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  1. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    boo! no one remembers me anymore. probs cause I'm never around.
  2. History Of Warmbloods

    Hi.. I haven't been around in various years...probably two or three. I'm sure all the regulars on the board have changed and such..but if anyone remembers me hello again! Anyways, I have been searching around the net, and cannot find when American's began importing warmbloods for dressage and eventing. Does anyone know the approximate time (decade) this began? If you have a link that'd be amazing..I did a big google search but the writing on this is minimal. :/
  3. ♚ ♛♚ ♛Happy Birthday and May God Bless Ya!!♚ ♛♚ ♛

  4. What's Your Favorite "unpopular" Song.

    They aren't unpopular! uh..also, have you seen the visualizer to that mess?! Its AWESOME. my answer: I LOVE KE$HA.
  5. Post A Picture Of Yourselfff

    keiko you look all grown up!..
  6. Need A Laugh? Cccapchat.

    Hi there. Anyone remember me, much less miss me? I'm never around.. SO I have a laugh for you kids. I'm an eventer but I've been showing at hunter shows lately because they're closer and cheaper. My friend (who happens to be a hunter princess) 's brother was helping me load my stuff into the trailer during a big storm. We keep a spare cross country vest in the tack room of the horse trailer, just in case. So I open up the door and he goes, "Why do you have a bullet proof vest?" I died laughing, and then explained that eventers jumps don't fall over. If anyone remembers my red horse, he's doing great, we're going back to be a workingstudent team again at the same place this summer. His dressage is coming along great, we can canter leg yield now and are starting half pass. We're jumping 2'9" at home, and showing 2'6". His lead changes for hunters are still sort of spotty, but its coming. Yesterday, we showed in the pouring rain, and he was great. I butchered our first round, but we got a sixth in the second, and missed a lead in flat, (stupid, I know) but still got a second. And our division had 13 people! I was proud of him. We still have little bucking meltdowns occasionally, but he's growing up! How's everyone been doing?
  7. My Name Doesn't Even Make Sense Any More.

    wanna have a club? I'm an eventer, but the hunter shows around where I live are about a gajillion times cheaper than eventing shows. I'm not blowing all my money on an event show until my greenie is ready. And right now, we're enjoying a year at baby greens, learning how to have a consistent round.
  8. Twilight Anyone? (cap Chat)

    I saw this title and thought it said "twitter anyone?" and got excited. to be let down! I've had the dvd pirated copy for a few weeks, haha.
  9. Quick Question About Sheath Cleaning

    extrahannah - when i cleaned him both times I got up in the area behind the ****** as well. He's still squeaky clean today (after the second cleaning). We just switched to summer turnout last week, where they are stalled during the day and out at night, so I was thinking maybe in combination of the freshly cleaned sheath, which is missing the happy bacteria and the sleeping outside at night he got dirty quickly? So hopefully now he's clean and used tot he turnout switch we'll stay clean. I was mostly worried that maybe he had some kind of imbalance or something I'd never heard of.
  10. Okay, so everyone loves cleaning their horses sheath's right? Agreed. Story: Last week, Seabastian's sheath was in need to a good cleaning, so I did. A really good, gettem clean for three months kind of deal. I've done it for him his whole life, and he's pretty good about letting me mess with his junk. Anyways, I went out on a trail ride with him yesterday and noticed that smell. Everyone knows what I'm talking about, smegma. When I brought him in to untack him, I inspected his sheath, legs, and he had some smegma on the inside of his thigh. Which is ridiculous, because I cleaned his sheath last week. I considered that maybe I was doing it wrong, although I've done it for years and never had a problem. Anyways, today I coaxed him to drop down (okay, I waited until he needed to pee) and examined his stuff. While his actual ****** is clean, the area around it, the outer layers of the sheath are all smegmaed again. Now, last week, I had them squeaky clean. This has never happened to me before, normally I clean it up and we're good for a while. I've looked around the interweb, and cannot seem to find any reasons for this. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I went ahead and cleaned him up again, but I'm sure its not normal for smegma to gather again that quickly. So I'm turning to the anecdotal stories that hopefully will shed some light. Thanks
  11. The Tell Something That No One Knows About You Post

    I keep a flow of new books coming to my house via amazon and goodreads. Problem: I have three unread new books because Atlas Shrugged is taking me a ridiculous amount of time. Also, I always buy hardcover and sometimes first editions if its financially available
  12. You Ever Turn Down A Dare?

    That's cause he's a boy, its pretty safe! I was scared as all get out, but then it turned out someone else in the car knew them, so it was okay. Wait, why did the soap foam when you put it in the microwave?
  13. The Sweet Itch

    Hey guys. So way down yonder (Alabama) is already warming up. It's 70 already today. Seabastian gets really bad sweet itch in the spring/summer/fall. (Chestnut horses right? =/) Anyways, I'm about to go restock my supply of sweet itch fighting medications. If I apply everything, everyday, I can keep him from looking pathetic. Normally I use Equus Summer Defense Spray (the stuff that smells good, like marigolds) and then Muckitch Spray on his mane, tail, belly and sheath. I used to have some stuff that was thicker than the Muckitch, but my mom threw away the bottle and I don't remember what it was called. It was a blue lotion, anyone know what I'm talking about? Share your sweet itch combat stories, and what works for you. I'd like to find another natural fly spray that is not as expensive as the Marigold one. It needs to be natural though, some of them are hard on his sensitive skin. Thanks! *edit* to say that also, in the summer when he's on the turn out at night rotation, I keep him in his stall until after dusk, and get up early to bring him in before dawn. This seems to help, because the midges aren't in the barn.
  14. You Ever Turn Down A Dare?

    Clearly I need more inventive friends... Once I picked up hitchhikers on a dare.
  15. Empty Stall Syndrome...

    You have a pm!