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  1. What's Your Primary Riding Style?

    I find myself riding "Weslish". There are aspects of both riding styles that I take, and have kind of incoporated them together into my own riding style. I like western saddles, and I also enjoy the more laid-back style of riding that goes along with western riding. But I also really love the way English riders keep their hands low, back straight, heels down and just have a nice posture overall. The less visible your cues are, the better in my opinion as well. I guess all-in-all I simply ride like "me" and I'm pretty comfortable with that :) Me riding "Weslish" and lovng every minute of it:
  2. Lets See Some Pictures!

    Serah Rose, your feet must have been killing you in that second pic, LOL! Looks like fun though. Here's a couple of Sky and Tuff taken last winter: Sky walking away from me looking pitiful and sulking, giving me a guilt-trip because I didn't have a treat, LOL!
  3. Just thought I'd throw in that they offer a pretty steep 4-H discount on the registration fee.
  4. Question About Teeth?

    No groove at all wouldn't necessarily mean she's a baby, it would mean that she simply hasn't reached the age of 10 yet, when the groove would first appear. Once the dark coloring within the groove and the groove itself runs all the way down the tooth at age 20, the dark coloring will receed back UP the tooth leaving the color-less groove behind where it once was. So if you have no groove at all, colored or not - your horse hasn't reached 10 yrs of age as of yet. Here's a helpfu link: http://www.thehorsedentistryhandbook.com/e...VAYNEGROOVE.htm
  5. Used English Saddles....

    Sounds like you're already an avid bareback rider! That's wonderful! I'm glad you've accomplished that, as I feel it would certainly help you when you decide to ride English. Good luck with your saddle hunt :)
  6. Used English Saddles....

    Here's my suggestion if you're going from Western to English riding, having never had a lesson in either.... Prior to making a large purchase on a decent English saddle, I would suggest you buy a much more affordable bareback pad with stirrups. Sounds crazy, but I honestly feel that once you've become proficient and comfortable riding at a walk, trot and lope er... Canter I mean... in a bareback pad and stirrups you'll have an edge when it comes to English riding. This will help improve your balance tremendously and it will also strengthen your leg muscles - all of which is used to a higher degree in English riding in my opinion. Soooo many self-taught western riders have learned to rely on the sturdiness of their saddles to compensate for their balance issues as well as proper use of their leg. And I know that many english riding instructors actually take the bareback approach first when training a student who is new to english riding. The balance and learning to use your leg muscles is an invaluable tool that will indisputably help you as a rider in any style you choose.
  7. Mature Horse Height Question

    Well, the general rule of thumb is that however tall he is at two years old - add a hand and that should be his mature height. So if your guy is 17 months and 13 hands, he's definitely going to be taller than 14 hands once he's finished growing. The string test works wonders. Take a string and measure starting from the middle of the knee (where the soft spot is) down to the top of the coronet band following the contour of the front or side of the leg. However many inches long the string is - is how many hands your horse will be once fully grown. Example: 14 inches = 14 Hands. 15.5 inches = 15.2 hands. And so on and so on. You can also visit this website that has a "height predictor" for light horses. It's really cool. Just type in how tall your horse is now, what age he/she is, and they will calculate what the final mature height should be. REally helpful and neat! Here's the link: http://ctarabians.com/How_tall_will_my_ara..._foal_grow.html
  8. Oklahoma Residents..

    I'll go riding with ya :) I don't have a trailer though which kinda sux. Where are you in Oklahoma?
  9. What Kind Of Saddle Is This? Roping, Cutting, Trail?

    Thank you soooo much Jack and Razzmatazz for everything!! All of a sudden I really LOVE this saddle, LOL!! I can't wait to try it out on Sky and see what he thinks of it as well. Thank you both again!
  10. What Kind Of Saddle Is This? Roping, Cutting, Trail?

