Xxterra. My vet friend said she has used it on other types of growths too. Some up by her mares udders and other ones as well. She even used them on some weird tiny cyst type things she had on her own wrist that she's had frozen off 3 times. It took them away too. Anyways....just thought I'd share. I recommend this stuff to everyone one since I've had such good results. Might at least be worth asking your own vet about.
  9. Ugh...horses!

    Trying Photobucket now...here is another up close. Kinda gross...sorry. And here is one about a month later. Can barely even see where it was.
  10. Ugh...horses!

    My mare developed a similiar growth on the side of her cheek this last year. It was slowly getting bigger and was right in the way of one of the halter knots and the throat latch on my bridle. Every time I'd get her out it would get irritated and would bleed. One of my good friends who is also a horseowner and small animal vet suggested I get a product called Xxterra. She said her mare had gotten some sarcoids removed surgigally and that they kept coming back. The Xxterra worked wonderfully and the growths just shriveled up and fell off. Well I decided to give it a go and I applied the Xxterra once a day for a week. It immediately shriveled up and got dried up. I left it alone the 2nd week and by the 3rd week it had fallen off and it hasn't come back. You can probably look up the product online and get review on it. It is a sort of natural paste that you apply topically. I do believe it is prescription only and my vet friend had to get it for me. It cost about $60 for a couple of oz. But I haven't had to use it again and have lots left in case it ever happens again. I thought it was totally worth the money and was very happy with the results. Might be worth a shot. Let me see if I can post pics of Zoey's before and after. Here you can see how it would ooze and bleed when messed with.
  11. Happy Birthday and May God Bless Ya!!

  12. Bedbug Horrors!

    Jumpin horses, Thank you for that website!! Very useful info!! I'm getting all itchy reading it though. LOL
  13. Bedbug Horrors!

    Well thank you for all the advice and comments. The landlord claims he has been spraying around the house every other month or so. Problem is I think he is lying as I still have a major bug problem there. Now he is saying he has a "friend exterminator" who is going to come by and spray things down. I just don't trust him at all. So far I took every article of clothing down to the laundry mat and spent all day washing and drying (both hot) them. Got a storage unit and bagged them up and put them in there for now. I am leaving the furniture there and just taking some of my books and a few other boxfuls of stuff. Going to spray the heck out of them and put them in the storage unit as well for a few months. I am a poor student and dont really have anything else of value so I'll leave anything I don't want there. I just don't feel comfortable staying there myself to stick out the lease especially since the landlord claims to do things but I just don't trust him. I agree he is probably getting off by not having me stay but I seriously just want out at this point. Even if he really did spray I don't think I'd ever be comfortable there again. Jack's Girl, That is crazy that they were in your hair and everything. Yuck. I never had them stay on my body. In fact it was really hard to find any at all since they are nocturnal. I would just wake up with the welts. Finally got up one night and saw one on the bed and kept it to check out. Sure enough it was a bedbug. I was wondering about those bugbombs. My friend had some a few years ago and she said none of the bug sprays/bombs worked until she went to Ace hardware and found a spray especially for the bedbugs. Even then she had to treat the bed at least once a week for about 6 weeks before they were completely gone. I have been researching them and have found they are extremely hard to get out of a house once infested without professional help but if you take your stuff out and spray it away from the infested house then it is a lot easier. So the few boxes I'm taking I will treat and then store for a few months. So far I've been staying with a friend for about a week and was very careful about what I brought over. We haven't had any issues with them at her place. So frustrating!!!
  14. Bedbug Horrors!

    Ok so I moved into a loft apt a few months ago. I have seen many different kinds of bugs there. Spiders, ants, beetles and some I had no idea about. I've told the landlord and he claims he treats it with a pesticide every couple months. Anyways I was getting big itchy welts all over my body. I would wake up and there would be new ones. I thought they were maybe mosquito bites or spider bites. Or that I was having some sort of allergic reaction to something and they were hives. Well I woke up one night to close the windows and flipped the light on and found this ugly little bug on my sheets. I looked him up online and he is a bedbug! Well I thought no big deal...I'll call the landlord and get an exterminator out or something. Well I've been researching them and apparently its not that easy. A lot of pesticides don't work because the bedbugs burrow into your walls, heater vents, outlets, etc. and the poison doesn't usually get to them in their nests. The recommended treatment was killing them by heat. The exterminators come out with heating devices and heat up your place to 120 degrees for several hours and this is supposed to kill the critters. Well being in a loft apt you would have to do the ENTIRE house and my landlord is not willing to even consider it. So I finally persuaded them to let me out of the lease. Well now I'm trying to figure out what to try and save without bringing any of the nasty things with me accidently. I've been told to throw out mattresses and soft furniture like love seats. And that the wood furniture like dressers needs to be taken out and treated with a pesticide especially for bedbugs for several months. Well I am a student and really don't have a whole lot but am unsure whether to keep my bedroom furniture (minus mattresses) and try and treat them or not. I'm really not sure I'd really ever be comfortable having them in my room again just in case the bugs don't die and are still there. I guess they can hibernate months without blood. Ick!! Such a nasty situation. I'm currently staying with some family friends until I figure out what to do with all my other stuff. Anyone else ever dealt with these critters?
  15. Vodka And Lc

    MRS, Loved seeing the pics!! LC is a doll!!! I love that you take her to the bar!! LOL Which special needs riding program did you leave her with last summer? Just curious...I used to volunteer at one over ten years ago in Ft. Collins. And now you got me excited for Coco and her baby too! Vodka is coming along VERY nicely!! You have done such a great job with all of them!