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  1. Test Rode A Horse

    Pass pass pass. Forget the pretty tail, and the saddle that comes with him, and even that he's he's an easy buy, which is so tempting, I know. Look at the facts, no excuses: he's bucked you off, he's a bolter on the ground, he's buddy sour and stubborn. That does not sound like a recipe for fun times to me. He sounds half trained with an attitude problem and no respect, add that up with with buddy sour and that can escalate to a dangerous situation very quickly. I would only enter in to this situation if I worked diligently with an experienced professional, I don't think reading online will help because this type of thing (buddy sour, respect, submission) is a delicate matter of timing and feel. I would wait, I've done the easy buy, and settled when I know I would have happier with another horse, and I regretted it for the 4 years I owned the horse, and she didn't deserve my unhappiness either.
  2. Some Pictures!

    Todd!! <3 You guys look great!
  3. "grown Up" Jobs

    Haha, maturity level . . . I work for an insurance company, and one of my co-workers, a ditzy blond in her fifties, constantly talks in high pitched baby talk. Even calls our manager (ten years younger than her) "mom-eeeeee" in baby talk when she wants something. I think she thinks it's cutesy and sweet. I want to stab my pencil in my eye when she does it. So, no, they don't grow up! And I love the whispering constantly, and then the moment you walk by, they shut up and glare at you. And when someone goes to every cubicle in the department and invites that person to lunch. Except for you. It's pettier than high school, honestly. It's why The Office was a hit! You cant make that bleep up!
  4. Vacation/beach Reads Needed!

    I second Natalie Reinert! And Sasscer Hill for racetrack reads. Robin McKinley for fantasy sci if. Specifically the blue sword, hero and the crown, and Sunshine.
  5. Songs You Dream Up Freestyles For

    If any one knows any good Russian/Ukraine music fit for a 17.2 dark leggy ukrainian wbred for a Prix st George musical.... Cause I need ideas lol.
  6. Please Help! My Cousin Is Missing Now international. Hoping for a safe return!
  7. Share A Photo Of Yourself

    I'm a music and book fan- at a book signing with my favorite musician. an athlete, and taker up of random sports, and wanna be Olympian My favorite pic of my in the last year. I like green dresses with my skin tone, and look more exotic than my ancestry would suggest. People would ask if I were part Indian, Mexican, or Asian when I was a kid.
  8. My Hubby's "hobby" *new Added*

    Wow!! Can't say I was expecting that when I opened the link. He's seriously talented!!
  9. I Had My Baby!

    Mia Nicole Mia Louise Mia Catherine Mia Lindsay Mia Bella
  10. New Year's Weight Loss Support Group?

    That's awful about the teasing Tracy. I'd be mad too. If they were also trying to lose weight, they probably felt guilty about not being able to resist, and peeved that you are stronger. I've read a "cheat day" can really wreak havoc with a diet, but a "cheat meal" is a better option. Maybe have a healthy breakfast and lunch knowing you can splurge later?
  11. Teenager/homework Issues

    I don't have kids (just babysat a lot), so bear with me- my advice could be terrible. If you are serious about getting his grades up, then it's time to treat this seriously. No "he's very smart, just lazy." He's lying to you regularly. Lying, and then blaming someone else (the teacher). If he were being smart about it, he'd get Bs and go be lazy so he can get away with it. You know he's lying. He knows you know he's lying. Teacher knows he's lying. Someone needs to step up here! Have the teacher send you his homework online. No chance to lie, to forget it, etc. It's there in writing, and if something is left out on either end, teacher or family, it's there to see. Someone sits down at the kitchen table, and helps him through it. Like a 1st grader. He can't be trusted to do it on his own, that's how he gets treated. I would have thrown an absolute fit, and he might too, but this is his future here. Failing high school, having no work ethic, no pride in work down, lying and blaming others . . . I would take that seriously. And as the grades go up, the work gets done on time, he can have more freedom.
  12. Medals?

    I'm not sure if this is what you are referring to, but the USDF awards achievement medals based on levels competed and score, and a smaller replica can be worn on your jacket, though I don't see it very often.
  13. That's my Alma mater ;)
  14. New Year's Weight Loss Support Group?

    I'm not a morning person, the only time I can get my self out of bed before I have to get up at 7 is if I ride in the morning in the summer. Can't seem to get on any regularity to work out though. So I regularly end up working out after work, after I ride, so usually 8 pm or later. Work out for an hour, come home, shower, book, bed, and I'm asleep when my head hits the pillow at 11 or 12. Granola for breakfast, 2 thin crust pizza slices and a salad for lunch, a mini egg white and sugarfree cupcake . . . and then dinner was my first Dr. Oz shake. The good thing? I am no longer hungry at all. That's because it's not very tasty, but at least super healthy. Hopefully the morning ones taste better. Exercise . . . minimal. Hour and a half teaching a friend how to fence, so some lunges and work, but nothing like usual. It's ok though, I needed a break after I pushed myself with running 4 miles yesterday. Tomorrow I have to ride, and I'll try and fit something in during lunch, some kettlebell probably. That's a quick calorie killer.
  15. Book Suggestion For A Lazy Sunday?

    Love Scorpio Races!! And .... It has been optioned into a movie!! Even has a screenwriter signed! I think 2015.