    Oh my goodness Jazzmatazz!!! I am ecstatic to hear that it's the "real mccoy"!!! You sent me scrambling to investigate just where all it's marked, and to look for that serial number, LOL! I counted 12 different places it is marked. Horn cap, seat, latigo holders on both sides, back of cantle, on skirt directly behind cantle, both stirrup fenders, on the strip of leather that runs behind the stirrup fenders on the skirt by the rigging on both sides, and under both fenders up near the tree. From what I could tell, the tree looks solid (only from what I could see) without any cracks. Looks like it's covered in rawhide. I know the tree isn't broken - it won't budge no matter how hard I try to "bend" it any which way. Jazz - if what you are saying about the serial number is true, I guess it would mean that this saddle was made in '95?? Since it's 15 years old, do these saddles retain their value pretty well? Here's the serial number. I know the first two are the year now, but what are the other numbers? Are they the model number, and if so what is the offical name of this model?
  11. What Kind Of Saddle Is This? Roping, Cutting, Trail?

    I'm sooo glad to know it's a roper! I might actually be able to have some use for it then :) The horn cap says "Billy Cook - MAKER - U.S.A. - Sulphur, OK". The latigo keeper says "Billy Cook - Maker - U.S.A. - Genuine - Sulphur, OK", and that is what it says on all of the places where the actual leather is stamped. It's wierd how on the leather they added the word genuine.. Any idea on how much it's worth? I'm glad I at least made a good buy though! It really was kind of an impulse buy for me.. Does it matter if it was made in Oklahoma instead of Texas? Here's the horn cap:
  12. Selling A Horse - 30 Day Trial?

    I know 30 day trials are not unheard of, but I can't shake this feeling that I am getting from reading this post. It would be nice to go trail riding for the next month prior to winter's arrival, and then return the horse just as winter's getting started without having to feed a horse you won't be riding much for the next few months due to weather. So why not just take one on a 30 day trial? You don't have anything to lose that way, and you can basically have a free month-long lease. Ride the horse for the last remaining weeks of Fall, and return the horse to get your money back just in time to go Christmas shopping with it. If that were my plan, you can bet I'd be happy to sign a contract, especially if I intend on getting every penny back at the end of those 30 days. I know I am playing devil's advocate here, but why 30 days? I could understand if she was going to show or compete on the horse at some event 30 days from now and wanted to see how the horse performed - but she's only wanting the horse to trail ride on. Would she really need that long to determine if this horse is right for her? Personally I would suggest something more along the lines of a two week trial. She ought to be able to get plenty of trail riding done in that time in order to determine if the horse is a good fit for her. JMHO. If this were the spring or summer I'd feel more comfortable with the 30 days. Not saying this scenario is her intention, I'm just saying that when it comes to buying and selling horses there's a long list of personal stories people can tell that includes crooked, backward, decietful and dishonest ways. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting you and your horse's best interest, and if it were me - I think two weeks would suffice. As far as a contract goes, I would make sure to mention that if anything should happen to the horse, SHE is responsible for all vet bills. And if said horse should die, disappear, run away, get struck by lightning, or magically transform itself into a rooster that her money is not refundable.
  13. After Five Years, I Got My Moose Back!

    I had to sell my sweet appaloosa gelding - registered name Hezacostlydiamond - due to divorce. I LOVED that horse, and as they were loading him into the trailer I had to walk away because I was in tears, couldn't speak, couldn't see, couldn't think. I was a wreck. But it all came down to either having a car, or the horse since my husband left me with nothing. Your story touches me, because even though I am now remarried and I have Tuff and Sky, I would drive clear across country just to LOOK at diamond again, let alone buy him back. I am so, so so so happy for you, and I can only imagine how you must feel! And by the way - YAY FOR YOU! You got the horse back but not the ex husband :) :) :) Seems like a win-win for ya, LOL!
  14. Opinions On Tattoo...

    I think spanish walkin' was saying that WHITE tattoos are pointless because you can barely even see them. How do you feel about your upper arm area?
  15. Opinions On Tattoo...

