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  1. Am I Breaking The Law?

    I just found this clip from Congress 1924.. So I was just wondering if I'm breaking the law because I haven't used this on my horse :) :) :) http://www.theonion.com/video/congress-1924-rep-demands-horses-wear-dresses-to-h,17671/
  2. Is There An Easy Way To Get Ticks Out Of The Ear?

    When we had our wrestling match the other day, I really, really wished I had a twitch. I resorted to TRYING to twitch him with just my hand alone but of course that got me nowhere. I think I'm going to go ahead and invest in a twitch, and if all else fails I'll probably just need the vet to come out and tranq him.
  3. Is There An Easy Way To Get Ticks Out Of The Ear?

    Thanks so much for your response, however Tuff won't even let me TOUCH his ear :(
  4. For some reason Tuff decided to run into a huge patch of ticks... I deworm him regularly, and just gave him a dose of ivermectin yesterday for good measure. I noticed that he wouldn't let me touch his ear which is unusual behavior for him, because I raised him from the time that he was a little baby to always allow me to touch him everywhere. Upon closer inspection of the ear, I saw a couple of ticks had made their home there. He wouldn't let me get the dang ticks!! I tried everything but all we ended up doing was fighting! He even reared up on me it got so bad. So I figured I would come here and ask if there is some kind of magical something-or-other that I can do??? Any suggestions?
  5. What Is Your Horse's Favorite Treats

    Same as the OP, my horses will kill for frosted mini wheats! Especially the blueberry or strawberry flavored kind :) They also love candy canes or any kind of peppermint.
  6. People I Am Boarding My Horses With Move Away

    I had discussed it with my husband, and it just seems that after we break the lease where we currently are, pay first, last month's rent and a security deposit on the barn/house, put deposits down on all of the utilities (all utilities at the barn/house are provided by completely different companies than we use now) and arrange transportation for my son to and from school - we would probably just be better staying where we are now. Furthermore one of the reasons we are more inclined to want to board our horses is because here recently I do find myself traveling quite a bit more than I had in the past, and it's nice to be able to kind of pick up and go without having to find someone to care for the horses while I'm away. The land owner did tell me that I can continue to keep my horses there for the next couple months or so, and I'll just pay the board money to him. But since he is actively trying to re-lease the property out, I have NO IDEA who in the world the people are that would be moving there and that doesn't sit too well with me, since my horses would be at their disposal 24/7 once they move in, and not to mention I'm sure they'd have horses of their own that they'd be bringing into the situation. I just don't want my horses to be in the middle of all of this. I am still looking at other places to board, and a firm decision as to where will be made within the next day or two because I really feel like I need to get my horses out of there already so I can begin to move forward and put this whole fiasco behind us. I'll be sure to update everyone on where we decided to board :)
  7. People I Am Boarding My Horses With Move Away

    Thank you all for your support and well-wishes! As far as renting the farm, the land owner has asked me if I'd like to, but he really is asking quite a bit of rent for it, especially for this area anyways. But the real kicker is that even though it isn't too far from where I am living currently, it would be in a different school zone and my son would have to transfer in the middle of the school year. So I really don't think that would work out too well for us. So I am actively looking for another place to board them, and I am crossing my fingers that the right boarding situation could be found sometime SOON. Real soon.......
  8. People I Am Boarding My Horses With Move Away

    If you're in Wichita, you are about 2 - 2 1/2 hours away :) As far as the hay goes, the land owner and I had arranged for it to be delivered yesterday through some wheelin and dealin' over the phone while I was driving. He really has been very accommodating, which made me feel a bit better. I still wouldn't have been 100% okay until I saw my horses with my own two eyes, but when I arrived at the barn tonight he already had them blanketed and they were eating the round bale. All-in-all, the land owner really did seem to go above and beyond in this situation. Thank goodness for him!!! Oh and p.s.: As far as the speed limit thing goes, I may have to take that info with me to the grave, LOL!
  9. People I Am Boarding My Horses With Move Away

    Okay I JUST got home tonight, and I am happy to report my boys are doing well. I left early yesterday morning, drove 9 hours to Albuquerque, and left Albuquerque early this morning to drive the remaining 9 1/2 hours home to arrive here tonight. I am beat... If I had flown to vegas, I would have certainly been able to rearrange some flight plans, but since I had originally driven there it really wasn't as simple as that... I LOVE my horses and I would do anything for them, but I had to wait one day after hearing the news in order to leave because I had some unfinished business with my husband that HAD to be taken care of prior to my coming back. And to be honest - I certainly would have never imagined in a million years that something like this would have happened. Currently, my boys are blanketed with a full water trough, a large fresh round bale to munch on, and they had gobbled up their grain. I can sleep easy tonight knowing they both look no worse for wear, thank the lord!!! Now onto the next task of finding another place to board ASAP..
  10. People I Am Boarding My Horses With Move Away