    I have a tattoo of Thumper from Bambi on my back shoulder blade. I kind of prefer that location BECAUSE I won't have to spend the rest of my life looking at it, it's easily covered, and I can look at it whenever i want to in the mirror. I was going to suggest the upper arm area for you, since you want to be able to look at it whenever you want, would like for it to be easily covered (t-shirt), and you wouldn't have to strip down to show it to anyone. However, the wrist would have been my second suggestion but if you want it covered, are you always going to wear wrist bands, bracelets, or jewelry? And just one last little thing - it's something I just HAVE to ask.... Why would you want to spend the time, money, blood and tears on a tattoo that you can't even barely see with only white ink?
  16. Interesting Markings That Let You Know Your Horse Is Yours?

    Okay let's see here... Sky has two blue eyes, white spots on the underside of his belly, and white spots on the under side of his jaw (in between the jaw bones in the soft area where the tongue lies). On his front right cannon bone, there is a quarter-sized patch of missing hair in the shape of a moon. He's always, always had that patch of missing hair and I have no earthly idea how he got it. Tuff is a bit easier as far as unique markings go: He has a white "M" on the side of his neck, a lightning bolt on his rear end, a black spot on his upper lip, a black dot near the center of his face, he is currently a crypt due to have his gelding surgery in January. He had an injury to his coronet band on his front left causing there to be a "raised" line in his hoof formation - not a crack - just a raised line of hoof if that makes sense. So in other words - if it came down to me describing any horse of mine that may have been stolen "sight unseen" to prove it's my horse - I'm pretty sure I've got it covered :) :) Tuff about a year ago in his winter woolies - playing with his favorite toy, that danged stick. (see the black dot towards the center of his face?) This picture of Sky and Tuff is very, very old, LOL! But you can see the white on Sky's belly, on the under side near the flanks:
  17. Please Help Me

    As far as a pasture mate goes, I guarantee if you post a CL ad under the farm/garden section and explain these circumstances - you'd have people emailing you every day with potential pasture mates. Good luck to you, and I am truly, truly sorry for your loss. Please keep us updated also!
  18. Oy... Sad Day

    [Not Worthy] Very well said EH.
  19. Eeps Lease!

    Personally, if I had any suggestions it would be to always go with your gut instincts, particulary if you are less than thrilled with their riding ability or the horse/rider combination. I had one girl come out and ride my horse and all I saw was her yanking the heck out of his mouth. My horse didn't do anything to deserve that - so needless to say I never had her out to ride him again. Just make sure the horse/rider are a good match. Furtherore as far as the lease terms go, make sure that it is VERY clear who is responsible for what such as vet bills, farrier, etc. Furthermore I personally would include a clause in the lease that states that at any point without any notice - you have the right to terminate the lease That way if anything goes sour at any given moment, you aren't under any obligation to continue to allow this girl to ride your horse.
  20. Why Are Sellers Dishonest.... Ugh *update*

    I thought it would be beneficial to post this link of the Michigan equine law: http://www.americanequestrian.com/legal/MI.htm Although it's very unfortunate you were hurt, and I'm sure you're definitely going to make sure from now on that the seller rides the horse first - any defense lawyer will argue that the seller is not liable.
  21. Moving And Finding Boarding? Help!

    I took the liberty of looking at the CL postings for seattle, and there are quite a few listings for horse boarding. Just go to the seattle CL farm and garden section, type "boarding" into the search box, and you'll see a whole slew of places. I saw one listing where this person has a private residence, willing to board a horse there on her land for $85 a month - you supply the feed. There were other listings as well, with many different price levels. LMK how it works out for you :)
  22. Tuff's Growing Up!

    My husband has been working in Las Vegas, and we decided to board Sky and Tuff over the summer at a nice stable here in Tulsa so I can spend some time with the hubby in vegas. There is a kind woman at the barn who approached me about Tuff, telling me she shows paints and pintos and would love the chance to see how Tuff does in some local small-time shows. I was floored, surprised and I told her that I have NEVER, EVER even shown a horse not even once! LOL! She said she'd show me some of the ropes. That being said, she is going to put him in a couple classes in October - halter being one of them. We'll have to cross our fingers and see how he does :) I'm not expecting much at all, but it'll be a good experience for Tuff. So here's an updated pic of Tuff. He is now about a year and a half old, and measures 14 hands at the withers. Just thought I'd share his progress with everyone:
  23. Tuff's Growing Up!