    Thank you all so much for listening to my rant. Spacytracy - I paid with cash, so stopping payment on a check is out of the question unfortunately. I am headed back to Oklahoma in the morning - I'm leaving a day earlier than I had originally planned. I did not tell the land owner of my new plans, I just pretty much plan on showing up there a day early to check on my horses and make sure all is well. I should be arriving home on Sunday, and you can bet that the stable is the first stop I'll make once I reach the Oklahoma state line! I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on how this turns out. I imagine that I won't have too much time to rest from my trip once I get back, as I'll be searching for a new place to board. I'm still so friggin angry....... My poor babies, I just know I'll be hugging each of them for at least 30 minutes straight, and I just can't wait to get there.
  11. People I Am Boarding My Horses With Move Away

    Thank you all for your well wishes. I just got off the phone with the land owner, and he said he knows for a fact that "the black and white paint" is definitely, unmistakably there and looks great. He said my sorrel is there and looks good, but he said he didn't think to notice if he had blue eyes. That's okay with me, I am fairly certain now that it's definitely Sky and Tuff. He kept telling me that he's going to make sure my horses are well taken care of while I'm gone, and I just kept thanking him over and over again. Thank goodness I'll only be gone until Monday - otherwise I wouldn't be too comfortable with a complete stranger caring for my horses any longer than that. Maybe I can sleep a little better tonight now that he confirmed that my horses are still there.
  12. People I Am Boarding My Horses With Move Away

    Not yet, but he did tell me he had a church function to go to later tonight (which would be now). I'm just worried. Trying to find things to keep me busy, but my mind always goes back to the horses. I walked out onto the balcony of our condo here and stared at the light coming from the top of the Luxor for a while and tried to let my mind drift.... But I could only think about how I wish I wasn't here. I wish I were in Oklahoma with some peace of mind.
  13. People I Am Boarding My Horses With Move Away

    I had some pictures of my horses on my cell phone, so I JUST finished forwarding the pictures of my two horses in a text message to the land owner, and I am nervously awaiting a response. biting my nails. Pacing.....
  14. About 2 months ago, I found an ad online where these people who have 20 acres and a barn were offering a great deal on boarding. So in the interest of saving some money, I moved my horses out there and decided to board with them. I have been out of town for the past two weeks, and I had no plans of returning until Monday. Today I recieved a phone call from the land owner, telling me the people who were renting from him had moved out and left my horses there. I had no idea these people were only renting the place! And not to mention, I had no idea they were planning on moving!!!!!! So here i am far, far away from Oklahoma - in Las Vegas to be precise, and I find out that these people just up and left my horses high and dry. There's no other way to put it... I am highly pissed. How long have my horses gone without food? How long without water? GRRRR!!! This is my nightmare. What angers me the most is that I had paid a full month's board for the two of them just before I left for vacation. Why didn't they tell me THEN of their plans? The man who owns the place told me he was able to get my number from them, but he said they were reluctant to give him my number. WHY? Why would they be reluctant to give the owner my number when I should have every right to know what happened? The land owner assured me that my horses look fine, and that he will be sure to make sure they have water and they are fed until I return. He also said I am more than welcome to continue to keep them there after I return, but of course I'd have to go out there every day to feed them myself and basically do self-care. I am at a loss. I am so angry. I feel so helpless because I am not there and I am worried for my horses. How do I know that it's actually MY horses that he left? How do I know if he didn't leave a couple of his crappy-looking horses and took mine????? I am worried and scared. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yearling Height When Full Grown

    Along with the accuracy of the string test, I have found on numerous websites where they tell you that whatever height your horse is at the time they turn 2 - add a hand to get the final height. That being said - since your guy is already at 13 hands as a 1.5 yr old (the withers will catch up) he should at least mature to 14 hands AS OF RIGHT NOW. I also found a very fun and interesting site, where you can put in your horse's age and current height, and it will calculate for you what the expected mature height should be. But keep in mind that this site is used for determining the height of an arabian or an arabian cross type horse - so your guy will be slightly taller than what they will estimate. Take a look: http://ctarabians.com/How_tall_will_my_ara..._foal_grow.html