    I just returned from the Pinto Horse World Championship show in Tulsa. I watched a couple of classes, and then my son and I decided to walk around the stalls looking at all the horses. We found this one horse who was HUGE and he had to have been about 4 ft wide in the chest. Muscles everywhere, and I mean everywhere!!! I started to pet his nose through the stall, and some lady said "He'll bite - he's not nice at all". So I easily got the hint....... She was trying to say "Don't touch my horse" LOL! We struck up a conversation though. She said she's showing him in the aged geldings halter division. I took a moment to look over her halter horse and the other halter horses around her, and I knew that Tuff wouldn't have a snowball's chance in **** if he had to compete with them! They were as wide as a friggen bull, and had enough muscles that just didn't look genetically possible. Gorgeous horses though, er... Gorgeous tanks I mean. So I came away from there thinking that perhaps Tuff would do best in small little local shows in halter, and then once he's older and trained in his discipline we could show him in that particular discipline. The "show person" Wendy at my barn says she wants to see him in Western Pleasure. We'll see... On a side note: My son did his good deed for the day! As we were walking through all the stalls at the show, we noticed one girl on her horse attempting to ride the horse past a "scary" manure dumpster. This horse was beginning to freak out. She'd kick the horse to get him to go past it, and he'd only back up more and more, doing side-jumps and just jigging around all over the place. But what gets me, is that there were a TON of people just standing around staring at her. Her face was becoming more and more red with embarassment, and she just looked like she was beginning to panic IMO. So I asked my son if he would go over and ask her if she wanted him to lead her horse past the dumpster. He went over (again with a zillion people watching) and I saw her face light up as she said "Yes, PLEASE!!" LOL! So Paul led her horse past the dumpster while talking to the horse gently. The girl was very thankful, thanking him over and over again :) Made my son and I both feel really good. But what do ya'll think? Do you think Tuff would be more noticed in a Western Pleasure discipline?
  24. Tuff's Growing Up!

    MMN - I really love that you're in Oklahoma. How far are you from Bixby? If you're not that far, I'd love for you to come by sometime to the barn he's at and give me a few pointers. When I got him as an orphan, I was told he's paint. He's only going to be registered pinto as a gelding because without APHA papers the pinto people will only register him once he's gelded. Sooo, perhaps you can take a look at him in person and let me know what you think he'd do best in. And yes, the show in October is in Oklahoma - i believe at the fairgrounds. I really, really, absolutely had no intentions whatsoever in showing him - but after the 4th or 5th total stranger approached me specifically to ask me if I am going to show him, I thought about one day taking the time to give it some more thought, LOL! But then when Wendy kept saying she'd be willing to show him, I said "bingo! I'll let her do it cuz I have no idea what I'm doing and I'll look like a total Jack@ss out there in that ring" LOL! Spiffy & Cowgirlup: Thank you so much!!! Now If I can only get him to stand still while bathing.....
  25. Tuff's Growing Up!

    From what I gather, the overall plan is to take him to her local round-up club to get him used to going places, and then she is talking about putting him in a pinto show in October. She knows more details about it than I do, and I really do feel like a fish out of water. Of all the years I have owned horses - showing has just never been on the radar for me, LOL! So I guess nothing ventured - nothing gained. I've just heard too many stories about showing. It's expensive, rude people, crazy judges and not to mention all those dang rules!!! LOL! So somewhere down the line I had decided that I just didn't want to have any part of it. But having someone who may know a thing or two about showing that is willing to hold my hand through the process makes me think "Hey why not?". MMN - your halter horse is EXACTLY why I am not getting my hopes up too high about Tuff in a halter class. He just isn't as "beefy" as your horse is. He's more lean I guess you can say. Perhaps he'll put on more muscle and beef up a bit the older he gets, but who knows.